Luxilon 4G 16L (1.25) 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I have used these strings for a year or so now and I love them still. I have tried other strings like Solinco, Babolat, and other Luxilon strings, but I prefer this one. I mainly love how they feel, the strings are not too soft or hard. They allow for some good power and spin. However, if your looking for an extremely power friendly or extremely spin friendly string, this string probably is not for you. This is a great "in the middle" string.
From: Braden, 10/16

Comments: I love these strings. I have so much control with them and can nearly always place the ball where I intend without fearing I will hit out if I aim for close to the lines. However, I would not recommend these strings for anyone who has elbow or arm problems/weakness as they are definitely among the stiffer of polys. I've only been playing with them for a couple weeks and am already experiencing aching pain in my elbow and arm. Sadly, I'm going to have to switch to something softer, even though I've had some awesome wins with these strings.
From: S, 9/16

Comments: I am an ex-collegiate player and now work as a tennis coach for various levels. I still play competitively and I enjoy testing out new strings, specifically polys. I do have a somewhat sensitive arm but over the years I have realized that tennis elbow generally comes from incorrect equipment/tensions. I used to think Luxilon strings were terrible on the arm, but when you put them in good frames and at correct tensions, you generally will have success. This string I really enjoyed using and the main characteristic that stood out to me was control. I felt that with 4G, you were really rewarded for taking big cuts at the ball from the baseline. The string had amazing control/spin and kept the ball in when taking big swings. At the net it was easy to control the ball because the stringbed was not erratic. Serves felt good because you could really swing out at the ball and get big amounts of spin. I would recommend this swing to competitive players who are looking for control without sacrificing spin. Durability/power felt average to me for Luxilon strings but the control and spin were exceptional. Highly recommend if ALU Power was a little too lively for you and hard to control.
From: Andrew, 5/16

Comments: Amazing that this string is supposed to be very stiff but I find it very plush on my Prince Classic 100 Graphite strung at 53 pounds. Reason could be due to my racquet's stiffness being only 62. Excellent control, bite and spin and strings snap back easily into its original position due to its smooth surface. Tension maintenance is good too. Cheers!
From: Vic, 2/16

Comments: I came from a hybrid of RPM and natural gut for years and made the switch to a full bed of 4g 16L strung at 50/53 lbs in my 6.1 Pro Staff 90 and it's absolutely amazing! I get tons of spin, plenty of power and tons of control, oh yeah and touch! Super plush! Best all around poly hands down. If you have good strokes (I'm a solid 4.5 all court player), this string rips. I haven't even tried Tour Bite but I don't need to. Happy hitting!
From: PJS, 5/15

Comments: I had Luxilon 4G on my Head Prestige MP at 53 lbs. This string generates a lot of power and feels much softer than the most popular Alu Power 16L. I also find the spin potential is not that great like with Babolat RPM Blast. The conclusion comfort is pretty good but that's about it -- there is not enough control and spin.
From: Kris, 12/14

Comments: The main feature of this string is its amazing tension maintenence. Nothing else I've used comes close to it.
From: Chew, 9/14

Comments:In a full bed, better than most, but perhaps not suitable for the Wilson Steam 99S that I just switched to 3 months ago. It tends to be springy/out of control on tensions below 57 lbs; at the higher tensions of 58-62 lbs, this string became a bit stiffer/more control. Spin is not noted, although it could be average. Power also "muted" as Luxilon is famous for that uninspiring "thud-rip silk" wacky sound anyway. Not a big fan of the 4G although I don't know what else to try with the Steam 99S. Will try the 1.24mm Luxilon ALU Flouro at the lower end tension of 59/57 lbs and see what happens.
From: YSC, 8/14

Comments: I have played with just about every top string (Cyclone, Tour Bite, RPM Blast, Head Hawk, Poly Tour Pro) and these takes the cake. Nice pop on shots, by far the best control out of any of the other strings and the tension maintenance is legit. I live in south Florida, these strings have been in my racquet for 3 weeks and there has been minimal tension loss. I recently strung my other Head Graphene Radical MP at 52 lbs with these, when I pinged the racquets together, they sounded almost identical. I hit relatively hard and I go through stings fast, I like these alot. Very plush feeling, highly recommend.
From: Geoff, 7/14

Comments: This is my go-to string right now, in a full bed at 58 lbs. I wouldn't recommend this setup to anyone with arm issues, but as far as good control and enabling one to attack the ball, this is as good as it gets. I've tried Spiky Shark and RPM blast, both weren't close to this string. I liked the rough version as well, but for me the original is the best of the 4g line.
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: Wow! I play with these strings as crosses with Wilson Natural gut in the mains at 49 lbs (gut at 52lbs) in my Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 90 BLX. These strings are by far the best strings I've ever had in my crosses. As difficult as it sounds, they managed to add even more crispness to the natural gut and they hold their tension brilliantly over a month period (usually gut has broken before this). Great string if you keep it low.
From: Mark, 11/13

