Lacoste Repel 2 White/Black Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I loved them!! Not only did they look amazing but played great (I got the red ones)! I can't comment on cushioning because I wear orthotics but I found them stylish (I got heaps of comments on them) - they felt close to the ground, which I thought was great for changing direction quickly and they felt snug on my feet although I have a narrow foot. I play on hard and clay court minimum 5 times a week, they began to wear out by 4 weeks - I decided to keep wearing them because I liked them so much and don't mind sliding around on the court especially on clay. By about 5 months the toe had completely ripped off and the part of the shoe that supports the ball of my foot had worn off to the fabric. I would recommend this shoe for a casual player or competitive player who likes to feel close to the ground. Just keep in mind they're not cheap and you may go through a few pairs in a year. They were also very stable.
From: Diana, 1/12

Comments: I love these shoes! They fit perfectly and they feel good, but they wear out really fast if you are a competitive player. Mine only lasted 5 weeks.
From: Renee, 11/11

Comments: I tried these on in and I wanted to like them, because they look great and they fit great but these have no cushioning whatsoever. I might as well have been wearing cement slippers. I knew there was no way I could play hours of tennis in this shoe.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These are the worst shoes I've ever bought. There is absolutely no cushioning and toe box is so narrow that after only playing an hour or so I have blisters on both pinky toes. Good-looking shoe on the foot and a lot of compliments but terrible on the feet. I am now looking once again for a good pair of shoes.
From: Danah, Gulfport, MS, USA, 02/11

Comments: I have bought 3 pairs of Lacoste Repels and absolutely loved them. Then I bought a 4th pair and they changed the design. After just 30 minutes, I had blisters on 3 toes and returned them. Why do shoe companies mess up a good shoe. I used to wear Nike Breathe!! And they had to mess those up, too. So now I'm back to finding a shoe that works.
From: Ann, Topeka, KS, USA, 02/11

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