Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed White/Blue/Navy Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Almost done with my second pair and have a 3rd in the closet. They last me about the same as Prince, my previous shoes. A great shoe and you can't beat it at this price. Mine tend to fit maybe a little snug, but not a half size. I've been wearing think socks with them compared to my same size Prince.
From: Anonymous, 2/16

Comments: These are my first pairs and they are great shoes. I usually buy Asics, Prince Scream, and sometimes Babolat shoes. If your foot likes these, and appreciates the lateral support, the solidness of the food bed, but also need some cushioning, you will like this shoe. Solid support, great traction. I'm a 4.0-4.5 player and am 51 years old -- I think these shoes are great.
From: Albert, 2/16

Comments: My first pair of Lottos -- this shoe felt good from the get-go with no real break-in period required. A generally comfortable shoe, but I have wider feet and these definitely seem to be more suited for a narrow foot. Suffered a foot/heel injury that kept me from playing for 2 months while wearing this shoe. Not sure if the shoe had anything do with it or not, but it did happen. I play 2-3 times per week for the past 6 years and have never had a shoe with outsoles worn down as fast as these. I emailed TW 9 days after the 6-month durability guarantee (presumably from date of purchase) expired and they told me the manufacturer wouldn't honor the outsole warranty (and remember this is with me not playing for 2 out of the 6 months). So these shoes wore smooth on both outsoles in basically 4 months of playing on average 3 times per week. I would have gladly tried a different pair of Lottos if they would have honored the 6-month outsole warranty, but since they have elected not to (rules are rules I guess, snooze you lose) I will not be trying any other Lottos. Don't want this to sound like a sour grapes review, but compared to several other types of shoes I've tried over the years, the outsoles on those would usually get me at least 9 months compared to these getting me essentially 4 months. Buyer beware.
From: Ryan, 12/15

Comments: I have had zero problems with these shoes. Super comfortable, quick and no issues with ventilation really. Never had any issues with foot, joint or muscle pain even after playing long 5 set matches while wearing them. I hope new models of the Raptor do not change as I am planning to sticking to this line for good. I am a 4.5 baseliner and play mostly on hard courts.
From: Sal, 7/15

Comments: Absolutely satisfied over the past year and 7 months, so I'm just about to get another pair. Absolutely a consumer-oriented line.
From: Oliver, 7/15

Comments: These are the best shoes I've ever had. I have a slightly narrow foot, and have major issues with toe jamming. I wear a 10 in dress shoes, and have a hard time getting a shoe that doesn't kill my big toe. In my college days, I'd get the shoes we got free, and my big toe nails would bleed and fall off. My only recourse was to get extra big sizes. Now, I wear a size 10.5 in these, and they're perfect. They're the most comfortable shoes I've been able to use. I hope they don't discontinue them.
From: Eugene, 6/15

Comments: Great pair of shoes -- good stability, support, and traction. The interesting thing is these shoes feels quite snug at the beginning but sort of expand out after half an hour of playing. I wear size 10 in Nike and adidas and the size 10 Raptor fits me well.
From: Alex, 6/15

Comments: I gave these shoes a try as they are very popular on tour. Im 6'2" 200lbs and was using the Nike Air Max Cage II as well. I was very impressed with them at first, as time went on I had some issues with them. The way they support your foot leaves you on your heels, you have to make an effort to stay on the forefoot. They gave me plantar fasciitis. Would not recommend if you know you have a longer lower arch as they stress the attachment point of the tendon at the heel in the way they are constructed. I wear a 14 and found them to be very wide and I don't have an overly narrow foot. The rubber composition for hard courts is not right as compared to the Nike, it has too much traction when pivoting or when you actually want the shoe to break away a bit under demand to let you slide, it doesn't, and stresses the knees and ankles. Finally the construction of the upper at the laces begins to separate after a few weeks as they are not well constructed in that area. Padding in the forefoot is non- existent after a month with deep wells at the big toe and ball of the foot forming. They are also on the heavy side big time for an elite level shoe. Love the styling, and the extra set of laces was a nice touch. I play for two hours a day 7 days a week and teach at least that much as well. Depends on your foot I guess, if yours matches my arch description, I would look for something else.
From: MKU, 5/15

