Luxilon 4G 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Amazing string. I have been playing with various co-poly strings including AluPower. I found them either too stiff (like Tour Bite, RPM Blast), or too powerful with less control (like Head Lynx). This has just the right blend of comfort, spin potential, control and power. I play hours a week. It lasts for 3 weeks. Tension maintenance (playability) is the best I ever faced in any co-poly. I play with Yonex Ezone DR 98 (unstrung weight of 310 gm, with stiffness rating of 62). I string at 54 lbs full bed. Wonderful set-up. Decided to stick with this combination lifelong. Hope both Yonex and Luxilon continue to produce these.
From: Sen, 12/16

Comments: I have a very sensitive arm/elbow. I played three sets of doubles today demoing a Blade 98S with this string strung at 55 lbs and I felt no pain at all. It was strung in April and I had great control. I demoed the last Head Instinct with a multi and it felt very harsh within five minutes.
From: Michelle, 10/16

Comments: If you want a case of tennis elbow this horrible stiff string will give it to you. I tried it in my racquet and after hitting for an hour, I could barely lift my arm because of the elbow pain. Too stif, not forgiving, no flexibility. I would not even recommend this string.
From: Pat, 10/16

Comments: I switched to 4G after going through the usual route of RPM Blast/hybrid set ups to ALU Power, etc. 4G is far and above my favorite. I use a full bed strung at 55 lbs in my Radical Pros and am able to confidently rip groundstrokes while maintaining very good spin and control. It is not as nimble on volleys and other touch shots but is still perfectly competent. This is a very forgiving string. I play 10-12 hours a week at a high level and re-string once a month, tension maintenance seems great.
From: Matt, 6/16

Comments: I play with this string in a hybrid set up with either Babolat or Tecnifibre17 gauge synthetic gut at 53 to 57 lbs. in my Prestige Pros. After using ALU Rough, ALU, and original BB Rough for several years -- this is my favorite. Great control and good power, easy on the arm.
From: Michael, 2/16

Comments: I use this string on my Pro Staff 95S and it was a good choice. I play 5-7 times a week for about 3-4 hours a day. At first it was good, but after hitting for a month and a half the strings have gone dead. It's a good string for spin and control though. 9 out of 10 from me.
From: Johnny, 10/15

Comments: An excellent string that is worth all the accolades it receives. Just don't string it too tightly.
From: Brett, 4/15

Comments: Very good and crisp string. I play 4-5 times a week and this string lasts for months. It does not break and does not move. The only reason I change it is because I feel some loss of control after a few months. I string it in the Wilson Pro Staff 85 (strung at 57 lbs) and I found the ultimate control setup. The ball just behaves and lands where you want it to.
From: Shoeb, 4/15

Comments: Great poly string. The tensions maintenance is on another level for a co-poly. Durability is good as expected. Spin, control, comfort -- it's all there too. I'm not extremely keen on the plush feeling it has. I prefer the crisper feel of ALU Power, but both strings perform very well. To me, 4G and ALU Power have set the standard for other polys.
From: Brian, 11/14

Comments: I am a competent player and play with a Wilson SixOne 95 (16x18) and have traditionally used Alu Power 16L at 55 lbs. I tried 4G 16, and to be honest, I keep looking for my racquet with the 4G. The Alu Power is a great string so I can use this as a comparison. The 4G is definitely stiffer and muted power, and with that, it has more control. A little less pop then the Alu Power and I seem to generate more spin with the 4G. Basically I am switching to this string. Excellent product, and best yet, it maintains tension very well.
From: Dominic, 4/14

Comments: I used Gosen poly strings for years and they are a hard string with no feel, but they last forever, and when you string them 5-10 lbs lighter they do fairly well with spin and durability. Now I'm in the process of testing co-poly strings and after trying several brangs this 4G is quite impressive. It stays smooth and slippery even after broken in, has a lot of feel, and great spin. I kid you not, I can take full cuts at the ball and it stays on the court better than anything I've used. I hate the color and the price but it's a great string. I will use it for tournaments and probably a cheaper string for social play.
From: Rob, 3/14

Comments: Very good string, good for whacking with spin on groundstrokes and surprisingly good with volleys too. My favorite string. But here are the negatives: 1) it is kind of expensive and 2) I break these strings on the mains in about 7 to 9 hours of play. But, I should acknowledge that I'm playing with a very wide string pattern with the Wilson Steam 105S. I tore through NXT in less than 3 hours. Tore through LUX ALU Power Spin in 5 hours. Still searching for something that lasts longer. So far, lux 4G at 130 the best.
From: Malcom, 11/13

Comments: I played with this string tonight on a Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 strung tight at 60lbs like I string all my strings. I thought this string was very good. I usually use the ALU SPIN and this string had just about equal spin with much more feel, playability, and felt a high amount of control too. This may be my next string to buy a reel of. I'm waiting to see how the durability and playability hold up.
From: Rob, 10/12

Comments: I had the opportunity to try out 16g 4G today. I strung one racquet with Wilson Natural Gut mains and 4G crosses at 58/55lbs, and another racquet was strung with 4G full bed at 52lbs. I found the full bed option to be more to my liking. The ball stayed in the court better as I found myself holding back on a full swing in order to keep the ball in the court with the hybrid string job. I liked the full bed 4G option enough to order more Luxilon 4G (possibly a reel), but will not hybrid it again. It has great feel and control on it's own.
From: Rudy, 9/12

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