New Balance MC 1005 4E Grey/Yellow Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I wore out 2 pair of 1004s which were great shoes. I then tried a pair of 1005s and they were terrible. I wish NB would bring back the 1004s.
From: Kevin, 3/15

Comments: Finally got a pair of the 1005s in black. The shoes seem to be a touch narrower than the white/blue ones. They were still very comfortable out of the box as with all New Balance.
From: Mike, 11/14

Comments: I bought these shoes after having some heel issues with a cheaper pair of New Balance shoes. For the first few weeks, my heel pain was subsiding so I thought the shoes were well worth the money until the pain returned. I've only been using the shoe for 2 months and they are at the end of their life. A portion of the meshing almost has a hole in it and it looks like my little toe might be making an appearance outside of the shoe soon. The shoes are very heavy. Also, one of the shoe laces is about to break which is absurd. The New Balance insoles are complete trash no matter what model shoe you buy from them. The stock insoles are wafer thin, so I threw them away upon receipt and replaced them with sports insoles. I used the 1003 version years ago and thought it was a great shoe. I'm stuck with New Balance shoes due to my wide feet but at over $100, there is no way I could recommend this 1005 shoe to anyone with all the problems I've had.
From: Mikeler, 6/14

Comments: I've been wearing the predecessors of NB 1005 for 10-15 years, and I've always been quite satisfied, especially with the 1004. But this shoe just doesn't seem to do the job. I don't know enough about shoe construction to describe why, but the 1005 doesn't seem to fit properly, e.g., too tight on one foot and too loose on the other. I'm constantly thinking my foot is coming out of the shoe, and they feel like cardboard. I've been wearing the 1005 for two months, and playing six hours a week, and I just can't get used to them. Next time I will try the NB 996.
From: Mark, 4/13

Comments: Due to my wide feet, I find comfort only in New Balance shoes for the past 10 years. I am a huge fan of the CT 1004 and went through 3 pairs of them. Unfortunately, CT 1004 made way for the CT 1005. The CT 1005 cushioning is as good as CT 1004. However, the CT 1005 is a bit longer and hence I don't feel the stability which I always enjoyed in CT 1004. I find my shoes getting loose during sessions.
From: Alc, 12/12

Comments: Firstly, I have wide and somewhat flat feet and am very hard on my shoes. Speed on court is one of my biggest asset(s), as a result finding even a decent pair of tennis shoes is extremely difficult. I previously wore the NB 1004, which was a decent shoe, however, the shoe didn't provide much overall cushioning, especially in the heel. Then came along the 1005's and with it came the cushioning that I needed, especially in the heel. The instant I put these shoes on I felt a soft cushioned feel with decent support. As some of the TW ( I believe Chris) playtesters mentioned there really wasn't any break-in period, however the upper will stretch and give a bit when pushed hard/aggressively on quick lateral movements. Also, if you have a high to medium arch these shoes are not for you, as there is very little arch support, but if you have wide feet with low arches these shoes may provide just the right amount of comfort and stability you need. Overall, I'm very happy with these shoes, but if I have to make a suggestion I would want a stiffer upper (little less mesh) and a bit more side stability to allow more aggressive movements.
From: J.P., 11/12

Comments: This is the true 4E shoe I've been waiting for since the demise of the model 822, which was perfection for a wide foot for aggressive play. The 822 had it all right for a performance shoe: perfect toe box, the toe/foot break point flexibility, low and stable ride, light weight, and great looks to boot. All the interim New Balance have been a major fail in my book and seemingly designed by people who didn't understand the wide foot at all. The 1005 is very close to that previous perfect shoe. I've put 5 hours on them and I haven't experienced any "weakness" "fragility" or "flimsiness" in the toe area at all (or any part) that softer design allows the wide foot all the ease of lateral movement that other, more structured shoes didn't -- they cause cramping, pinching and blistering. There's a slightly higher and cushier ride in the heel to the 1005, but it's not unstable. Plus, I'm moving on my forefoot anyways. My only real criticism is that I wish there was a deeper high lace hole to get a bit more cinch at the top (the new 1187 has the same fault). But finally, after too many models returned and/or suffered through (not just New Balance), a step in the right direction!
From: Lou, 5/12

Comments: I finally tried these after wearing other K-Swiss and NB wide tennis shoes, since my wide foot can only accommodate very few types. These are a little bit better than the CT 1004, which is a fairly lightweight, weakly constructed shoe, not great for heavy court movement. The sole is the same, and has good traction, but twists and warps easily. The tops are a little stronger and tie across the foot with better side strapping, but the toe area is still flimsy despite a little more covering. If you are heavy, or a strong, fast tennis player, they are not serious shoes, but if you are light or older and don't stomp across the baseline anymore, they are passably better than recent NB shoes. I am 6'0', 190 lbs and get around, so I'll burn them out in a few weeks. (Why oh why are so many tennis shoes becoming fragile running- shoe styles with mesh tops, no side support and poor cushioning?).
From: Al, 2/12

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