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Comments: Just started playing with Luxilon Savage Lime. I tried the Lime and the Black, but for me the Black was just a little to much dead, while the Lime was a bit more lively. I stung it in my Head Youtek Radical Lite (also in the Pro, which I'm changing to) and it really gave me a lot of control for the powerful racquet and no arm pain at all! Love this string -- loads of control and great spin and a great price.
From: Cameron, 7/13

Comments: This is a great Poly. It is definitely not as crisp or lively as Alu Power. It is, however, soft and arm friendly for a Poly, especially a control oriented one. I found it has a nice balance of control and power. It doesn't have the dead feel that I associate with some other control strings like Pro Hurricane or Head Rip Control. The shaped/multi sided quality of it is not as pronounced as other hexagonal or 7 sided strings, say compared to Solinco Revolution or Black Widow but spin is still good. My one gripe would be that I don't think tension maintenance is the best. I string loose (49 or 50) and after 8 sets mine RA'd at 42. I am not a big hitter so this dectrease in tension was substantial. Still, I am using this string now in a full bed and will happily stick with it. The full bed of lime looks awesome in my Dunlop 400 tour also.
From: Jay, 4/13

Comments: Nice, crisp solid feel when you first string it, and feels like that for a good while. really does help with spin, which my 18x20 pattern needed. Strung it at 53lbs with synthetic gut in the crosses. I give it a thumbs up!
From: Javier, 6/12

Comments: Not that good with low power and it doesn't have much spin and control. Softer than the big banger but it isn't important with my P.S 6.1 95 wilson.
From: MZ, 5/12

Comments: This string continued to impress me every time I give it a crack. I initially loved the black as a hybrid now I'm living the lime in a full bed at 52/50 lbs in my Volkl Organix 10 325. This one of the best performance strings available that maintains tension for a relatively long time. Not up to the same characteristics as Luxilon Alu Power, but still a really great all round string.
From: Chaddles, 4/12

Comments: If you really like Luxilon Alu Power, like me, and wanted to try this string because you wanted to save a little money, don't buy this. It is a good string, but it's not as crisp or as controllable as Alu Power. Plus, it is not as durable.
From: Ben, 2/12

Comments: This is a great string! Gets great bite on the ball feels very solid and is very durable, lots of people say it feels stiff, which it can if its strung too tight. If you string it at 54 or lower you will be impressed, it will grab the ball even more and feel great. Doesn't lose its bite after a week either like some, that's why its great at lower tensions. Also FYI I ordered a black reel and it felt a little different than the white and green... Don't ask me why but it did, so I like the green/white.
From: Brent, 2/12

Comments: Just finished a hitting session with a full bed of Luxilon Savage strung at 25 kg. Compared to Big Banger ALU Power it's more softer, which for me is great. I had nice access to both power and spin and great depth in my shots, from my two-handed backhand and my forehand. It doesn't have the same response on slices and volleys as Big Banger ALU Power. I felt my slices were less distinct and didn't have as much bite in them. However, for a frequent string breaker like me, I really liked this string because it's softer and pockets the ball well and I didn't feel any discomfort at all. The only question remaining before I stock up on this string is durability and how well it maintains string tension? Great buy for string breakers who want a softer string.
From: Mattias, 10/11

Comments: Luxilon Savage is definitely the string for me. This string lasts much longer than Babolat RPM Blast, and in my opinion, pockets much better, too. Savage is easier on the arm than RPM Blast, and gives more control and feel than RPM Blast. The spin factor is phenomenal. This string is worth a try if you want something cheaper and more long lasting than RPM Blast.
From: Bob, 10/11

Comments: I love this string. I read the reviews here and tried it out. It did exactly what everyone has been saying. The string is a softer string which pretty much fixed my tennis elbow problem, which I've been experiencing for the past couple of years. The Big Banger ALU 16 is a great string but I definitely get a better feel with the Savage strings. I can control my shots with ease and still have the power like the Big Banger ALU 16 and its actually cheaper to purchase. I highly recommended.
From: CK, 9/11

Comments: This is a good string. I prefer it over Babolat RPM Blast 17. I felt it has a bit more power and spin. Also, it was a little less stiff compared to the RPM, which I needed to hybrid to get around the stiffness issue. Happy with a full bed of Savage in my Wilson Pro-Staff 88.
From: Sitparan, 8/11