Comments: Another first time Lotto buyer. Wow, I really like this shoe. I have been wearing Nike Air Max Cage II for years but as they're long out of production. After a couple pairs of Asics I thought I'd give these a try. This is my new favorite shoe. Definitely will get another pair.
From: Tim, 5/15

Comments: This was my first time wearing Lotto shoes and like others, I'm very impressed. I have wide feet and these shoes were very accommodating. They are very comfortable especially during play. It felt a little weird at first, but after 10 minutes of playing time the shoes just felt like they contoured to my feet. I've been playing with the Nike Vapor 9.5 and these felt more durable. Hopefully the outsole lasts as I already want another pair in green.
From: Carlo, 4/15

Comments: I find that this shoe is too narrow for my size 9 D width foot.
From: Alex, 4/15

Comments: My first time wearing Lottos and I have to say I'm impressed. I played in them with no break in and they were very comfortable. Played singles today and they felt fine. I'm 60 years old and my feet are very particular. Going to order another pair.
From: Tim, 4/15

Comments: Quick and clean. Right out of the box, they fit perfectly and feel great. Very little break in, if at all. I don't even notice them during play.
From: Steve, 3/15

Comments: I have a real hard time finding comfortable and supportive shoes as I broke my left foot several years ago and it has never been right since. Just bought a pair or the Lotto Raptors they felt great out of the box. A few reviews indicated they were narrow. I am a 10.5 D and they fit fine, with room in the toes, but not too much. Cushioning is great. After 3 sets of doubles, my feet felt great.
From: William, 3/15

Comments: Just got a pair of these. I am a toe dragger and have been looking for a shoe that would last longer. Put a hole in my Vapor 9s way to quickly. So far these are holding up pretty well. The fit is really nice. These are kind of a cross between a fast shoe like the Vapors and a sturdy one like the Barricades. Barricades for me are way too clunky, like wearing ski boots. These Lottos lock your foot in nicely without feeling too bulky. My heel stays put. They are still pretty quick. Width in the toe box I'd say is slightly tight so I'd guess people with wide feet might pass on this shoe. Its perfect for me. They do require a little break in, but not too long. So far these are best shoes I've found. And on sale for $80, can't beat that.
From: Dave, 1/15

Comments: Thank you TW for the recommendation. An absolutely amazing fit for a narrower foot. As a long time Babolat V-Pro user I was lost looking for a comparable shoe, this Lotto does one better. If you have a narrow foot and like a solid and secure shoe with a glove like fit I can't see buying shoes without at least trying these.
From: Eric, 11/14

Comments: Love the shoe. First time wearing Lottos and I really like them. Not too narrow, not too wide. Lightweight yet offers plenty of support. I bought the navy/green and look very well. I plan on getting a second pair.
From: Luiszo, 11/14

Comments: I have a foot that has a forward big toe joint, so my natural size is an 11 narrow. I bought these on the description that they were true to size. When I first put them on, it took a shoehorn, but once they were on they fit like a glove, and needed no break-in. Great lateral support and light weight. Love them and buying another pair. Hope Lotto keeps this one for a long time. 4.0 player over 60, so love the speed and stability.
From: Jon, 11/14

Comments: This Lotto shoe is excellent in all performance categories. I hesitated ordering it due to the TW Playtesters' review indicating that it fit snug. I was able to sample my friend's pair in my size that he had broken in. The length sizing was spot-on and they were roomy. The Raptor expands comfortably in a brief amount of time to ultimately provide excellent support, traction, comfort, and aesthetics with a 6-month durability guarantee. I appreciate wearing and winning in my Raptors, as do super-hustler David Ferrer, sweet-backhander Nicolas Almagro, and boom-server Kevin Anderson. Thank you, Lotto and TW.
From: Robert, 10/14

