L-TEC Premium 5S/Premium 3S 17 (1.25) Hybrid String Customer feedback

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Comments: I tried L-Tec at 52 lbs. I love the control you get from polyester strings but they can be hard on your body. I usually string at 60-65 lbs. I was doubtful that I would have control at 52 lbs but to my amazement there was no loss of control and the comfort cannot be replaced. Cups the ball, holds it on the stringbed and propels with spin. Have played over 24 matches and it has maintained tension and no breakage. I use a Prince EXO3 Tour 16x18.
From: Richard, 5/14

Comments: Tried this string out for my son (he's 10) based on rave reviews from Guts and Glory. Strung it at 44 pounds. My son loved the spin and power and his control was good with it, but it lasted 8-10 days. Too expensive for a string that barely lasts a week.
From: Ken, 8/13

Comments: Update to feedback of 2/13 -- Still loving this string. Just had my backup racquet strung with the same combo.
From: Bob, 4/13

Comments: Once I got used to the lack of power, I realized I could hit just about as hard as I wanted to and the ball stayed in the court. This opened up so many more possibilities for me. Angles, spin, lobs. Now, none of it's out of the question!
From: Bob, 2/13

Comments: Tried 20 different hybrids, brands and combinations of strings. Hands down the best control and spin. I provide the power when needed. Comfortable too. AMAZING!
From: Mark, 9/12

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