Luxilon 4G S 15g (1.41) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I have some elbow problems from 2014. So I have had to use a lighter racquet -- the Wilson 100LS, and paired it with the softest string to get back onto court. I used to string the racquet with Tecnifibre X-one Biphase at various gauges and tensions. Unfortunately, as much as I loved the feel/control/power of this string, I have broken this from about 2 weeks at worst to 2 months at best over a period of 2 years. I tried Luxilon 4GS 15 about 2 months ago now, and this string is just about perfect for the S racquet! It is as soft and forgiving on the arm as the X-1, it has the same power and it also snaps back and gives spin. The thick string also feels a touch heavier, which is perfect. And best of all, after 2 months, it looks and feels brand new. For my LS racquet, this is the only string I will hit with from now on, possibly bringing tension down from 58 to 56 lbs.
From: Jay, 9/16

Comments: I think Chris on 8/13 must have strung it too tight to complain about no sliding or snapback. It does its job perfectly. I string it in the low 40s with my Prince EXO3 Tour 16x18 and it's just "boom!" and everything lands in with tons of spin and shape on the ball. Even though I'm using a Prince Tour, I still think the string needs a dampener. I'm an aggressive baseliner that likes to go for winners when I probably shouldn't. This setup helps me pull out miracles.
From: Gerard, 12/14

Comments: I put this string in my new Haed Prestige Mid IG Youtek (these are on sale just now), at the max recommended tension of 57 pounds. This is very much the exact opposite what you'd do according to racquet wisdom (i.e. ultra thin string at low tension, with a 20x18 93 square inch head). It turns out to be a perfect combo against all bets. And not harsh on the soft tissues at all, but this may be due to the softer frame and the solid plow of the stick itself. I'll stick to this string for sure. But it may be wise to renew them before they break, because they will last forever.
From: Andrew, 9/14

Comments: Finding the right string for the Wilson 99S can be challenging. I have tried the Babalot Revenge strings and they were fine. However the 4G S strings are so perfect for the racquet. I never would have imagined playing with 15g strings, the control and lack of arm pain with these strings were amazing. Despite the price these strings are a must have to me for the Wilson S racquet.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: These strings do not have the power I want, however, it provides tons of spin.
From: Darryl, 11/13

Comments: Perfect for the Steam S Racquet. I have to max out the string tension when I have it strung with the Beast XP 15L in order to get the control. With this string, I recommend to have it strung at mid or lower mid tension. Nice pocket, good control, and it lasts way longer.
From: Jacky, 8/13

Comments: I bought this 4G S string after getting about 2 matches out of a string I felt perfectly enhanced the virues of these Steam sticks -- Lux Savage black. I also tried the WeissCannon Black Edge. It was decent but lasted no longer. Both of these string sets lasted about 4 sets (2 matches). Way shorter than any strings, in any other racquet I have used. I hit with heavy topsin and pace so I am resigned that this was not a fluke but just the way it will be with my Steam S racquets. The cost was prohibitive, so I tried these. Here's is what I think: 1) The 4G S has not broken in 3 outings. Maybe it won't. But it kills any merit the Steam S was designed for. Your "super-spin" is gone because they are soo stiff. They don't slide over each other and snap back. They just lie there and accept the impact. No spin. Your Steam is now a basic old decent racquet again. 2) These things are dangerous. They will ruin your elbow or shoulder. I mean they transfer serious vibration right down the frame. Horrific ouch. Trust me. Sure they won't break, but they are not "the answer." I'm getting a reel of Savage and hoping to find a cheaper stringer!
From: Chris, 8/13

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