New Balance MC 804 W 2E Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: It is a very comfortable tennis shoe. Since my feet are wide, I need to buy 2E or 4E tennis shoes and only New Balance provides me with a wide selection. I wonder why other brands do not make wide tennis shoes. This is a very good shoe. They are comfortable to wear, with very good lateral movement and heel support. And I like the classic look. The only problem I have with this shoe is that the toe rubber goes very fast, especially on the heel. I can wear the heel rubbers out in just a few long matches and even front rubber wears out in a month or so. If New Balance can improve on that point, this shoe can be a perfect one.
From: Alex, 7/12

Comments: I am a 6'2", 220 pound 4.5 player, and the 804s are working out fine for me. There is enough room in these shoes to add a thin Dr. Scholl's gel additional insole. The 804 is comfortable and prevents a lot knee pain that I used to experience playing with various brands - Adidas, Nike, Prince and Yonex. I play about 8 hours per week and the 804s have lasted almost 5 months. I believe this is a solid tennis shoe and recommend it for those suffering from knee pain after playing for two hours.
From: Marc, 7/12

Comments: I have worn New Balance tennis shoes for years personally, that essentially, one quality shoe is like another. However, I have found that the 804W model I purchased about six months ago, are not of the quality of previous New Balance tennis shoes. While they were very comfortable (I add an additional inner sole), they quickly wore down at the heel exposing a hard plastic sub-sole! With time, and further wear, this plastic layette could cause a person to slip after stretching out for a return of play. Having offered this evaluation, I would be hesitant to recommend this particular model to one of my tennis friends. In essence, previous quality has been compromised.
From: George, 7/12

Comments: I've owned many, many pairs of the 80X series and up until the 804's have been pretty happy. The 804's, though, have been cheapened considerably (synthetic leather, no plastic inserts in the top lace holes, etc.) This may be a business decision and is (somewhat) understandable. Quality control, however, is not. The fit is off on these shoes compared to previous models built on the same last. One pair I bought had laces that were 6" different in length. The most recent pair (being returned to TW tomorrow) had one shoe with the tongue so short I couldn't tie them properly. New Balance doesn't have much going for them other than the alleged ability to fit anyone with different widths and lasts.
From: Jerry, 4/12

Comments: Comments: I bought these shoes because I have a neuroma in between my toes on my left foot and New Balance were recommended to me because of my wide feet. I took some time to let the neuroma heal a bit and replaced all of my athletic shoes with wider toe-boxed shoes. The Saucony running shoes have been great and really easy on my injury, the Nike (surprisingly) basketball shoes have also treated my bum foot very well. The only shoes that have really been terrible are these. The toebox is wider than normal tennis shoes, but not that wide, plus it is very voluminous which gives a sensation of floating inside the shoe, which is far from ideal when running around a tennis court. Lastly and most importantly, the sole is so stiff it feels like a board and it has re-aggravated my neuroma. I've tried to break them in by wearing them around the house, bending the sole back and forth while watching tv, and even wearing them to the gym. Nothing doing. I would never recommend these shoes to any one.
From: Alex, 3/12

Comments: I thought these shoes gave good traction on hard true and hard courts. I used them for eleven months and at that time they were broken down. I do not toe drag but I move a lot. I play three times a week. I am in my second pair now. I tend to stay middle priced and these are better than cheaper New Balance shoes. I have never played in the highest price New Balance shoes. I will go for third pair as I write this. I like the width.
From: Dennis, 11/11

Comments: I've had NB tennis shoes for the past 15 years only because they are one of the few manufacturers that make 2E sizes. I can safely tell you they have always fit perfect and comfortable right out of the box! Never seems to surprise me that I can open up a box of new tennis shoe design by NB and am able to jump onto the tennis court the very next day with no problems whatsoever! These shoes are light-weight and extremely durable besides decent-looking. I don't drag my feet when serving thereby wearing out the toe part, but I still wear out that toe part somehow and these shoes put up with my abuse, I love 'em! The only negative I have about these shoes are that I wish the ankle supports were a lot higher, about an inch. I would buy these shoes forever, then!
From: Rick. 5/11

Comments: I have worn New Balance tennis shoes for the past 10 years. I have been wearing my 804s for several months and have found them to be stable and durable. Traction is great and the shoes fit great right out of the box. No problems at all! My only concern is breath-ability during the hot summer months.
From: Larry, Lawrence, KS, 3/11

Comments: Greetings! I've had these shoes for about 5 months before I wore down the toe box to the point that I nearly had a hole in them. (And the leather material behind the toe box, beneath the outsole, prevented my sock/toe from being scraped on the ground, thank God.) These were very comfortable/light/solid all around. They lasted a bit longer than my Barricade V's. I sent them into New Balance with my receipt from TW and a check for the return shipping, but New Balance never sent back a new pair. Not only am I disappointed, they never emailed/sent back a reply (which I asked for when I included a note asking for 1/2 size smaller.) FYI, I've sent back three pairs of Barricades to Adidas, which were worn out in the same fashion and I have never had any problems through Adidas. I play 3-4 times a week and I drag my toes very often, so I really depend on tougher shoes with warranties that actually deliver.
From: Anon, CA, USA, 02/11
(Anon, adidas is the only manufacturer that requires customers to send their sole warranties directly to them, for all other sole warranties send them into TW. You can call our customer service line to see if there's anything we can do for your situation.- -TW Staff)

Comments: I have wide feet so have been in exclusively NBs for the past 5-8 years. These were most comfortable but I felt the soles wore out quicker then the 654 series. I'm now on my 2 pair of 1004s, which are more expensive but are comfortable too and have good ventilation. According to the specs they are heavier but I don't notice it. I would go back to 804 series though if I were playing exclusively on clay or hard-true type courts.
From: Tom, ocean county, NJ, USA, 12/10

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable out of the box. I have to wear special insoles so I appreciate the easy take out insole NB puts in. I play mostly clay courts and the shoes get great traction as well.
From: Mike, Huntersville, NC USA. 09/10

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