New Balance MC 996 D Blue/Blue Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: First off, I have been using countless Barricade 8s that wear out literally in one month. I could not bear the ugly style, overpriced retail and low performance. Luckily I stumbled upon this shoe. There is no break in and it feels like a running shoe with more heel cushion than an overhyped Nike. Now I'm matching with Raonic!
From: Stephen, 12/14

Comments: I am rough on shoes in general. I have had these shoes for a month and they are totally shot. You can see the mid-sole. I will return for another pair but even with the free pair I'll only get two months out of them. I play about 3-4 times a week several hour per. Very disappointed. I paid extra to purchase a pair with a warranty and they are only going to get me 2 months. I can do better.
From: Scott, 12/14

Comments: This is an amazing shoe! They are lighter than Vapors but have twice the durability. One drawback is that the sides of the shoe may separate after 5 or 6 months but that can be easily solved with gorilla glue. Plus the price is good. I'm on my third pair after wearing these for several years and can't wait for the new models surpassing this!
From: Nathan, 11/14

Comments: Pros: no break in required, it feelt like I was playing on a bed of clouds compared to my Babolats. I'm sure they will last 6 months. I play 3x per week singles and doubles. I am not a slave to fashion, no flashing stop light colors or glow in dark neon colors, look at my shoes attitude with these soles. Light weight also. Plus, a one year warranty! Cons: not much support on the sides and footbed. If your are a slash-and-burn serve and volleyer who plays college-like tennis, you might reconsider this option. You will end with a flat tire in no time.
From: Wes, 9/14

Comments: They're comfy and light. But I also wore through the toe in 4 days. Yes you read that right. 4 days. Admittedly, I'm a toe dragger and always leave a bunch of streaks behind the baseline for everyone to see, but still! My actual toe isn't being affected yet so I'm going to hopefully get a few more weeks out of them, but if you only get 1 replacement pair/credit, I definitely won't use it on another pair of these.
From: JD, 6/14

Comments: I found these shoes to be performance oriented. The have a low to ground feeling that immediately improved my agility. The traction on hard courts has been unwavering. They are medium to light weight but still retain reasonable stability. The cushioning is adequate given their low to ground feel, and this coming from a 6' 235 lbs all-court 4.5 player. Lighter men will find plenty of cushion. They do wear out quickly, I get no more than 3 months while playing 3 hard court matches per week. New Balance has been great to work with when it comes to honoring the warranty. Despite the durability issues, I have found my go-to shoe.
From: Jay, 4/14

Comments: I got these because of their 1 year warranty. Coming from Barricades, this felt like it did not give me enough support. The mesh gave my toes and front foot too much room to move around, other people might like it, I hated it. This is even if I wear two socks and even if I tie it really tight. Speaking of tightening, one of the eyelets of the laces seems to be giving way too. Durability and support is not this shoe's strongest suit. After a few months of using them, my right ankle started to hurt. I then switched to Asics Solution Speed and have been very satisfied with my Asics.
From: Jeremy, 4/14

Comments: I have used these non-stop since I got them because I want to try and wear them out before 12 months. Former Barricade user, decided to try other shoes out. Compared to the Barricades, this shoe is very "loose" when you're sliding and changing directions, your foot will move a lot. This is like the complete opposite of Barricades. When these were selling for $99, I found them cheaper on another site and TW matched their prices and even knocked an extra 10% off. Don't you just love Tenniswarehouse?
From: Meako, 1/14

Comments: Bought the 996 to replace the 900, which is built on a running last and was discontinued. The support is much worse, the insole is cheaper, and the shoe offers no support. The toe box is too narrow as well.
From: Dan, 12/13

Comments: I'm a college player and this is my shoe of choice for practice. They are lightweight and comfortable. Not very durable, but in practice that's no issue; I can wear them and feel comfortable during drills or just hitting for hours. I wouldn't wear these shoes to an important match just because I wouldn't feel secure and comfortable sliding around. Good shoes for the price and durability, but again only to practice.
From: Nick, 12/13

Comments: I agree with Andy's review, I had sent these back before. The toe wears out very quickly. I did receive another pair and they wore out within 2 weeks. Very comfortable shoe that needs to be dealt with by NB.
From: Alan, 12/13

Comments: Comfortable and good looking shoe, but this is not the model for toe draggers. Playing four times per week, I blasted through the left toe in about 3 weeks. This is much faster than other comparably priced shoes that I've worn (adidas Barricades, Prince Rebels, KSwiss Defiers), which last me closer to 4 months before the left toe is gone. New Balance needs to fix this problem.
From: Andy, 11/13

Comments: Great shoe -- comfy and really durable. I will definitely get another pair if these ones ever break or wear out.
From: Matt, 10/13