Comments: Wearing adidas and Nike models, I developed a callous on my right foot, making lateral movement difficult. adidas is too hard on the sides, and Nike is simply too narrow. I tried the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed, due to advice from my son who is a high school tennis player. This shoe is every bit as good as adidas Barricade and Nike Vapor Zoom 9s models. My natural size is 13, and the fit was snug. But, I still felt irritation on lateral movement. If Lotto made a 13.5 size, this would be perfect, but instead, I moved up to a 14. This was too large, however on the advice of my wife who is an avid tennis player, I inserted some Sofsole Airr Orthotics. Perfection. Therefore, the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed with the Sofsole Airr Orthotics makes a real winner -- although expensive. The cost is definitely worth it. I currently wear two shoes -- 1st choice is the Asics Gel Resolution 5 (the best shoe presently) and 2nd choice is the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV with the orthotics. These are two real winners!
From: Ken, 10/14

Comments: Hi guys -- I'm a 4.5 serve and volley player. I was a very long time supporter of the adidas Barricade. However I grew tired of lessening quality of the Barricades. The Raptors are a very snug shoe. I really like how they are almost ready to wear out of the box. They are a very well made shoe with excellent stability. I will definitely be buying future Raptor shoes.
From: Clayton, 10/14

Comments: I love these shoes, having 2 pairs of them. One is the green and black, and the other is the white and blue. I call these shoes my "Porsches", and my 2 pairs of Asics Resolution 5s as my "Mercedes." These shoes do fit very snug, like a glove, but that is what makes them feel like such a high performance instrument. I don't feel them to be heavy at all, (or any heavier than any other shoe).
From: Farhad, 10/14

Comments: I have to agree with Shoeman's review and question whether or not Lotto has sized these shoes up correctly for larger feet. I wear a size 12 and I have a narrow foot and the shoes have a very cramped toe-box. This resulted in some blistering on the toes initially but eventually my toes toughened up and the shoe broke in fairly nice and the shoes provided nice performance and responsiveness overall. I tried the 12.5 and the shoes felt less cramped but there was a bit too much space lengthwise and I slipped in the heal some so I stuck with the 12s. I like the shoe overall (after break-in) and I'm on my second pair now after wearing out the soles on the first pair, but I'll probably try to find a shoe that has more room in the toe-box for next time. I agree that the shoe does become fatiguing after very long 2+ hour matches. Also, my ankle rolled a few times when I had the shoe laced up too tightly which can happen with very snug shoes. I prefer this shoe over the Babolat V-Pro all Court which were too wide and not as solid and stiff of construction.
From: Robert, 9/14

Comments: I love these shoes for a variety of reasons. One of the important ones is that if you are like me, and only play through two pairs of shoes a year (not six) you will be pleased to learn that when the uppers of these shoes wear in, they still supply plenty of support. I bought them because my favorite cleats were always Lotto, for this same reason, and their tennis shoes did not disappoint. My other major reason is my tendency towards plantar fasciatis and the reactive arch does what it promises: more spring from the sole, without squish in the shoe. The outer contours allow sprite direction change, again, more like a responsive cleat than a cushy tennis shoe. This shoe, coupled with a thinner blue superfeet insole is the best combo I've yet found to protect my abused and aging feet. If it fits you, this is a spectacular shoe for athletic tennis for players who need a little extra protection and stability.
From: Stewart, 9/14

Comments: Top 3 shoe off all time! I have been a teaching pro for 25 years and I wore the Lendl back in the late 80's early 90's, then Prince NFS, 20 years ago and now this one! Amazing shoe! Great job Lotto.
From: Wade, 9/14

Comments: Great shoes. As a sixty-something, I have been struggling somewhat with movement on the court because at my age the shoes and fit have become much more important and I just couldn't find good tennis/running shoes at any price. The fit and comfort and design of these shoes are the best I've ever encountered. And once again I can move relatively gracefully around the court. Note that this rave review only applies to the Raptor Ultra IV Speed. I'm a 4.0 mostly doubles player (Volkl mid-plus and strings poly/syngut hydrid).
From: Jim, 8/14

