New Balance CT 1004 BK 4E Black Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I have a pair of 803 (White) and 1004CT Bk (Black and Red.) I selected the 803's and was given the 1004CT's as a gift. I normally wear the 803's on synthetic clay and the 1004's on hard court. Both pairs are 4E wide. Great support and comfortable. I play with two pairs of socks. I would recommend either to tennis players, in general. I have been playing for 35 years and am a 4.0 ranked singles player. I now play mostly doubles at the age of 65. Occasionally, singles with a friend (maybe once a month.) I play doubles twice a week.
From: George, 12/11

Comments: I just spent 3 days last week at Total Tennis in NY (5 hours a day on the courts each day) and my feet remained comfortable the whole time. That was a first. The only problem with the shoes are the laces are two long. I am 60 plus and play 3-5 hrs a week. I will order a few more pair before NB changes the model as a reserve supply.
From: Brian. 6/11

Comments: Very comfortable shoe. Good cushioning. Truly no break-in required. If you're a toe dragger playing 3 to 4 times a week, don't count on more than a month before the toe area is worn through. Non-toe draggers can plan on about 4 to 5 months. Come on, New Balance, you can do better.
From: Mark. 5/11

Comments: I just received this shoe. Tried them on and did not at all get what I expected. I did not find this more comfortable than the 655's at all. The insole was cheap junk compared to the 655s. No cushioning what-so-ever. I am definitely not impressed. I will be sending these back tomorrow and getting a pair of the 655s.
From: Mike, Beaufort, SC, USA, 03/11

Comments: Hi, what is 4E, is it 4 edition? thanks
From: Zakir, 01/11
(Zakir, the 2E, 4E specifications relate to the width of the shoe. The 4E is the widest width available.--TW Staff)

Comments: I love the shoes. I have had them for 5 months, it is comfortable from the first day to know, I wear 5 times a week, but they still look good. I really recommend these shoes.
From: David, Yorkville, IL, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is the best fitting shoe I have worn. It fitted perfectly right out of the box. The shoe was light weight, good traction, and no visible wear after two months playing 14 hours a week on artificial grass.
From: Dennis, Toowoomba Australia, 10/10

Comments: Great shoes! I agree with other reviews in that the CT 1004W wear out fast. However, they are very comfortable, and provides good grip. At first I thought the plastic support in the sides were just to make it look cool, but it actually helps holding your feet and preventing from jamming a nail in a hard brake. I am a heavy player and the cushion in this shoe is awesome. I am about to order my third pair of CT 1004W. Before this I used another NB model I can not remember now, and the comfort and cushion difference was huge.
From: JC, Republic of Panama. 10/10

Comments: These shoes were comfortable right out of the box, and they offered a great low-to-the-ground feel. The black/red was a sexy time aesthetic, and the ventilation was above average. The cushioning wore out pretty quickly, which was disappointing, especially since I'm not a fattie. It was painfully disappointing as my knees were on fire after every practice and each match. The support wasn't impressive, but my ankle braces gave me the peace of mind to grind. I can't comment on outsole durability since I stopped wearing these 1 month after buying them. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone I cared about, but I would recommend them to an enemy.
From: Emile, Seattle, WA, USA. 6/10

Comments: Great shoes with excellent cushioning and stability! These shoes are wonderful if you practice a lot and play to win. Other shoes maybe better for 1.5-2 hours of match play but for my money these are the shoes I want to practice in for 10 hours on the week ends and 10 hours during the week after work. They are much more comfortable and I would rather wear out some shoes than my body. You can even wear them around town without looking like a circus clown.
From: Nice guy who loves tennis, San Francisco, California. USA. 5/10

Comments: I was playing a tournament in these shoes two weeks ago, and my foot broke as I stopped hard. Left foot kept going into the bottom of the shoes and it broke the big toe knuckle. Incredible pain, can't sleep, work or play for weeks now. Foot looks like a mango, all swollen and purple/red/yellow. Every step is agony.
From: geoff, oakland ca. us. 4/10

Comments: Just received these shoes. I initially purchased these shoes because NB was about the only "tennis" shoe available in a 4E. After receiving these shoes, I can tell you they fit like a glove, and they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing shoes that I've ever owned. These shoes feel solid and are built with high-density material. These Black & Red 1004's are beautiful shoes. The toes box is very spacious, and the heel strike feels firm, yet shock absorbing. I'm a big guy, and I think I've found a brand/style that I can trust.
From: RC Money, Charlotte, NC, USA 01/10

Comments: I am a 4.0 player who serves and volleys on hard courts. I wear the 4E model, for I have a wide foot. This shoe provides comfort right out of the box. The toe box is excellent and resists blister formation and jamming of the toes with great exertion. It also provides significant support and markedly resists lateral rolling over of the ankle, thereby reducing the chance for an ankle strain. The traction and mobility is inferior to other shoes that I have worn (i.e. Diadora and Nike models), however the comfort and stability is superior. The wearing time is short (i.e. the shoe does not last long - the tread wears fast), however this is small price to pay to avoid injury. I recommend this shoe if you have a moderately wide foot!
From: Ken, Coralville, IA, USA. 11/09

