L-TEC Premium Gut Hybrid Half Set 17 (1.26) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I used this string as a cross at 52 lbs. At this price point, I really expected more, it had a somewhat dead, muted feel to it.
From: Douglas, 11/16

Comments: String this only as a cross string and also, make sure you realize this is not gut (well, that should be obvious given the price, but Titan and other econo-guts are sold at this price point). I strung this with L-TEC Premium OS 16 at 52 lbs in a Head PT10 (Prestige Classic 600). Like the package indicates, this synthetic gut can be strung at low tensions. It performed quite well and took approximately 15 hours of hitting to snap. L-TEC strings are expensive, but I find the polys last longer than competitors' offerings (in this case the venerable ALU Power). A hybrid with poly mains is backwards for most players, but I really enjoyed it and plan on purchasing what L-TEC calls "convenience spools" (half-reels) of the Premium Gut and the Pro poly.
From: Phish, 1/14

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