Comments: I find this shoe to be very well made. I'm just coming off a warranty replacement of my Lotto Vector VI pair. The Raptor Ultra IV is much better from a quality of fit and finish stand point. The structure, room and balance (playing- height, etc) of this shoe, in my opinion, falls somewhere between a set of Prince T22s (on the fat, high, plush side) and adidas Barricades (low-profile, firm side). So, it's a very nice, middle of the road choice.
From: Shane, 8/14

Comments: Really amazing shoe. Great support and cushion yet not as heavy like Barricade. No break in required. However, it slight narrow as what everyone was saying. Recommended half size larger to get true fit. Will definitely buy again.
From: Shawn, 8/14

Comments: Based on the positive reviews and having a previously good experience with Lotto shoes, I purchased a pair of the Raptors in my usual size 11. Very surprised upon receiving them that they were "ultra" tight and not something that I could possibly use in a game (or even just walking around.) I've worn size 11s in just about every brand of tennis shoe made over the past 20 years and never had this issue. Even used to play in 10 1/2s with one model of Prince show with no problem. Returning them to Tennis Warehouse was not a problem but they didn't have the same shoe in an 11 1/2 and I don't know when or if I'll get to find out if I like this shoe or not.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: Nice shoes. Good support and nice bounce off the ground. I've used the Prince T22s for the last 3 years. I got tired off cutting the hard plastic strip on my right shoe as soon as I got the shoe -- bad design. The Lotto seems to be my new shoe. Only played with them twice -- once on clay and the other hard court so the durability has yet to be determined but so far so good. They fit a little snug but thats not a problem because they loosen up quite nicely. I'd recommend the shoe. I play about 4 times a week.
From: Sam, 7/14

Comments: These shoes fit perfectly if you have narrow or medium width feet. Outsole is good, not too grippy/squeaky, not too hard/slippery. Weight is just right. Excellent flex. Durability is maybe a little above average. Bottoms aren't as durable as Nadal's shoe, but they are far superior to the Fed Vapor shoe. The two weaknesses of this shoe are its paper- thin insole (which packs down and is useless after one wearing) and the lack of adequate cushioning in the forefoot. It's not a "cushiony" shoe in the ball of the foot area. And last but not least, the shoe appears to be unnecessarily adorned with lots of different materials and panels and features and stitching -- must be an Italian thing.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: I ordered these shoes with a bit of trepidation since a few customer reviews stated that it had a narrow fit. Using TW's sizing chart I measured my socked foot (11.25" length, 4.25" width) and ordered them in a size 11.5. Well I was pleasantly surprised on how well they fit. Just like TW's reviewers had stated, the shoes fit like a glove without feeling tight. The material covering the upper toe box was supple enough to allow me to wiggle my toes without effort. I took the shoes out and performed some simulated tennis moves on a hard surface, and was impressed on how well they gripped the surface. Even though I tape my ankles before match play with the shoes I had been wearing, these shoes felt so stable that I may forgo that extra precaution. This is surprising since the shoe is very supple, not like the harsh stiffness one would find in some other shoes with comparable stability. My foot never slid inside the shoe even with the most extreme moves and felt comfortably in place at all times. I did replace the stock insole with Sorbothane Ultra Soles however, as I have a medium to high arch and felt the need for the added arch support. If you like to double knot your shoe laces like I do, you may want to use the extra set of blue shoe laces that come with the shoes instead of the white ones as they are a couple of inches longer.
From: John, 7/14

Comments: Two words: the best! Believe everything you read, saw and heard from the TW testers on this shoe. It is all true. This shoe doesn't command nearly enough market share, but once you try it you'll realize it offers more for relatively less money!
From: Rob, 7/14

