Luxilon 4G Rough 16L (1.25) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string to reign in any racquet with excess power. I strung my Liquidmetal 4 at 60 pounds. The first 3 sessions were a bit awkward but I got dialed in by the 4th. Touch shots came easier and when I dashed from baseline to net to catch a dropshot, the ball didnt fly out like it did with multifilament. It definitely is 4G: great, gold, gorgeous and giving!
From: Jacky, 11/16

Comments: Amazing that this string is supposed to be very stiff but I find it very plush on my Prince Classic 100 Graphite strung at 53 pounds. Reason could be due to my racquet's stiffness being only 62. Excellent control, bite and spin and strings snap back easily into its original position due to its smooth surface. Tension maintenance is good too. Cheers!
From: Vic, 2/16

Comments: These strings were nice when they were fresh but now after some mileage my arm (elbow) is hurting after about 30 hours of playing with a full set in my Pure Control. Strung at 55 lbs and out of the gate they are very nice strings but either the stiffness caught up with me or the strings are done. I do like the control and feel of these strings and I definitely played well with them. Perhaps I will try a hybrid setup or vary the tension on the crosses and that might help with my arm. I'm going to try something softer next then decide if I can come back to these.
From: Maurice, 4/15

Comments: This is a great feeling poly string. I strung it at 57 lbs on my new Wilson Burn 100. It almost did not feel like I had a full bed of poly. However, between the points, you need to adjust the strings as they move which you do not find often in poly. It moved a lot like synthetic strings or gut. Definitely arm friendly which I was looking for. I would string at least 2 lbs higher as I felt they were very loose. As far as spin, I do not see the big difference compared to others. I will try few more to decide whether I will continue to use this string or not. I will definitely try to hybrid it. I am a formal Division1 and circuit player.
From: Brian, 4/15

Comments: I had Luxilon 4G on my Head Prestige MP at 53 lbs. This string generates a lot of power and feels much softer than the most popular Alu Power 16L. I also find the spin potential is not that great like with Babolat RPM Blast. The conclusion comfort is pretty good but that's about it -- there is not enough control and spin.
From: Kris, 12/14

Comments: Very stiff string. Strung it on my Wilson BLX Six.One 18x20 at 54 lbs in the mains and 56 lbs in the crosses. I recommend stringing the tension down maybe 2-4 lbs from your normal tensions. I enjoyed the regular 4G and wanted to try this one thinking it would give me more touch. I usually use a dampener with other strings, but for this string job I didn't need a dampener. I would recommend the original 4G over the 4G Rough. I have yet to try it only on cross or mains.
From: Frank, 5/14

Comments: I liked this string. Decent durability, spin, and control but a bit more dead than even the Big Banger Rough. Just didn't have a ton of feel. Solid, but Lux has better options for my game.
From: Ben, 3/14

Comments: Very stiff, non-elastic string. My stringer was surprised, because it barely stretched on the machine. It feels like it has less catapult than the normal 4G does, however there is much more grab and bite. I strung it at 55lbs on the mains and 52lbs on the crosses. However, 55mains/50crosses would probably have been better, because I want more pocketing and catapult, and this string doesn't stretch. Hybriding this string would probably be amazing. I do not recommend this on a full bed, or at least vary the tension by 3lbs+ if you do.
From: Anon, 11/13

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