Comments: The good news is that this is indeed the most comfortable Luxilon, and one of the most comfortable polys, I've ever used. I played with it in a very stiff racquet and it really gave an exceptionally plush feel. Unfortunately, I think the notion of it maintaining tension is mythical, as it went lax very quickly in the two frames I tried it in, and moved around quite a bit from the very start. Playability is average, with good power and reasonable spin potential, though less spin than Alupower or Big Banger Original (in my opinion).
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: I strung a set as a main in a hybrid on my Blade 98 16x19 at 56lbs and boy, this string packs a controlling punch! The first thing I instantly discovered about the 4G was it has a crispy dead feel. This allowed me to swing with confidence on every stroke of the ball, especially when winding up to shoot a corner of the court or simply hit with precision. And yes, I've also had experience using the ALU Power and I believe that the 4G does hold tension a bit longer as well as last longer in playability for a co-poly. However, the dead feel eventually caught up with my arm, which is urging me to look for an alternative with a little softer feel. Overall though, this is a solid poly that I think may be a good fit for a player who prides himself on control and precision as well as hits with a medium to long stroke style. Well done Lux!
From: Shane, 7/13

Comments: Great string. Softer than RPM Blast and it still provides amazing spin. I strung it at 56 lbs on my Wilson 6.1 95 (16x18).
From: Andy, 7/13

Comments: Hard to believe people find this string "plush." According to the TW String finder this is easily one of the stiffest strings available and it plays like it. I've put a full bed in twice (first in a Wilson Juice, then in a Wilson Steam 99S; both at 50 lbs), and both times wound up with tennis elbow within a month.
From: Gary, 7/13

Comments: I am a 41 year old 4.0 player. I have typically gravitated towards the shaped polys like Blast, Cyclone, and Tour Bite. They all work really well with Cyclone being my fav of the bunch. I string low into the fifties, they have enough feel to keep me happy. But they all feel like a bed of plastic at the end of the day. TB being the worst in that department. But after hitting with 4g, I have opened a new door that I didn't know existed. And that door has given me feel, grab, plush power, and liveliness that the typical polys don't have. This string just does it all. And the best part, is that they are by far the best in tension duration. The string has a muted plush and comfortable feel, that allows you to really swing through your shots. It will add a fun factor to your name that you didn't know existed, and therefore up your game just like that. I strung it up on my Pure Drive at 53lbs, and am loving every minute out on court. Just try it. Trust me.
From: Danny, 6/13

Comments: I am surprised by how comfortable people say this is. Compared to full beds of RPM, Savage, Alu Power, or Black Widow this is really hard on the arm. I have only tried it in a full bed. Yes, the tension maintenance is great, but this is not, in my opinion 'a soft poly.'
From: Jay, 5/13

Comments: Installed full set of 4G in a BLX Six One 90. The tension I used was 58lbs. Very nice! This string is noticeably softer then most polys. Not so hard on the elbow or arm. Good spin potential and touch. Going on 6hrs of play time, no significant change for me.
From: John, 5/13

Comments: The string is great in the first 5 hours and then it dies like all the other polyester strings. It's really nice when it's fresh. Highly recommended!
From: Jose, 4/13

Comments: Absolutely fantastic string. I have a full bed strung in a Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 at 54 lbs. Extremely comfortable for a poly (not to mention the racquet itself handles full polys well). Spin is exceptional. Power is there only if you have a full swing. But it is there. Price is fair, I suppose, considering the strings playability duration and durability. Overall, I give these strings a 10/10. Once these break, I'm going to try the Volkl Cyclone and see how that compares. The Luxilon 4G has set the bar pretty high though!
From: Giovanni

Comments: Luxilon 4g was a great string for my game. I strung it in the mains at 56 pounds and had NXT 16 in the crosses at 54 pounds, so both strings are different tensions making the sweet spot bigger. But I had it in the new Wilson Blade 98 and I love that it its comfortable and has great control. Great all around string for any player at any level.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I've strung my racquet up 3 times with this string. The first set lasted 10 hours of hitting, held tension, and broke. The second set lasted 1 week and then broke. And the third set lasted 2 days before it broke. I'm not sure why it is breaking on me so fast. I strung it at 53lbs in the new 2013 Aero Pro.
From: "The Crusher," 2/13

