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Comments: Like others posting for various NB shoes, I have noticed a decrease in the quality of the shoes. Unfortunately, this pair is no exception. Standing in them, they feel cushy. In fact, they feel soft all the way around. If you like a tall and firm heel cup, like the Babolat SFX or the Prince T22, you will dislike the feel -- which is floppy. The mesh definitely makes the short (in height) toe box tolerable, because the mesh gives. In fact, it gives too much. The support in these shoes is minimal in physical tennis matches. The mesh allows the foot to move too much in the shoe, as it stretches when you are jamming on the brakes/changing direction. The insole support is minimal -- yet cushy. I use orthotics on top of the insoles. All in all, there is just too little support to have me believe I can play in these very long. It is a mushy shoe that is fine for minimally athletic activities. Not tennis.
From: Mike, 11/15

Comments: I am buying my 3rd pair now. They are super cushioned and comfortable. But they don't seem to last too long.
From: Larry, 2/15

Comments: Chaz's comment below is right on! I also must wear orthodics, and have a wide foot, and the 2E version fits me perfectly, even without removing the insole. I made the mistake of ordering the MC996 version, as it was on sale plus had a better review, and what a mistake that was. Even without my orthodic in, they were far too narrow, even though they were a 2E width also. Placing them side by side with the 1005, you could see the noticeable difference in the width. Although more expensive, I am sticking to the 1005 model.
From: Dave, 12/14

Comments: Have to agree the quality and life expectancy is no longer there. I also use an insert and loved the shoes. Used to get 6 months to a year on a pair of cross trainers. Now I am lucky if I get 3 to 4 months before the support gives out. Sorry to say will no longer buy NB.
From: Paul, 10/14

Comments: One thing the reviewers don't tell you is that these shoes are probably the best on the market for use with orthotics. Due to the depth and relatively flat base of the shoe. I put my orthotics in these and they performed very well. So if you use orthotics you should try on a pair of these with your orthotics in place of the stock inserts.
From: Chaz, 2/14

Comments: In agreement with many here. Bought the 1005 last year and the left heel inside the shoe is just plain gone after 6 months of light to moderate use (and the problem started happening within a couple of months). Horrible! I moved to the 1005 after faithfully using the 800 series for years. I started with the 801 and while nothing was as drastic as the problem with the 1005, I've noticed decreasing quality over the years. It's sad to say, but New Balance tennis shoes just don't seem to be of the same quality anymore. After 10+ years, it's time to shop another brand.
From: Scott, 4/13

Comments: I agree with Koff 9/12. I have been wearing the New Balance 1002-1004 (probably 4-8 pairs a year) for the past 6 years or more. The 1005 are terrible! I have worn through the heal on 3 pairs without wearing through the holes! What has New Balance done? What a waste. I do not know what I will have to switch to. I am so disappointed!
From: Greg, 3/13

Comments: I am a fan of NB sneakers as I have a narrow heel and wide toes, so the fit on tennis shoes is a challenge often for me. I was a huge fan of the 782's, having bought a couple pairs, went to a couple other brands before I came back to NB and the 1005's. The fit was awesome, but they are not lightweight (I was coming off the Asics Speedplay green/black, and 2 pairs of the Roddick Babolats.) I will say the wear is quite good, as I am a toe dragger and after 4-5 months I qualify for the 6 month guarantee. At 7 months, these are now worn through, but I give them high marks. However, I must agree with the first reviewer, Steve, as I have had some ankle issues with these. I think it maybe a combo of too much grip and a narrower heel base. I am going to try the lower to the ground 996's, which are also a bit easier on the eyes.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: The 1005 is useless for me. I loved earlier generations of this shoe (the 1002 particularly), but both the 1004 and 1005 reduced the protection on the toe box so that the outside edge of the toe is now just covered by leather or nylon. I drag and pivot on my toe when I serve, and can grind through the material they currently use in just a week or two. So to save $0.05 cents of rubber, they ruined a $100 shoe.
From: Peter, 2/13

Comments: I have tried all different kinds of shoes, from the Barricade, Rebel, KSwiss, Vapor, etc. Trust me, these are all time best shoes I've ever worn. Comfort and mobility are its key aspects, and there's no break-in required.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: I thought I had found my perfect shoe - a running shoe designed to play tennis in. I ordered my pair right before the TW review. Since the 1002s had been one of my all time favorite shoes I wasn't too worried about the tepid review. However, I mostly agree with the review. I don't have many complaints about the upper, although it could use more leather in the midfoot for better support - like the 1002s. My complaint is with the cushioning. Review guys, the lack of cushioning you complained about is due to the Acteva Ultra Light EVA, a soft, squishy foam used primarily for weight reduction. Four or five years ago this same type foam plaqued the running shoe industry. You would go for a run in a new pair of shoes and find your foot sinking toward the ground on every stride. The irony is I chose these over the Nike Vapor 9's because I wasn't sure the Vapors had enough cushioning for my high arched feet. New Balance, use higher quality EVA, add more leather to the upper for support and bring back the navy color and you'll have the perfect shoe.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: Tried the 1187's, and had to return them. Then I tried the 1005's and I was once again very disappointed. I have been using the 1001 and up series for years.
From: Bruce, 9/12