Comments: I am a fit, older, still fast-moving player with very wide feet. These shoes are one of the rare types that give my toes and forefoot enough room to be comfortable. That's a positive. They are also lightweight compared to many other tennis shoes (another positive), but unfortunately poor-quality in some aspects of their construction. The weight is good for sheer movement around the court, but the mesh tops and plastic bracing across the forefoot are really weak and sloppy, leading to quite a bit of foot movement in the shoe, and poor bracing characteristics when braking and placing hard. They are wearing fast. I'm happy with the shape of them, but disappointed that New Balance seems to have gone cheap on quality of materials.
From: Anon. 10/09

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable, but it doesn't last long. First pair lasted me only 4 months and the second pair for only 3 months. I play about 10 hours per week. If you want durability and a bit less comfort, try Adidas Barricade V.
From: Fong, Los Angels, CA USA. 10/09

Comments: I played in these right out of the box and found the cushioning really excellent. I have slightly wide feet but the normal width is more than ample, probably also for an EE fit. I think some of the material need to be beefed up. I loved my old Prince Titanium quick track but you cannot get. These feel almost like them..!
From: Graham, Toronto, Canada eh! 09/09

Comments: Wore this shoe twice...on the 3rd time, I laced up and one of the lace loops (one of the two that anchors on the side near the "N") tears right off! Then I notice the "N" on 2 sides of each shoe are just starting peal off as if the adhesive is already worn out. I've been a New Balance fan for years and their tennis shoes have been no exception but - beware - most New Balance are now Made in China (including these) and that might have something to do with it.
From: anon. 08/09

Comments: I am a 4.0+ player who is on court around 10 hours per week or more in the summer. Last year I suffered excruciating Plantar Fasciitis in one foot and Achilles tendonitis in the other. I got some orthotics and was told to get New Balance shoes. I bought these and they are a dream. The 4E fits my foot perfectly, they are not too wide at all. They are comfortable and my whole body hurts less after matches. They seem to be resisting odors quite well and aren't showing any signs of wear after almost 2 months of usage. I highly recommend them!
From: John, Madison, WI, USA. 7/09

Comments: I love the way New Balance shoes fit my feet. They are the only brand of shoe that I am willing to purchase without first trying on. I've owned the CT1004Ws for about a month and once again the fit is like an old glove. I do, however, have a major complaint with New Balance. I HATE the extremely limited color selection for this shoe and most of their other shoe lines as well. I strongly prefer shoes that are predominately blue or ones that have some grey in them. The CT1004s only come in black/ thanks....or polar white. I very, very reluctantly went with the white simply because I couldn't find a better fit in another brand. The shoes feel great but I loathe the way they look on my feet. I know everyone has their own opinion but I personally think they look extremely dorky and I hate being seen in them. I owned the CT1000NVs and the CT1002NVs, skipped the CT1003s because of color choice and now feel pressured into buying and wearing a shoe that I can't stand to look at. Bottom line: Great fitting shoe. Horrendous color choices.
From: Matt (4.0 player), Raleigh, NC, USA. 3/09

Comments: Shoes are great! Very comfortable. No break in required. More than enough room in the toe box.
From: Howard, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 3/09

Comments: This is the best NB shoe I have ever tried. Lightweight, but with good cushioning, well ventilated & a low to the ground feel. I play on hard courts and they feel great and required no break-in period at all. Highly recommended.
From: Bob, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: I must say they are very comfortable. I have played on clay and hard courts with no problems of comfort, direction change or stability.
From: Mike, Huntersville, NC, USA. 2/09

Comments: Here's what I know. I use a rather large custom orthotic. I wear a 12 4E traditionally. I could not wear the 1002s or 1003 because they had insufficient depth and a rather bad toe box issue that hurt my big toe. The 1004 seems to be wider and deeper. It accommodates the orthotic. It needs no breaking in. It is airy and quite light. Good traction on clay. I have been wearing 780's, the last 4E shoe that fit my foot properly. The 780 is much heavier and clunkier. On first glance, the 1004 appears to have less forefoot cushioning than the old 650's from the good old days. The cushioning is in the heel, but is less visible as you work your way up to the ball of the foot. With sport lacing pattern, the 1004 can be laced snugly. In this regard, it owes much to the design of some of NB's running shoes (881, 882) which utilize an N-lock design. I am a pretty heavy guy, so I do not yet know how the 1004's will hold up. They are much closer to the ground than 650's or 780's. My right shin has been acting up since using them. Not sure if this is the cushioning deficit or not. I still have a fresh pair of 780's. I will see if shin discomfort terminates with a switch of shoes. I am a 4.5 player, and I hope this review helps someone.
From: Marc, Bradenton, Florida. 2/09

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