Comments: The string was a big disspointment for the price they want. I found Volkl Cyclone 17g to be much better than this string in all areas, and the spin Cyclone provides is so much more. Not too mention Cyclone is half the price!
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: I put this as a full bed in a Dunlop AG 500 Tour and it feels and plays great. I would not want to string it higher though, as it would be too stiff.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: The pros are that the tension maintenance is comparable to natural gut (seriously, I measured it), it has unparalleled control which doesn't drop as with other polys, and it has excellent spin potential in a hybrid with natural gut mains. The cons are that while it can feel quite comfortable in open stringbeds, some may find it too stiff for their arm. I tried it in a frame with an 18x20 pattern and found it harsh. In a 98 sq. inch frame with 16 mains it felt pretty good at low tension (below 50 lbs). I've tried both gauges and given the string's stiffness I really don't see a reason for the 1.30 version. The 1.25 is a little more spin friendly and provides excellent control. If you're looking for a poly that doesn't drop tension and provides the best control you've ever experienced while also being comfortable in the right frame at lower tension, then you'll enjoy 4G. If you have an extremely sensitive arm and/or use a dense string pattern in a small head, you may want to proceed with caution. I highly recommend it for the crosses for natural gut mains.
From: Tim, 12/12

Comments: I went with a full bed in my ProStaff 6.1 95 strung at 52lbs. I was pretty suprised at how plush it felt compared to my usual setup of BB Power Rough in the mains and NXT in the crosses. My setup allowed for very consistent shots. The spin is average, and big cuts from the baseline kept the ball in, as I felt I could really go for shots from the baseline. At net I found it to be very nice - good punch but also good bite if trying drop shots too. To serve you will need to get on the gas, especially with a full bed, but placement was excellent. I may try it next time with a gut setup in the mains and 4G in the crosses, but I am very impressed with this string. It's a winner and it lasts longer than my usual hybrid setup.
From: Mark, 12/12

Comments: I used it in a full bed at 48 lbs on my Prestige YT IG MP. Being a very stiff, control-oriented string, you'll get depth and power out of it only through your full swings. I am not a big spin player and the string lasted way longer when compared to Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, or Lux ALU Power. The tension maintenance is great all along and the shots remain consistent until the end. It's probably better used in a hybrid setting with something livelier.
From: Bo, 11/12

Comments: Just finished my third session of hitting with the 4G in my X9 and wow!! I've always been a ALU Power, and this plays as well and has all the control I expect from top tier Lux. Power level is spot on and that familiar Luxilon pop and spin is what makes this string a winner for me.
From: Chad, 11/12

Comments: This string felt good on a hybrid set up as a main string. I dropped the tension as recommended by the Wilson rep that I met after picking up the BLX Juice 108. I strung at 50 lbs on the mains, and it felt good offering lots of power, though the string felt a little sticky as the ball was not really popping out of the strings as I thought it would be. It took a little bit more energy to power the ball through, hence making my arm a little bit more tired as I pounded the ball. The string didn't really last long either considering this was a 16L so it was a bit disappointing that I only got 2 solid days out of hitting with it before it snapped! Overall, I think it is a nice comfortable string, it just does not last long if you are a big time spin hitter that likes to hit big!
From: Ferdie, 11/12

Comments: These are the most amazing strings I have ever felt!
From: Shaun, 10/12

Comments: Much firmer than I expected. I'll use 4G (16L) as a cross for gut, but not in a full bed as it is too stiff. In fact, with all the stringing logs for the pro tournaments I've seen in which 4G is used, I have seen it only in a hybrid. I think it makes a great cross for gut because tension maintenance is high and it mutes any excess power of gut beautifully. Allows big cuts and excellent spin.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I strung this in a full bed at 48 lbs. I normally use various multifilament strings, with Gamma Live Wire XP being my favorite at 57 lbs in my Boris Becker DC London (Leather grip and lead at 3/9 & 5/7) This string had very low power. I was able to swing away (granted that a proper stroke was used) on ground strokes. I found myself having to work pretty hard to get the ball deep. Probably lost a bit of pace on the 2nd serve too. Coming from livelier strings, this was surprisingly not as dead as I thought it would be. It was also pretty comfortable for someone who has suffered from GE. Ground strokes where rewarded with solid feedback when in the sweet spot. Off centered shots weren't as jarring as I'd expect. Overheads/serves also felt nice. I enjoyed half volleys with this, finding myself just using my momentum of moving towards the net to help get the ball back.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Tried this out in a gut mains/4g crosses setup in a Diablo Tour and the 6.1 95 16x18 BLX. Pacific Tough Gut at 58, 4G at 51 lbs. Compared to other polys in this combo, the 4G plays very steady. It's very low powered and very consistent. Balls stay in due to the low power. Compared to ALU Power crosses, the 4G is lower in power and produces much less spin. Kick 2nd serves lost that jump. With the 4G, balls stay in due to the low power. With ALU, balls stay in due to the spin. 4G placement is a bit more dead-on, since it's less lively, but you have to give a good swing on nearly all shots. Touch shots require at least a medium swing or the ball dumps into the net. Excellent tension maintenance thus far. It really does last a good bit longer than ALU. Overall, it's better suited for flat hitters. Spin users will likely find that the 4G is a bit disarming, and your weapons are less effective.
From: Tommy, 8/12

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