Comments: This is an awesome string. It has less power and bite than Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power, but that is because it is a much less stiff string. That being said, you get much more feel and control than Big Banger. I also feel that it has just a bit less spin potential than Big Banger.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: I use a full bed of this string and I like the feel of it. I have never had a problem with the strings moving out of place since I got them about three months ago. I want to try a hybrid with Babolat Xcel Premium though to try to reduce the stiffness of this string. Overall, a very good string.
From: John, 7/11

Comments: Average string, low power, average spin- tried this based on friends advice. I normally use RPM at 57 in APD non cortex. Very stiff compared to RPM 16g, let my arm aching. I play open tourneys in FL on clay in the heat, so it took its toll on my arm after a 3 hour match. I'm sticking with RPM, this string might lose its tension faster but it's better than a sore arm.
From: Charlie, USTA 5.0 Open player. 6/11

Comments: I played with Savage Lime for a week. It has good control, good access to spin, and is fairly arm friendly. It is a bit stiff when freshly strung, but it loses tension quite fast. The octagonal shape gives you a bit more spin than the tradition string, but it severely decreases durability.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: After two days of hitting with Savage Lime it offers massive spin potential if you have the strokes. I felt I could take big cuts and keep the ball in the court. Also, no pain in the elbow, always a good thing.
From: David, Bakersfield, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: When comparing to RPM Blast, I definitely found more control. It's not that jarring on your arm, and I string it at 61 or 62 lbs. Really a good string if you're looking a something comparable to Pro Hurricane or RPM Blast. I would go with this one, though I think it isn't as durable.
From: Ashok Dheenan, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 5/11

Comments: Great string! I kind of made a split-second decision when I was asked what string and tension I wanted on my new Rebel but I choose this because of the name. I got it strung at 53lbs with Gosen OG Micro 17 in the crosses. After an hour or so these strings felt great. Awesome pocketing, pop, and even control. However for me spin seemed to be lacking. I can flatten out serves and forehands but I struggle to keep me forehand deep with a good amount of spin. It either lands short and heavy or just out. Other than that, a great string and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try out a nice, soft poly.
From: Anon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Was using full bed of Luxilon Ace in Vantage 95 and really liked it. Just to experiment I strung up an identical racquet with Genesis Natural Gut/Luxilon Savage Lime and just love it, the Savage Lime makes a great cross string. I may switch to this even though I prefer full bed of Poly in most cases, the Natural gut/Savage comb has just as much spin potential as the full bed of Ace and just Fantastic Feel.
From: Rudy, Glenwood, NM, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is NOT a soft string, but I must say it is a very good string; it is more like a 17 and not a 16, which is a good thing. I strung it at 51 lbs on my mains and I could have drop it down to 45-48 and still been ok. I do like the string, was able to hit every shot. This string could be use on both main and crosses, If you like Luxilon strings you are going to like this one. If I would have strung it at 60 lbs I am guessing it would have hurt my elbow.
From: Peanut, PA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I've hit with the savage lime for the past 3 weeks. Having used pretty much every Luxilon out there, I expected good bite & action on the ball. It was good but nothing exceptional like I've seen with alu rough or big banger ace but still better than M2 & Fluoro. It feels softer and has more feel than most Luxilon strings. I have no elbow pain with this string as I have had with every Luxilon string except for M2 & Fluoro. It doesn't have quite the bite or pop of big banger alu or ace I feel is a better alternative to M2 or Fluoro if you're looking for a more arm-friendly string.
From: Tom, Houston, TX, USA, 02/11
Aeropro drive @ 56 lbs 4.5 rating

Comments: This is an excellent string. Dude at the local shop said it was designed to compete with Babolat's RPM Blast, but after playing both, this one wins the honor. Soft on the arm, rough on the court and ball. Good feel, great pop. I'm making the switch permanently.
From: Mr. Chin, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Set up Babolat vs touch cross and Luxilon savage main 58/58 (Aero Drive GT). Comparing to other rackets with a full bed of natural gut @ 58/58, touch and feel is similar but the savage set up gives considerable spin and bite to the ball.
From: GS, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 02/11

Comments: I was looking for a softer poly and my friend recommended Lux Savage. I have it (Savage Black) in my mains with a Wilson Sensation 16 cross. It's strung at 50/52lbs. The string bed feels soft and I can generate more spin when compared to a full set of Sensation 16. I like this set up for everything except backhands, which seems to fly once in a while. This set-up feels great on volleys. It's less stiff than the Lux Alu Power 17/Wilson Sensation 16 combo I have in my other racquet, which is strung at 48/52lbs. This combo feels like I can generate more spin though. But, if you're looking for something soft...try the Savage Black.
From: Mitchell, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/11
Yonex RD Ti-80

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