Lotto Raptor Ultra III Speed Wh/Blue Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Excellent shoe, especially for the price. I broke the shoe in the first time I played with it and didn't get any blisters. Amazingly, my knees don't hurt either after playing on hard courts, which has not been the case for a long time with my former shoes. This is after playing three separate times and it may have nothing to do with the shoes, but I'm loving them.
From: Chris, 3/13

Comments: Great shoe - very comfrtable with great support. I will stock up on these at such a great price.
From: Marcos, 2/13

Comments: Best shoes I've ever tried! They look really great, are very comfortable, good support, excellent durability, and very light and fast feeling on the court. The reactive arch technology is great too, you can really notice the extra spring and response while you run. I wish they still made these, they look better than the new Raptor IVs. Although with the discounted price you can't beat the great deal.
From: Jason, 2/13

Comments: By far the best tennis shoes I have ever worn in all of my years of playing. David Ferrer probably covers more court space than any other player on the planet. It is no wonder that he wears these shoes. They are fantastic.
From: James, 2/13

Comments: These are shoes that do not disappoint. The shoe is very comfortable with leather uppers, yet the plastic and narrow fit guarantee top stability. The shoe is well ventilated and doesn't heat up easily. The soles feel a little thicker if you've used the Babolat Propulse, but it is still thin enough and durable. The only issue is that the toe area can get scuffled and weakened over time, but it's nothing to really worry about.
From: Asher, 10/12

Comments: They feel good out of the box and seem great for speed. I seemed to be running faster with them, so fast I pulled a muscle. I'm sticking with my Prince Scream for comfort but would still recommend these over Nike. I'm disappointed because I like Lotto clothes.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: The best tennis shoe I've ever worn. It has great traction on clay, superb fit, good arch support, great lateral stability and the reactive arch idea is no gimmick. This shoe is the Goods!
From: Byrne, 7/12

Comments: So far I really like these shoes! I have been using Asics for a few years because they were the only shoes I could find that offered good support for playing on hard courts. Tried other shoes and my feet would hurt afterwards playing on hard courts. Asics seemed like the only ones I could use on hard courts. But then I gave these new Lottos a try and have been pleasantly surprised so far. The play really well on hard courts and my feet don't bother me afterwards. I'm a bit older now so good support on hard courts is important for me. These had a minimal break in period. But once they are, they work fantastic. May buy more of these if they continue to hold up well on hard courts. I highly recommend trying them if you are looking for a good hard court shoe.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: These are great shoes and I think they will work well for a wide range of people. I have narrow feet and I found the shoes comfortable and a good fit. There are two things that really stand out about this shoe. The first is the shape of the show. They have a wider toe box which provides room for your toes to stretch out and they are narrower in the mid- section providing good support and a snug feeling. The second thing that stands out is that they feel light but stable on the court. I think the reactive arch technology really works and makes the shoes feel very agile. The best thing I can say about them is that I never think about what's on my feet when I play in them.
From: Frank, 5/12

Comments: Awesome. Best shoe ever, durable yet light. Feels good, and very comfy.
From: Tom, 5/12

Comments: Great shoes! Durable and suitable for long play.
From: Rey RL, 5/12

Comments: These are wonderful shoes. They are very durable and suited for long play on hard courts.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Excellent shoe. Slight break in on right foot as these shoes tend to be on the narrow side. But traction, movement on court are incredible. Cannot comment on sole durability, but coming from Nike Courtballistec 3.3's I can't imagine it could be any worse. Better center of gravity as well. Have played with Barricades and Courtballistecs, these are better in every way.
From: Nick, 5/12

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