Comments: Just an update to my 5/14 review below: These shoes are not near as cushioned as I initially believed. I thought these shoes were more cushioned because I was playing on a softer/flexy hard court. After moving to a true hard court, I've suffered foot fatigue/soreness after 2.5+ hour matches. Still great support and the durability is solid, but just not as gentle on the feet as Asics gel. OK for me for 1 session a day under 2.5 hours.
From: John, 7/14

Comments: Hi tennis friends! I'm an avid 4.0. I've tried several shoes to finally arrive at my destiny, AKA Raptor IV! The last shoe I wore resulted in a twisted ankle, however, it was due to me learning that I needed one size smaller as sports shoes do not forgive as much as leisure shoes. Enter Lotto Raptor IV -- a rock sold shoe. I didn't even know Lotto was an Italian company until after the purchase. I just made the buy based on the great TW playtesting reviews. However, Lotto Sport offers a lot of class, style, and commitment to excellence at their site -- highly recommend to check out. Funny thing is that I've only walked around the house and outside a few times so far -- not touching shoe to court yet -- while still being convinced, I've easily reached my tennis shoe destiny with Lotto. Happy hitting!
From: Jon, 7/14

Comments: I was a Yonex shoe guy but they did not provide warranty. So I decide to try these shoes. I was worried when I got the shoe and tried them on. Felt really tight by the toe area and was debating to exchange them for a size up. Ended up trying them out and after the break-in period the toe area got loose and felt snuggle and perfect. I'm glad I decided to keep these pair. They were just as comfortable as the yonex shoes. On the court they were very responsive and low to the court. I definitely buy these shoes again. Lotto has found a new customer.
From: Ben, 6/14

Comments: Amazing shoe, but took some patience for me. The first pair felt great but the left shoe was a bit narrow (like my foot was on the edge of the arch/insole) so I sent them back. Second pair felt better but my left toes felt a bit pinched so I stretched that area out (with a tennis ball). Played a match and an hour later heard the heel squeaking. I inspected it and found the syn-pulse heel had a plastic edge angled incorrectly inside that was rubbing on the bottom shell. I bent it (with a knife) and the noise went away. Now, like others, I have the best pair of shoes ever. Previously a fan of all Asics Gel Challengers and Gel Resolution 4 (hate the GR5). Size-wise, the Raptors felt snug and I debated going up a size. Glad I didn't as they loosened a tad after play.
From: John, 5/14

Comments: This is the best pair of tennis shoes I've ever worn. Great support in lateral movement. Great grip. Perfect fit -- the sizing is spot on. I've always won 10.5 and it fits like a glove. I had the adidas Feather which was too long and narrow. I had too much toe space while the width was spot on. This resulted in too much toes movement when I dash around the court. With the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV, I can move without being worried about rolling an ankle -- great shoes! If you can get them on sale at 79.95, it is a steal!
From: Louis, 5/14

Comments: This shoe is close to perfect! With the exception of its mildly supportive insole, I wouldn't change a thing. My initial experience led me to change the insole for one that provided more arch and outside edge support. After doing so, this shoe performed better than any I've worn to date. Support, comfort, and durability inspire confidence the moment you step into the outwardly beautiful shoe. On court, I've never played in a superior shoe despite having played in many brands. Show up in these shoes and I know that you are a serious player.
From: Jim, 4/14

Comments: These shoes are very narrow -- if you have normal width feet they will press uncomfortably against the inner sides of your feet. I wear a size 12 so maybe that's why. Maybe Lotto just hasn't properly scaled up the width for the bigger shoes.
From: Shoeman, 4/14

Comments: One of the best shoes I've ever worn. They are super comfortable right out of the box and fit very snug. On the courts they have great stability that is on par with the Courtballistec 4.3s but don't feel as clunky. It allows me to make a fast changes of direction while feeling confident that my ankle will not roll over and thus allows me to get to the ball a split second earlier than previously. Despite the advertised weight, these Lottos seem to feel lighter and faster. Traction and durability have all been fantastic. These are the best shoes I've ever tried. I will stick with these for a long time.
From: Leo, 4/14