Comments: Great looking shoe, but narrow in the toe. The uppers separated from the bottoms at the toe after only one month. The nice folks at NB have promised a replacement pair. I think this shoe was flawed, I've never seen a shoe come apart like this before. Glad it's NB and they have great customer service to right the wrong.
From: Kevin, 9/13

Comments: This shoe broke in very quickly, right out the box they did not give me foot cramps. This shoe is also a very clean looking shoe and I received many compliments. With that being said, within two weeks of playing, the upper part of the toe box began to tear away from the midsole. This was caused by too much jamming of my toes on agressive stops and when I needed to change direction. If you are looking for a two week shoe, look no further than the New Balance 996!
From: Al, 7/13

Comments: Got these as a replacement for the NB 851 shoes. The weight is fine. They do feel artificially wide. The outsole just flares out too much. That side piece has now split from aggressive side to side moving. The outsole itself is quite worn after just 2 months of alternating with my Gel Resolutions. I would rate these just below the Barricade Team shoes.
From: Hugh, 7/13

Comments: Great shoe overall. Originally, I used Barricades, but now I won't use anything else. They wore down fairly quickly, but with the 12 month warranty, I really do not mind. The only problem I had with these shoes right away, was the insoles. Get replacements! They are very thin, and on a quick stop, will shift and move to the front of your shoe.
From: Jason, 6/13

Comments: I like this shoe and received it as a replacement for my 1 year warranty for the 1005's, which were hideously bland. But, those were the best wearing shoe I had ever worn, as they lasted 7 months, and I play 3 times per week, and I'm a toe dragger when I serve. The durability in these 996s were short, I'm not even sure how long they lasted, maybe just 2 months? What shocked me is the left toe was wearing out as well, that has never happened to me before. I think the cushioning is a little poor, as I slammed my foot down on my final step to reach a drop shot and promptly bruised my heel. I like the cosmetics, the speed and the comfort of this shoe, but the cushioning and durability are poor.
From: Matt, 5/13

Comments: Just a follow up from my previous review below - I contacted NB customer service and found out that they will only replace the shoe. They don't do credits like Asics and others do. This is disappointing. Also, the 12 month "guarantee" only works once per customer. They won't stand behind their product after that. More disappointment. The only good thing that came from this is that rather than sending me a replacement of this same crappy shoe, they are sending me the new 990 running shoe instead. And the customer service guy, was super nice. Bottom line - good customer service, crappy shoe, crappy guarantee. Recommend avoid NB for court shoes, especially if you burn through shoes quickly like I do.
From: Eric, 4/13

Comments: Comfy shoe. Extremely poor durability in the toe and poor lateral support from the mid-foot rearward. I have burned through the rubber soles on the toe all the way to foam in about 25 hours. My Asics Revolutions lasted about 4 times as long. Ankles are now pronating severely due to lack of support. These shoes look nice and are comfy at first, but you will be sending them back way early. Thumbs down.
From: Eric, 4/13

Comments: I love NB shoes, my favorite shoe ever is the black/green NB CT820 from about 7 years back. These looked similar so I decided to get these. I'm torn. They are lightweight with great stability which I love and why I bought them. But they lasted me 4 weeks. Sent them back and the next pair lasted 4 weeks. I coach a DI tennis team and only play twice a week hard, so I was expecting more from a 1 yr warranty. It's just in the toe area though - it entirely splits open so you can see your toes. I recommended them to others on our team, and they also love the performance, but again, they wear through the same area in the front toe box in a few weeks. too bad.
From: Mike, 4/13

Comments: Just received these shoes last week. I played 8 sets (in 1 day) and the right toe is showing wear already. Very surprised a shoe that is backed by a 1 year warranty would do this. Tennis Warehouse had no problem taking them back in as defective. Maybe this was just a bad batch. I have enjoyed New Balance shoes for many years and will continue to use, just hope this is a one time issue.
From: Alan, 2/13

Comments: Definitely a great shoe! However, because of the webbing in the front toe knuckle area which restricts toe knuckle movement causing some toe knuckle skin burn, I had to modify the webbing. I heated the web to loosen it up and remolded (stretching) it to accommodate a larger toe knuckle movement. Once I fixed that, it felt great!!
From: A.J., 1/13

Comments: These are by far the best tennis shoes I've ever owned. I've owned Adidas Barricades on and off for the past 8 years and loved them. I've worn two pairs of Nike Court Ballistics recently and only had pain in my feet from them, so I switched to these when the new "cooler" colors recently came out. I literally didn't have to break these shoes in at all, as they're light weight, have comfortable insoles and the best is their one year warranty that I'm sure I will be able to use, which makes these shoes an even smarter buy.
From: Kevin, 1/13

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