New Balance MC 656 D White/Black/Red Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Played a few matches with these shoes and with my play style of sliding, the front of the shoe has already started to wearout, and my toes get bruised easy wearing these.
From: Kenneth, 4/13

Comments: These shoes lasted 3 months only and that was not due to heavy use, as I tend to rotate my tennis shoes. The issue was with the stitching in the upper toe area. After 3 months, my big toe was protruding thru the upper. The shoes themselves are very roomy so the issue was not due to size or a tight fit. The soles themselves lasted very well and the shoes themselves were very comfortable. However the poor quality stitching has put me off NBs.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: I've worn a 9 my entire life and these shoes are honestly almost a size too big for me. I still can play with them, but they are too big and I often feel myself coming out of them. I play at about a 4.5 level and these shoes just don't do it for me.
From: Greg, 12/12

Comments: Wonderful shoe. It's been a long search to arrive here. Started with Wilson ProStaffs -- wore them in high school and college, but my feet were getting beat up. Went to Babolat Propulse's -- good stability but the toe box just starts tapering too early. Lots of toe problems (turf toe, losing toe nails, etc.) despite the shoe being plenty long. Then went to Adidas Barricade 7.0s -- just couldn't get the fit right. I had to really cinch-down the laces to keep my size 14 foot from sliding. I got it stabilized, but started have what felt like a high ankle sprain due to having to get the shoes so tight. Finally, I decided to try these New Balance shoes based on a reviewer saying he came from the Babolat's. The shoes are light and nimble, soft but not too soft, provides stability but aren't too rigid, etc. Plus they have the 1 year guarantee, cost much less than the other shoes I've tried, and come from a great company (have worn their running shoes with great success). I couldn't be happier with the shoes.
From: Martiin, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are awesome! I used to wear the Babolat Propulse, but I have really wide feet. I was able to tolerate the Babolat's but they were never perfect for me. I finally bought a pair of the NB MC 1005s, and those have been pretty good to me (nice wide fit in 4E) but they do seems to run big. I normally wear a 9 in every other brand, but had to go down to 8 in NB. My only gripe w/ the 1005s was stability. My podiatrist felt they were a little weak in terms of resisting twisting and bending. The 656 however, is great! SUPER solid and extremely stable. And now finally the color scheme is something I can get behind. No more all white "old men's" shoes. And at the price, these are a great buy!
From: Stephen, 9/12

Comments: After playing about 15 hours in two weeks, the sole and shoe were separating. I had to return them.
From: Javier, 9/12

Comments: I switched from the Prince T22 due to a little toe rubbing issue to the New Balance 656's, and after 2 months they show minimal wear and are perfect for my feet. I play 4 times a week on clay and hard courts. With 2 pairs of thin socks and Spenco Total support insoles, they outperform the T22's. One note, I wore a size 11.5 in the Prince T22, but a size 12 in the New Balance. Also switched to the new mesh tops, and so far it's the same results as the all leather. Very well-made shoes at a reasonable price.
From: Barry, 8/12

Comments: Perfect for my feet. The soles are cut to be wider in forefoot than any other New Balance shoes. It lets my feet breath and there's no cut off of blood flow.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I thought I would need a 2E, but this shoe is very wide and fit nicely. It was great the first couple of times playing with them. Broke in very easy. However, after about 6 weeks of playing 3 or 4 times a week, the bottoms are almost shot, and the shoe is no longer giving me the support I need when running down a shot. The toe box is worn down and I feel like I'm sliding around. I must say they are very light and comfortable, but if you plan on playing on a regular basis, though the cost is reasonable, you might want to go for a shoe that offers more endurance.
From: Norm, 7/12

Comments: Note I haven't tried this new version particularly but I can say I've used this line since the 653, and an update after/in between. I can vouch for the first comment about the slippage in the prior versions of this line on certain pickup/break movements. It looks like from pictures the mold hasn't changed but the uppers look to be more contoured, light, and supportive, which would be a plus. This basically leads one to say that historically, this is a wide, roomy line of shoe, both heel and forefoot, designed for a minimal arch. I have a slender foot, lower medium arch. This shoe, I believe, in turn, is for the recreational shape player. I do not believe this to be an aggressive players shoe. Forget excessive cuts/scrambles. In saying all of this, it is still a great, value line of shoe while in this mold. Stiff, though flexibly supportive contours allow for some nimble, decisive play. The sole lasts for a long time, no joke. Though this is not a shoe designed for incessant toe dragging play, (mind you). And with these updated looks, at the current price/warranty, its a real shame that either this doesn't come in a market true medium (NB), or that my foot isn't wider. If your foot is proportionally wide, low, and somewhat bulky, and you want a sturdy shoe to club-play in or return to when your new spaceship technologic flashy one rips apart, or disintegrates, or worse, and this version plays like its older similarly molded version. You'd have trouble not appreciating this solid performer, feeling secure (almost unaware), and stabilized for the long run. It's not guaranteed for everybody, no shoe is. But for this specific fit and known quality Id highly recommend a gamble (basing experience with similar predecessor version for people newly interested in the shoe).
From: Jeremy, 5/12

Comments: I've been using these for about 6 weeks now, playing 2-3 times a week on a hard court. They seem to breath well, are comfortable, and appear to be holding up well enough.
From: Tony, 5/12

Comments: I had the shoes for a week, then began to have heel problems. I've been wearing New Balance for 20 years, never a problem. These shoes gave me a big problem, haven't been able to play for 3 weeks.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: For me, not a great shoe if you want comfort from your shoes. Also, if you play a lot you will have to get new shoes because the out soles wear out fast. The front of the shoes also wear out if you drag your toes because there is virtually no front protection.
From: Ted, 4/12

Comments: Very comfortable, good shock absorbing, breathable and light. Indeed more roomy in terms of width. The D feels more like 2E. Length is true to size. Great for people with flat feet as there is virtually no arch support. Love it. Only question is, will it last?
From: Fred, 3/12

Comments: It's extremely roomy a little low on the ground and it really good traction in fact the slip my feet right out of the shoes while trying to go for approach shot. If you have narrow or medium feet don't buy it unless you buy at least a 1 size down.
From: Anon, 2/12

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