Lacoste Repel White/Navy Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a true size 8. These shoes seemed very tight so I had to return them. I really liked the style, that is what sold me on them. If I ever get Lacoste again, I would go with the 8.5. Compared to other shoes, they were very low to the ground and extremely light. Two characteristics I look for.
From: Lambert, 5/12

Comments: The first pair I got was fine. It didn't last long but felt very good. The second pair has been hurting my right foot and I'm getting blisters all the time. I never had blisters playing tennis and I've been playing for 24 years.
From: Syl, USA, 1/12

Comments: Nice shoe. They look great and the firm, snug fit is great, providing terrific stability and direct feedback on grass, sand or clay, though possibly too hard for extended periods on a hard court.
From: Rick. 5/11

Comments: I have had these shoes for about 3 months. They start off great,lots of padding, light on your feet, very good grip. Although after that 3 month period the sole starts to wear away very quickly. If you are only a casual player these are the shoes for you if you are going to be playing more then 4 or 5 times a week I recommend a different shoe. I give these shoes 7/10.
From: Joe, QLD, Australia 10/09

Comments: The shoe fits well and plays well initially but goes flat rather quickly, with significant wear on the sole playing outdoors. Looks fine, more for a look shoe than a playing shoe and at 115 a pop, maybe not that. Liked it overall except that it wore out quickly.
From: Steve, Omaha NE USA 07/09

Comments: I love these shoes! Great for casual wear whereas they feel great on the court! I would rate these shoes 10/10! and they are also great looking with Laccoste's style.
From: Bob, Los Angeles, California, USA. 6/09

Comments: I have been playing with these shoes for less than 2 months and I wore through the sole. I only play high school tennis. They are nice at first but they wear fast.
From: Jared, Aberdeen, SD, U.S.A. 05/09

Comments: This shoes are awesome, very light and good traction, wrap the foot nicely. the only con is that lacks cushion. I had the for a month and not a single sign of wear.. I play about 4 or 5 times a week.
From: Carlos, Folsom, Ca 04/09

Comments: Excellent quality shoes, I would rate them 9/10!! I bought them 9 months ago, in Chicago and since then, I have used it on clay, grass and hard courts. Nothing has come off and everything is still in good condition. It's best in clay, but it's hard to run across courts very fast. I love the design, colours, weight and other features. I would like to buy more Lacoste shoes in the future.
From: Moses, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, United Kingdom. 2/09

Comments: Well I have had these shoes for about a month and a half and I put them through more than I'm pretty sure anybody else here has. The blue sole is not all one piece. It's more of a glued on type so it's starting to peel off in the back. The traction of the show is good until you grind it off a bit or the bottom gets dirty. The dirt causes them to slip on you sometimes. The width of the foot is more narrow. I have generally a wide foot and the width has given me a foot problem on my right leg. The laces cant take much damage either. One got caught under the shoe when I slid and it literally grinded away to a thread and broke. Other then this the shoe is great if you don't play every day or like to slide on hard courts. The weight is good and the rise off the court is nice and they are not bulky at all. I still recommend just take care.
From: Tino, Texas. 2/09

Comments: Trained a light/moderate amount with a pair of these shoes over the summer. Good fit and fair cushioning. Purchased a pair of Nike Cages to rotate and found myself preferring the fit of the Lacoste shoe. Looked great in the box and untied on my feet; weird and goofy looking when tied tightly. (Size 10.5)
From: Jeff, Washington, D.C. 11/08

Comments: Horrible shoes. Bought it, and after one week the crocodile came off. I sent it back to Lacoste, and they repaired it, after 3 weeks. About 2 weeks later, the other crocodile came off, and the soles were coming off. After spending $135, I would expect Lacoste, a good company, to have good quality. Do not buy these shoes, get Nikes or Adidas or even Babolat.
From: Amrit, Easton, PA, US. 10/08

Comments: Pros: Design, ability to keep feet dry and very durable despite several weeks of play. Does not require break in. Cons: Lack of cushion to keep foot callous free. The shoe is surprisingly durable but lacks the cushion and softness provided by shoes in this high price range.
From: Shankar, Las Vegas, NV. 10/08

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