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Comments: I'm a 60 year old, 4.0 player who forever (20 or 30 years) has been able to buy my 10D NB shoes without even trying them on with outstanding results, until the last 4 pairs. All of them were defective. The insoles were so bad that they required replacements out of the box. One pair was mis-sized. Another had an eyelet that wore a hole in my foot. Another had a tongue that wouldn't stay anywhere near in place. NB's quality control has gone south. I just bought a new pair of tennis shoes and it wasn't from NB (for the 1st time in 30yrs). Enough said!
From: Scott, 12/12

Comments: I am a 6'2", 220 pound 4.5 player, and the 804s are working out fine for me. There is enough room in these shoes to add a thin Dr. Scholl's gel additional insole. The 804 is comfortable and prevents a lot knee pain that I used to experience playing with various brands - Adidas, Nike, Prince and Yonex. I play about 8 hours per week and the 804s have lasted almost 5 months. I believe this is a solid tennis shoe and recommend it for those suffering from knee pain after playing for two hours.
From: Marc, 7/12

Comments: I have worn New Balance tennis shoes for years personally, that essentially, one quality shoe is like another. However, I have found that the 804W model I purchased about six months ago, are not of the quality of previous New Balance tennis shoes. While they were very comfortable (I add an additional inner sole), they quickly wore down at the heel exposing a hard plastic sub-sole! With time, and further wear, this plastic layette could cause a person to slip after stretching out for a return of play. Having offered this evaluation, I would be hesitant to recommend this particular model to one of my tennis friends. In essence, previous quality has been compromised.
From: George, 7/12

Comments: The 800-802 in my opinion were amazing. Stable and I honestly felt the shoe provided me with a new or much improved balance. I still wear a pair of 803s exclusively in tournaments. The 804 is horrendous. The shoe was very stable but they seem to be trying to make it lighter and faster to have something for everyone. NB and other companies make light, fast shoes for people who want that. In the process, NB destroyed a highly innovative and desirable product. Return this shoe to it's roots -- please!!!!
From: Phil, 6/12

Comments: These shoes felt great when I tried them on. But after using them once on the court I found they were wrong for me. They felt very bulky & heavy... and I just didn't feel "at one" with these shoes, and doubtful that even after break in they'd feel right. Just some background: I've been using Nike Air Max Resmash for several years which are quite heavy as well. But since they've been discontinued and I've worn out my reserves I found the New Balance 804 to have a similar fit. However on the court the NB 804 did not perform as I would like. The 804's just felt like a heavy burden to carry around and did not allow my feet the ability to guide themselves and inhibited flexibility on sudden stops especially when changing directions. In fact, I almost twisted my ankle badly, and that never happens to me. So dare I say, these NB 804's might be a bit TOO stable? I don't know, but I'm scared of injury so I returned them. Luckily I've since found a new shoe I really do like which is the K-Swiss Approach II. The K-Swiss took a few plays to break in but I immediately knew they would work well. They are quite a bit lighter than what I was used to with Nike but that's a good thing. And they are adequately cushioned & stable, not overkill like the 804.
From: Joe, 5/12

Comments: The New Balance 803's were great. The New Balance 804's are not. Forefoot is way too tight. It takes forever to break-in. Also, I agree that the heel edge cuts your opposite ankle.
From: Mike, 5/12

Comments: I have been wearing the 800's for a while now and really love the shoe for its great ankle support. I've never rolled an ankle with these shoes and I have with other brands. The only thing I don't like about this 804 model is the fact that the tongue is a little too short and if you lace the shoes the whole way up, the laces dig into the front of your foot. Hopefully, the next model addresses that issue.
From: John, 4/12

Comments: I'm 5'10", 160 lbs and a 4.0 player. This is my first pair of New Balance 804's. They are very comfortable, stable, good fit, fairly light weight, but the Ndurance sole wears out quickly if you drag your toe. My first pair lasted about 75 - 80 hours.
From: Dean, 12/11

Comments: I have used New Balance for years playing racquetball. I am 66 years old and very active on the court. The 803's were terrific and when they changed to 804, I ordered a pair. Very disappointed. The leather is thinner and the foot-well has been redesigned. My left heel developed a sever pain which stopped me from playing. Could not figure out what was wrong and arbitrarily decided to try the old 803s since the 804 felt like it had no lateral support at all.
From: Joe, 11/11

