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Comments: I strung it in my Head Youtek Extreme Pro at 57lbs and it is great. The power, the pace and especially the control is awesome in this string. Top level players should try out this one for sure! You will not regret it, believe me, it's great.
From: Charles, 11/12

Comments: Strung this at 40 pounds and it feels great! To all the people who are complaining about tennis elbow, I ask what tensions are you guys stringing at? 55? That's a big no no.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: This is a very stiff poly. It's stiffer than Gosen Polylon or Kirschbaum Pro Line II. For me this is good because I use polys as a cross string.
From: Anon. 07/11

Comments:If you follow the directions on the package on 10% less tension it's an awesome yet affordable choice for people that want to try Luxilon strings but don't know where to start. People that complain about tennis elbow are either older, have fundamentally sounds strokes and/or didn't string lower then than they were supposed to, it's not syn gut people.
strung @ 40lbs in a K6.1 90
From: Kevin, East Hartford, CT, USA, 05/10

Comments: This string does cause a little soreness in both elbows, but this string does not move and does not break. I'm a chronic string breaker and I've found a solution with this string. It does lack in feel so I approach less often. But for the price and the durability this string saves me $$$.
From: Jimmy, San Diego, CA 08/09
NTRP: 3.5-4.0
Racquet/Tension: Head Liquid Metal Radical Mid - #60

Comments: Holy tennis elbow, make sure you hybrid it or other wise your arm will fall off.
From: cam, strung my dunlop 100 at 58lbs. 8/09

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