Comments: Yes, these are the best shoes ever! They have great traction, fit, stability and maneuverability and they are not soft and mushy (I do not like shoes with that marshmallow/mushy feel). I also liked the Asics Gel Resolution 1 and 2, but they went downhill after that. I bought 10 pairs of these Lotto shoes just in case they change the design. These shoes are perfect just the way they are. Lotto, please do not change the design of these shoes!
From: Nickos, 3/14

Comments: Best shoe ever. I've been playing for 30+ years and I go through shoes pretty quick (3 months max) so I've owned a lot of shoes. I have a narrower foot and these shoes fit like a glove, very comfy, stable, great traction, and all that with above average durability. Highly recommend if you do not have a wide foot.
From: Jon, 3/14

Comments: Took a flier based on the video and glad I did. Best shoe for me, ever! And I've tried them all. Awesome sole, great traction and maneuverability. Best for narrow feet.
From: Christo, 3/14

Comments: This is the best shoe I have ever worn. I have used the Barricades 2, 3 and 4 and the Asics Gel Resolution 1-5, and these take the trophy as best all-around shoe. The comfort is fantastic and dissipates even the most jarring stops or plants, without feeling mushy. Stability and support are exceptional, while still feeling fast and low to the ground. The width is perfect for a medium to slightly narrow foot, and gives you a great snug fit that really locks your foot in place and gives you great confidence when moving (I switched over from the Asics GR5, since the sides balloon out on that shoe and there's just too much room for your foot to slide around). Toebox was medium and shaped in a way that allows your foot to spread naturally at impact but without excess room. I ordered the same size I've used for both adidas and Asics and they fit perfectly. Very happy I gave them a try!
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: I found the perfect replacement for the Nike Courtballistec 4.3 since the new model is $165 and too expensive for a pair of shoes. But this Lotto Raptor has the perfect comfort and durability, and do not need to be broken in before use, they come ready to play in, not like the Barricades that need to be broken in before playing. I'm very happy with this shoe, highly recomended if you want to switch from Nike.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Size 8 width was way too snug. Length was fine. My foot measures 29 cm by 10 cm. I returned them.
From: Tom, 2/14

Comments: Ordered a pair of these after reading the TW reviews. They arrived yesterday and I put them on for a 2 hour doubles session. The shoes had a great look out of the box and I first noticed the different design of the tongue and lace system. I also noticed the different shape of the sole. The comfort, stability, traction and maneuverability were top notch. These are simply the best tennis shoes I have ever had on my feet. I will buy another pair of these!
From: Kirk, 2/14

Comments: Love it! A great fit. Really snug all around the foot but it fits comfortably too. Most shoes don't manage that in my case. I think part of what makes it fit so nicely and for so long (I never have to re-tie the shoes) is the included laces as well as the lacing system. Look closely at the tongue and notice how it weaves into it through the sides and center twice. It really secures everything!
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Great shoes, much softer and a little bit lighter and faster than Barricades, my legs are less sore after long matches, no nail problems. I am happy with my switch.
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: Over the years, I have worn multiple Barricade models, Babolats, Asics, Big Shots and a few others. I had settled on the Barricade 7s for a while until they changed out to the 8s and I didn't like those. These Lottos are the best combination of comfort and support that I have tried out of any of the other shoes. Plus they have the additional benefit of being very light and agile. Right out of the box, they felt great. Wear seems reasonable. About in line with any of the other shoes I've worn. As long as these are available, I'm sticking with them. I'm very satisfied.
From: Brian, 1/14

Comments: I play tennis 5 days a week, so shoe selection has always been very important. In the past I have mostly played with Prince, most recently the T-22s. I have also worn Barricades and BigShots. The Lotto Raptor Ultra 4 Speed is the best shoe I have ever played in. They offer a combination of stability and cushioning unmatched. I wear the same size (9) in the Lotto's that I wore in the others I mentioned. The Lotto shoes fit a little more snug than the others. Virtually no break in required. Try these shoes, you will love them!
From: John, 12/13