Comments: Not a good quality shoe. I have been a New Balance user for many years. I ordered a pair of the 1005 in mid February 2012 and in 6 months, the left and right shoe show considerable wear in the heel area. So much so that I will have to replace this tennis shoe while the sole is still fine. I have never experienced such wear in the many years that I have been a New Balance user. I read somewhere that the 1005 is now being made in China. I don't recall where the previous models were made, but the quality of this 1005 shoe is NOT up to par with previous models. Looking at other options (i.e. brands) now.
From: Koff, 9/12

Comments: I've worn through several pairs of 1004's and decided to try this one. BIG MISTAKE. There's absolutely no support in mid-foot area which was causing severe knee pain.
From: Gene, 6/12

Comments: Just got these shoes yesterday - they are incredibly light. I normally wear Prince T22s. The toebox is a little smaller which has forced me to wear thinner socks this makes the heel a little more loose. Very comfortable. I may stick to my T22's though. I think the T22 are more stable and more heavy than these may practice in the T22's and play in these. if you have flat feet this would not be a good shoe for you.
From: Jim, 5/12

Comments: These are excellent shoes that stand apart from all others. They are very breathable and lightweight. The support is excellent and the sole very durable. It is rare to find a shoe that you can customize so easily. These are perfect for players with wider feet or who use orthotics. Rollover has not been an issue for me at all. In fact, I have experienced just the opposite. I feel stable and more sure footed when I wear these. Most shoes are built like an suit of armor and feel like lead. The majority will rub against the side of the foot or cause blisters after heavy use. I have endured pain and discomfort from countless tennis shoes and had almost given up on finding a pair that worked for me. I was very fortunate to find these shoes. If your looking for a shoe that doesn't let your foot breathe or one that encases your foot in a vise then look elsewhere. These shoes are for players who want something light, comfortable and durable.
From: Dan, 5/12

Comments: I have been wearing the NB 1004 for over a year now (several pairs) and I love them. Now that they are discontinued I am searching for a new shoe. I tried these on and was very disappointed. The quality of the shoe is not even close to the 1004's and with very little support. I do not recommend this shoe.
From: Brandon, 5/12

Comments: I have typically played in Wilson and Nike shoes. This time around I decided to look at a few more brands. I looked at Nike, Wilson, Asics, and Babolat. For me this shoe was noticeably more comfortable from the start. The sole of the shoe is grippy on the court, feels fast, and performs well. No real break in required. In my opinion the highlight of the shoe is the cushioning system. Sometimes after playing a competitive 3 setter my knees will be a little sore the next day. This shoe has make a noticeable difference in how I feel the day after a tough match. I am 6'3" 210 lbs and I have never felt like the shoe was going to role on me. This has definitely been the best tennis shoe I have ever owned and I am glad I made the purchase. Don't be afraid to rock the black and silver with black socks.
From: Jeff, 4/12

Comments: Rollover? I just don't see it. I love these shoes and have played 10+ hours wearing them. They are better than the 1004's and a good stable shoe.
From: JDP, 3/12

Comments: I'm sorry to report these new 1005s are a rollover waiting to happen! I'm a former big fan of Asics Gel Resolution (the first 2 generations), and to an extent Prince T-22s and various K Swiss. I found the NB 1187s when they first came out and really liked them. I've had 4 pair in the last year or so. They had good cushioning, stability, reasonable durability (+ 1 yr warranty), looks, etc. Wanting a change of pace, and having a favorable impression of New Balance, I decided to try these 1005s. What I liked about them was the lighter weight, lots of ventilation/mesh and good cushioning. I hit in them yesterday with no problem, but played the first match today. Twice, I felt my foot/ankle start to roll on hard cuts and direction changes. I hadn't had that happen in many years with other shoes. When I got home I compared them to the 1187s. The upshot that seems to make the 1005 more prone to rolling looks to be: 1.) Despite lateral stabilizing straps and a flared sole, the combination of mesh (too flexible) and minimal midsole wrap-around on the outside extending to the upper make it less stable 2.) The heel area also has about 1/4" less base, meaning less lateral support, and 3.) The outside sole edge is really sharp, meaning if you get weight and torque sideways on it, once past that edge, it's a sudden side jolt. So as much as I would like to endorse this shoe, I can't. For a performance tennis shoe, it just isn't laterally supportive enough. Back to the 1187's.
From: Steve, 2/12

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