Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed White/Green Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Love it! A great fit. Really snug all around the foot but it fits comfortably too. Most shoes don't manage that in my case. I think part of what makes it fit so nicely and for so long (I never have to re-tie the shoes) is the included laces as well as the lacing system. Look closely at the tongue and notice how it weaves into it through the sides and center twice. It really secures everything!
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Great shoes, much softer and a little bit lighter and faster than Barricades, my legs are less sore after long matches, no nail problems. I am happy with my switch.
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: I play tennis 5 days a week, so shoe selection has always been very important. In the past I have mostly played with Prince, most recently the T-22s. I have also worn Barricades and BigShots. The Lotto Raptor Ultra 4 Speed is the best shoe I have ever played in. They offer a combination of stability and cushioning unmatched. I wear the same size (9) in the Lotto's that I wore in the others I mentioned. The Lotto shoes fit a little more snug than the others. Virtually no break in required. Try these shoes, you will love them!
From: John, 12/13

Comments: I regularly rotate between the adidas Barricade and Asics Gel Resolution series; largely depending upon fit and sale price. The Lotto Raptors are a nice addition to compare to this mix. As long as they stay below the 'retail price' of the competition, these are my new shoes! However, if it's equal in price, these won't make the top of my list. Overall, the Raptors are a quality shoe that is comfortable, durable and stable. All the elements you want in a competition focused tennis shoe. I had to return and order a second pair in a 1/2 size larger (size 10 instead of 9.5). I found they ran a little small. Keep up the good quality and price Lotto and you'll find a solid fan base of this shoe!
From: Mike, 11/13

Comments: Wow! These are awesome. The best shoes I've ever worn. Faster than the lightweight adidas models. More stable that the Barricades. More support than anything from Nike. They fit my foot perfect. The shoe isn't a mid rise but seems just a little higher than many others. Just right to give great stability but not enough to feel clunky. I wore a 9 1/2 adidas and these size the same. I'm a medium arch/medium width 5'10 190lb 3.5-4.0 rating, serve and volley John McEnroe wannabe. Unless you have wide feet or you're being paid to play in something else, these are a shoe you really should try. I can't wait for them to go on sale so I can grab several more pairs.
From: Jeff, 8/13

Comments: I just got a new pair of Ultra Raptor IVs, my first Lotto shoe in a long long time. After a little bit of breaking in at home, I have put in the first three hours of court time, synthetic and cement. This shoe rocks! Quick off the edges, good support and comfortable. Wears true to its size (a novelty for me coming from the Barricades and Breathe Zooms 2k11 and 2k12. And fits a wider foot at the front (like mine). So far, I love them.
From: Stefano, 7/13

Comments: I think this is one of the best tennis shoes ever made. if you are like me, and addidas and nike do not fit, you must try these. amazing.
From: Bob, 7/13

Comments: The best tennis shoe ever made. It is no wonder that David Ferrer, who covers more court than any other player on the planet, chooses these shoes as his "tires." Comfort, stability, speed and durability like I've never witnessed. I have wasted countless of hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years on shoes that we, as tennis players, have been told to buy. Barricade? A joke. Nike? Only if I get paid as much as Federer to wear them. I used to think that I was looking for a tennis shoe (or any shoe for that matter) that I didn't notice I had on my feet. These shoes go beyond that and actually give back so you notice how they are contributing to your movement and eventually, game. I will never wear anything other than Lotto on the court. The best shoe I have ever purchased.
From: James, 7/13

Comments: Finally! These shoes are just about perfect in every way, shape, and form. I have all kinds of foot issues, and these offer great lateral and arch support, are nicely cushioned and supple, but still allow for your feet to feel planted and low to the ground. They find that perfect middle ground between support, comfort and light feel. I only wish they came in a all black option. These put the Barricades to shame, and best the Vapor 9s in terms of comfort and durability.
From: Max, 7/13

Comments: Used to wear Lotto previously and loved the fit but went away from them for a few years. Saw that they had a 6 month warranty and tried them out. There is hard rubber in the area of the arch and at the exact same place on the outside of the shoe that is there to hold the shoe together. Well they felt fine when I wore them around the home, but when I started to use them on the court, the area on the outside of my foot suffered with pain due to the hard rubber that they use to keep the shoes in tact. Don't think I could recommend these shoes.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: Been a loyal Asics customer for quite a while and will continue to enjoy the fit, support, and weight from the Gel Resolution and Solution Speed lines. However, this Lotto Raptor is my new favorite shoe because of its supreme support and the unique feel of the foot bed. Gives walking and running an almost effortless feel! Only knock is it runs just slightly high around the ankle malleoli for me. Probably will soften up with increased wear. Looks bulky but remains true to size with a slight snug feel consistent with the TW description.
From: Tim, 3/13

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