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Luxilon 4G 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Great poly string. The tensions maintenance is on another level for a co-poly. Durability is good as expected. Spin, control, comfort -- it's all there too. I'm not extremely keen on the plush feeling it has. I prefer the crisper feel of ALU Power, but both strings perform very well. To me, 4G and ALU Power have set the standard for other polys.
From: Brian, 11/14

Comments: I am a competent player and play with a Wilson SixOne 95 (16x18) and have traditionally used Alu Power 16L at 55 lbs. I tried 4G 16, and to be honest, I keep looking for my racquet with the 4G. The Alu Power is a great string so I can use this as a comparison. The 4G is definitely stiffer and muted power, and with that, it has more control. A little less pop then the Alu Power and I seem to generate more spin with the 4G. Basically I am switching to this string. Excellent product, and best yet, it maintains tension very well.
From: Dominic, 4/14

Comments: I used Gosen poly strings for years and they are a hard string with no feel, but they last forever, and when you string them 5-10 lbs lighter they do fairly well with spin and durability. Now I'm in the process of testing co-poly strings and after trying several brangs this 4G is quite impressive. It stays smooth and slippery even after broken in, has a lot of feel, and great spin. I kid you not, I can take full cuts at the ball and it stays on the court better than anything I've used. I hate the color and the price but it's a great string. I will use it for tournaments and probably a cheaper string for social play.
From: Rob, 3/14

Comments: Very good string, good for whacking with spin on groundstrokes and surprisingly good with volleys too. My favorite string. But here are the negatives: 1) it is kind of expensive and 2) I break these strings on the mains in about 7 to 9 hours of play. But, I should acknowledge that I'm playing with a very wide string pattern with the Wilson Steam 105S. I tore through NXT in less than 3 hours. Tore through LUX ALU Power Spin in 5 hours. Still searching for something that lasts longer. So far, lux 4G at 130 the best.
From: Malcom, 11/13

Comments: I played with this string tonight on a Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 strung tight at 60lbs like I string all my strings. I thought this string was very good. I usually use the ALU SPIN and this string had just about equal spin with much more feel, playability, and felt a high amount of control too. This may be my next string to buy a reel of. I'm waiting to see how the durability and playability hold up.
From: Rob, 10/12

Comments: I had the opportunity to try out 16g 4G today. I strung one racquet with Wilson Natural Gut mains and 4G crosses at 58/55lbs, and another racquet was strung with 4G full bed at 52lbs. I found the full bed option to be more to my liking. The ball stayed in the court better as I found myself holding back on a full swing in order to keep the ball in the court with the hybrid string job. I liked the full bed 4G option enough to order more Luxilon 4G (possibly a reel), but will not hybrid it again. It has great feel and control on it's own.
From: Rudy, 9/12

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