Comments: I regularly rotate between the adidas Barricade and Asics Gel Resolution series; largely depending upon fit and sale price. The Lotto Raptors are a nice addition to compare to this mix. As long as they stay below the 'retail price' of the competition, these are my new shoes! However, if it's equal in price, these won't make the top of my list. Overall, the Raptors are a quality shoe that is comfortable, durable and stable. All the elements you want in a competition focused tennis shoe. I had to return and order a second pair in a 1/2 size larger (size 10 instead of 9.5). I found they ran a little small. Keep up the good quality and price Lotto and you'll find a solid fan base of this shoe!
From: Mike, 11/13

Comments: Wow! These are awesome. The best shoes I've ever worn. Faster than the lightweight adidas models. More stable that the Barricades. More support than anything from Nike. They fit my foot perfect. The shoe isn't a mid rise but seems just a little higher than many others. Just right to give great stability but not enough to feel clunky. I wore a 9 1/2 adidas and these size the same. I'm a medium arch/medium width 5'10 190lb 3.5-4.0 rating, serve and volley John McEnroe wannabe. Unless you have wide feet or you're being paid to play in something else, these are a shoe you really should try. I can't wait for them to go on sale so I can grab several more pairs.
From: Jeff, 8/13

Comments: I just got a new pair of Ultra Raptor IVs, my first Lotto shoe in a long long time. After a little bit of breaking in at home, I have put in the first three hours of court time, synthetic and cement. This shoe rocks! Quick off the edges, good support and comfortable. Wears true to its size (a novelty for me coming from the Barricades and Breathe Zooms 2k11 and 2k12. And fits a wider foot at the front (like mine). So far, I love them.
From: Stefano, 7/13

Comments: I think this is one of the best tennis shoes ever made. if you are like me, and addidas and nike do not fit, you must try these. amazing.
From: Bob, 7/13

Comments: The best tennis shoe ever made. It is no wonder that David Ferrer, who covers more court than any other player on the planet, chooses these shoes as his "tires." Comfort, stability, speed and durability like I've never witnessed. I have wasted countless of hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years on shoes that we, as tennis players, have been told to buy. Barricade? A joke. Nike? Only if I get paid as much as Federer to wear them. I used to think that I was looking for a tennis shoe (or any shoe for that matter) that I didn't notice I had on my feet. These shoes go beyond that and actually give back so you notice how they are contributing to your movement and eventually, game. I will never wear anything other than Lotto on the court. The best shoe I have ever purchased.
From: James, 7/13

Comments: Finally! These shoes are just about perfect in every way, shape, and form. I have all kinds of foot issues, and these offer great lateral and arch support, are nicely cushioned and supple, but still allow for your feet to feel planted and low to the ground. They find that perfect middle ground between support, comfort and light feel. I only wish they came in a all black option. These put the Barricades to shame, and best the Vapor 9s in terms of comfort and durability.
From: Max, 7/13

Comments: Used to wear Lotto previously and loved the fit but went away from them for a few years. Saw that they had a 6 month warranty and tried them out. There is hard rubber in the area of the arch and at the exact same place on the outside of the shoe that is there to hold the shoe together. Well they felt fine when I wore them around the home, but when I started to use them on the court, the area on the outside of my foot suffered with pain due to the hard rubber that they use to keep the shoes in tact. Don't think I could recommend these shoes.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: Been a loyal Asics customer for quite a while and will continue to enjoy the fit, support, and weight from the Gel Resolution and Solution Speed lines. However, this Lotto Raptor is my new favorite shoe because of its supreme support and the unique feel of the foot bed. Gives walking and running an almost effortless feel! Only knock is it runs just slightly high around the ankle malleoli for me. Probably will soften up with increased wear. Looks bulky but remains true to size with a slight snug feel consistent with the TW description.
From: Tim, 3/13

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