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Comments: I was a 3.0 for 5 years straight despite being young, physically fit, and having a lot of athletic ability. Granted I was just playing casually and not competitively, but still I went that long without really improving. I bought Tennis Mastery and read about David Smith's methodologies and did what I could to live by them while being self-taught. I went from a computer-rated 3.0 to computer-rated 4.0 in one year, and attribute most of that to Dave Smith for giving me the knowledge to know how to train myself. Thank you, David Smith!
From: Raiden, Tenniswarehouse message board. 12/08

Comments: David Smith's Tennis Mastery is as complete a tennis manual as I've ever read. I would be failing in my duty as a tennis educator if I do not recommend it to tennis players of all levels...from the beginner to the aspiring pro.
From: Dr. Desmond Oon, Master Pro, USPTA. 8/08
Former Davis Cup coach, Singapore

Comments: Just want to give Mr. Smith, the thumbs up on his eponymous book. I just finished reading it and I would encourage all of the tennis fanatics who don't already have the book to add it to their libraries. This is the best general tennis reference book that I have encountered, as it covers every aspect of the game in great depth (the book is the size of a college text book).
From: A.T., 11/07

Comments: One reason why I think Tennis Mastery is such a great book is because of the discussion of Smith's advanced foundation. I myself already had an advanced foundation, but have seen my game really advance as I focus on maintaining advanced foundation even when tired. I just finished reading the book for the 5th time and loaned it to a 3.0 friend of mine. I find it to be a magnificent teaching tool and recommend everyone adding this book to their library. Reading this book was an epiphany of sorts for me.
From: Drew, 06/07

Comments: This is a brilliant book that should be required reading for any coach of the game. What I love about the book is that he uses pictures of actual pros hitting the ball and he shows you what they have in common. It's hard to believe, but most tennis books don't do this. When an author has actual pictures of pros proving their point, the argument gains instant credibility. There really is a lifetime of tennis wisdom packed into Tennis Mastery. It's one of the most comprehensive tennis technique books ever published. And there are some unique tips in there like "keep the plane the same" that you won't find anywhere else.
From: Jeff, 05/07

Comments: To be read again and again. A lot of clear indications to enhance tennis playing. Of course, a good technique is absolutely needed in order to capture the improvement steps provided in the book and also to proceed in a cool eyes review of what your main movements should be modified. I would really advise it to anybody who is interested in a rational step forward.
From: Pierpaolo, Rome, Italy. 4/07

Comments: Tennis Mastery is a must read. People do get stuck with poor mechanics and weak grips. They just never progress beyond the 3.0 stage. I see it every day and I know they could play so much better. I would highly recommend it.
From: ED, 03/07

Comments: I have read his book, Tennis Mastery, and I would highly recommend it. I have read several tennis instructional books, and I think Tennis Mastery is the best by far. It covers every stroke, with very good illustrations. I would say his book is a must read for true students of tennis.
From: Stroke, 03/07

Comments: This book is a gem, probably the most important and insightful tennis publication to appear since Gallwey's masterpiece of the 1970s. While its revolutionary content may make some pros a bit uncomfortable, it surely hits home for the many of us who have stagnated our game in the 3.5 mediocrity about which you write.
From: Roy, Virgina, USA. 11/05

Comments: I bought Tennis Mastery this past year and have really enjoyed it. If I didn't learn one thing from this book (and I learned far more that one thing) I learned the incredible use of the two handed forehand for my wife who is a new student to the game. I had been reading the book and after observing her hitting the two handed backhand with ease I decided to take the suggestion in regards to the two-handed forehand from the book. Well, she has a great forehand for a beginner and hits the ball from both sides cleaner and harder that any of the ladies I see at our local club who have been hitting for years and years. This book has terrific tips, especially the "Advanced Foundation" principles.
From: Josh A. 9/05

Comments: David Smith's book Tennis Mastery has some excellent material on the two-hand forehand. It feels awkward at first but some work with a ball machine will smooth it out relatively quickly. His book has detailed information on swing pattern, footwork, different grips,etc. which you will find very helpful. Although I have been playing only four years, I have moved up a rung every year on the NTRP ladder and have had some tournament success as well in the three years I have been using the stroke.
From: From TW Message Board, AZ 06/05

Comments: Well, I totally loved it! I always wanted to learn how to hit with both hands off of both sides, and this is the first books that actually shows you how to do it! I've always wanted to hit like that! When I implemented the 2 hand forehand and 2 hand backhand after about the 4th day of trying it out, I kept getting comments like: "I want to learn how to hit that way!" "Where did you like to hit like that? (positive tone)" One of my hitting partners say that he couldn't believe that I am already so good at the 2 hand backhand after only 2 weeks of learning it from this book! This is about the most excited that I have been since "Winning Ugly". This is a very, very interesting and engaging book! Smith has a very engaging writing style! I give an A! I think that you will enjoy it! A well spent $24!
From: John from TW Message Board 06/05

Comments: As a section editor for a professional academic journal, I have rarely seen a better or more sincerely written book. It is a textbook model of substance and human sensitivity.
From: Ned, St. George Utah, USA. 03/05

Comments: A real eye-opener! This book will change the way tennis has been taught. It provides clarity for the pro and the student.
From: Mike, Garden Grove, CA, USA. 03/05

Comments: As a corporate member of the U.S.P.T.A, I attend many tennis instructional presentations. However, never have I found a source of tennis instruction that combines superb information while at the same time be a truly enjoyable read as TENNIS MASTERY is!
From: Anthony, Canada. 03/05

Comments: "A wonderful read! Easy to understand not just the teaching aspects, but also the logic behind every concept! TENNIS MASTERY is a far cry from the dry, listless tennis books that seem to exist today."
From: Scott, Houston Texas, USA. 03/05

Comments: I'm totally enthralled by this book and have played better these past 2 weeks (since plowing through it) than I have played in years -- and enjoying it so much more.
From: William, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 02/05

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