Comments: I have worn NB 800 series shoes and other than the 802's, have found them to be comfortable and supportive. They accommodate orthodics and the heel counters are not the overly stiff versions found on many of the competitors. Also, thankfully, they do not have the raised hard plastic or rubber forefoot counters found on many other shoes. While the heels may not hold up as well as some other shoes when playing on hard courts, on clay and grass they shine. Bottom line - the shoes are comfortable and I would rather have comfort and replace my shoes periodically than have foot problems. I note that some of the other commentators wish the shoes were more eye-catching - I disagree, they are fine as they are and no improvements are needed.
From: Murray, 7/11

Comments: Excellent shoe! I am a flat, narrow footed 41 year old 5.0 player and teaching pro who has had five knee surgeries and often suffered from plantar fascitis in the past - that is until I started playing in these New Balances! Simply put: these things saved me. Unbelievably, no-one other than New Balance even makes a shoe in narrow widths. And now that NB has come out with these 804's, I am even more pleased. They are light, yet stable and they wear very well. I would like for them to look a little fancier, sure, but you know the 804's aren't bad looking and they are worth every penny.
From: Brannon, Dallas, TX, USA, 7/11

Comments: Great shoes. I have worn New Balance forever. The fit is great from the beginning with tremendous support and comfort. I only wish they were flashier.
From: Howard, Cleveland, OH, USA. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Quick: what's the single most important piece of equipment for a tennis player? Racquet? String? Grip? Balls? WRONG!~it's SHOES! The New Balance 800 series has never been flashy, but it has consistently been the most comfortable, stable, durable, and reasonably priced product on the market. Notice that I did not say, "flashy" or "good looking." But don't be fooled by the bland, workmanlike appearance. The 804 continues the tradition of being a serious player's shoe. The toe box has narrowed just a bit from the 803, but I find it a comfortable fit (even with thick socks) for my normal-sized feet. I'm a 40 year old 5.0 that likes to play all-court tennis and run like I'm 20 years younger, and equipped with the 804 I can turn on a dime and move like a cat. Plus, New Balance stands behind the product with a wear guarantee.
Now, I certainly would object if New Balance decided to make the next iteration of the 800 series just a bit more eye- catching...
From: John, Davis, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I like them OK, but the toe box isn't quite tight enough for me. I will probably use them for work since the gel pad is quite comfortable.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I used New Balance for 10 plus years. 804 style is a good fit for me but I have to replace the insoles for added cushion and support. I play 3 to 4 times a week and the heel wears out in about 2 months, which is not good. What happens is the outer sole is thin and wears down to expose the plastic at the heel of the shoe. Not very durable.
From: William, Eden Prairie, Minn. USA. 12/10

Comments: I'm an older player, but not too old to appreciate the shoe that fits my arthritic, wide feet. OK, these shoes felt great with good metatarsal support when I put them on in the house. I said to myself, “OK before I order a second pair for the future, let's play.” Well you heard of happy feet? This lead to one of my better games of recent days. Plus the heals hold tight. So - I'm ordering my second pair for the future. I just hope I last to when the first pair wears out.
From: Bill, Corbin, KY, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've always had problems finding shoes that fit my wide forefoot and narrow heel. The Pros must have small, narrow feet, because most "performance" shoes seem to be made for that type of foot. The New balance 804's (even in the standard D with) fit my big feet perfectly. They are very comfortable with a minimal break-in period. My feet used to hurt after every match. Now I don't even think about it. My only complaint is my feet do get a little hot in them. It's a small price to pay.
From: Gerry, Louisville, KY, USA, 08/10

Comments: I am a NB customer with the occasional drift to another brand over the years. I was in need of a replacement shoe again so thought I would give the 804 a try. The outcome was not comfortable. I developed a severe pain in my heel immediately. After 3 outings on the court, I decided to call NB. They were extremely helpful offering to take the shoes back and send out a replacement of my choosing. Hope the 1004 will prove to be a better shoe.
From: Dennis, Canton, NC, 07/10

Comments: I tried Barricade Vs but felt there was no cushion. Thought I'd try these because I normally buy New Balance shoes for casual wear and have always been satisfied. These are extremely comfortable and much lighter feeling than the B-V's. I don't think they will have the same durability; but at this point I play 2-3 times per week max and I can afford to trade durability for comfort. These do fit slightly narrow in the forefoot. Work great for me but someone with a real medium or wider foot should consider the EE width. I'm completely satisfied at this point and won't be trying other shoes unless something unforeseen happens.
From: Larry, Charlotte, NC. 5/10

Comments: I've worn these shoes for a week. Great improvement over the 803. Well worth the extra $10.00. I had to add cushioning to the forefoot myself because there was so little. I didn't find that these shoes were that hot. What I don't about them is the edge of the heel is sharp and the opposite ankle get bruised,
From: Brian, Tucson az 2/10

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