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Comments: I'm updating my last (below) comment. This string has a crisp feel. If you are an advanced player with much top spin, you'll break this string after 4 or 5 hours max. Though I really like its feeling, I'm looking for another string with the similar feeling and more durability.
From: Farhad, 7/12

Comments: This string is amazing. It holds the tension decently and has a soft feeling. I highly recommend it and the price is awesome.
From: Farhad, 7/11

Comments: This string is very good for the pricing. I had it strung about 8 pounds lower than what I normally do. It gives nice feel and good power. Also I am a chronic string breaker and this string lasts at least twice longer than other strings. Very good deal.
From: Alex. 6/11

Comments: Overall this string is okay, nothing spectacular and nothing bad about it but the price is really cheap for its quality; a good deal.
From: Billy, Hong Kong, 11/10

Comments: I am going to give you a straight answer. These strings are too stiff. It doesn't give enough pop and even when it does it doesn't bite onto the ball like the alu power. It 6 dollars everyone! You get what you paid for. I bought 12 sets and end up returning 10 because I didn't like it. Of the these string doesn't break but moves likes no other. HERE is how to can tell if its a good poly string. When you play with poly stings it doesn't make some plastic noise when you move the strings.
From: Eric, Goleta, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: Held tension well when comparing to Prince tournament poly. I strung my K Six-One Tour with this in the mains at 57 and Gamma TNT2 in the crosses at 55. I play pretty flat and this string is not good for flat hitters when you put it in the main. It loses tension and it moves like crazy giving you excess spin and makes some shots go long. What I like better is this in the crosses and Wilson K Gut 16 In the mains so once it loses tension, it won't give me more spin, it will give me more power because it is in crosses and most of the spin comes from the mains. The rough version of this is the same thing but a little bit more spin.
From: Kash, East Bay, CA, USA, 12/08

Comments: Overall, this is a good string. I was hoping for a little better feel, but for the price it's great. It really helped me get some kick on my serve and its tension holding and durability are excellent. I might try Luxilon supersense next time I get my Wilson nVision strung.
From: Derek, Harrisonburg, VA, USA. 9/06

Comments: This is string is very similar to the strings I used to use. I used to string my Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid with Pro's Pro Poly Nova Titanium mains with Babolat Super Fineplay in the crosses. This has better tension holding capabilities along with more power and control, however it is not as forgiving as my previous hybrid.
From: Anon. 11/05

Comments: This string, which I got about a year ago, has great durability and has great spin. Since I got these strings, they have not moved ONCE! The strings are so tight I can't even put a shock absorber on it!!! It's GREAT!
From: Harley, RI,USA. 5/05

Comments: This string is a very great, durable string for its price. It's less durable than other Luxilon strings but, it's able to hit a lot of spin. It's just a very good all around polyester string. It offers a good combination of power and control. All Luxilon strings rock!
From: Josh, KY, USA. 11/03

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