Lotto Quaranta III Grey/Red Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Very nice shoes for light hitting and off court. I got these in a size 11.0 even though I buy 10.5 normally in Lotto, and I think this particular shoe runs small. However, they are very comfortable and I'm so glad I was able to purchase this shoe, especially at sale price. Thanks TW.
From: Carlo, 5/15

Comments: My comments are consistent with everyone's on this shoe. I purchased these whimsically, expecting minimal workmanship, comfort, and durability. While the third expectation was spot on, the first two were entirely false: this shoe is engineered, assembled expertly and I have never worn a more comfortable shoe. To reiterate the comments of others: I would never play tennis/exercise with these. Regardless, I have sported legendarily comfortable footwear from Vibram, adidas, NB, etc., and I can contend that these Lotto shoes belong in such company. Big thanks to Lotto for the shoe and TW for the awesome deal!
From: Victor, 1/15

Comments: The only shoe that irritates the top arc of my foot (the top of my foot, where the laces are). Otherwise it is a good looking, comfortable shoe. It is a very basic shoe, nothing fancy in terms of support below and above the foot.
From: Nick, 12/14

Comments: Wouldn't recommend for play. I played 2 or 3 times with them and the toe portion had already started to come apart. Agree that they're comfortable and lightweight. Wear them out and about but not to play in -- especially if you're a toe dragger!
From: Dwayne, 11/14

Comments: Like Kev said, super lightweight and super comfortable. And like he said I won't be playing in these. I string for a University and on match days when I'm not stringing I walk the courts and help the team keep all the balls and other gear picked up before and after the matches. I'll wear these shoes for that, but the bottoms are so soft that I feel that they would tear up too much if I were to slide or make an aggressive cut for a ball. Overall, great shoes just to wear around and if you work at a facility or something and have to just go on court for something to wear for that.
From: David, 9/14

Comments: Super lightweight, and super comfortable. I definitely will NOT play tennis in these, but when I'm not playing tennis I probably won't ever take these off! I like them that much!
From: Kev, 6/14

Comments: Picked these up specifically for an upcoming trip to Tokyo to visit my wife's family. Needed a comfortable shoe that I could walk around town in and play some tennis in as well. These more than fit the bill. These Lotto shoes were super comfortable right out of the box and I was was surprised by how well I could play in the Lottos (not just "light" tennis). I am a 4.5 player and my wife is a 4.5/5.0 player and I would say that I could get up to 95% of my full play with these shoes on. It was only in extreme instances of changing directions quickly that I started feeling a little less sure of my footing than I do with my normal adizeros. On the plus side these shoes are extremely comfortable! I put in many miles of walking around Tokyo in them and no complaints at all! Very happy with this purchase!
From: Brock, 6/14

Comments: Just got these today. When I first picked up the box it almost felt like there weren't any shoes inside. These shoes are super light but with lighter shoes you tend to give up support and cushioning. I don't play any serious tennis anymore so these are probably okay for me. These are good for recreational use or around town but not for real tennis matches.
From: David, 4/14

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