Head Liquidmetal 8 Racquets Strung Customer feedback

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Comments: This frame plays much stiffer than the posted 62 stiffness index. It feels more like 70. To protect my elbow, I could only hit slice backhands with it. Trying to hit one-handed topspin backhands irritated my tennis elbow problem. I am not sure if players with 2-handed backhands would experience the same problem. I am a 4.0 baseliner.
From: Tedd, 11/15

Comments: My serves have improved a lot with this racquet. The vibrations and sounds when the ball is hit are a little distracting. Though I have only played with it twice, hope it doesn't have the vibration and sound after i break it in.
From: Andrew, 8/15

Comments: I recently bought the LM8 in search of a more powerful alternative to my aging LM Radicals. I have played doubles twice and singles once with it and, after limited play, the difference in power is amazing. It has not limited my ability to hit short crosscourt topspin and, when hitting for power, lots of winners. I will buy another or two and I hope the racquet continues to be available. For the record, I am 67 years old, a 4.0 and still serve and volley. Try it!
From: Pasqual, 4/15

Comments: I have been playing tennis for about 45 years around the world. I started relatively late in life. I have about 8 racquets, mainly Prince, but after a very large and serious operation just over a year ago I needed to try and and keep some power in my shots, which was seriously eroded from the operation. I looked up this racquet, which is the first Head I have ever bought, and found that it is good for power with baseline shots and allows for solid volleys. I use a Gamma Prodigy 17 string and prefer a relatively low string tension, for more power, of course.
From: John, 3/15

Comments: I've been browsing racquets for a couple of months now, and I ended up buying the Head Liquidmetal 8. This is prefect for intermediate to advanced players looking for a racquet without having a ton of cash in their pockets, and goes for absolute performance. This racquet has 5 technologies capsulated into one, which is why I picked it from the rest. Having this racquet as top heavy, I noticed the power right away and realized how a slight fling of the wrist can make a huge difference. Power and control are present and they compliment each other nicely. I was able to return balls from unexpected situations because of the huge sweetspot. The liquidmetal technology helps solidify your shots with 100 percent return power. I am happy with my purchase and hope they will still have this racquet for a while because its a good one to have around.
From: Michael, 3/14

Comments: I bought this on a whim because it was on sale. This is much better than the Graphene and Instinct that I tried (I like both). I am a 70 year old female revisiting tennis after a 15 year hiatus. I used to play at 4.0 but I am not nearly that now.
From: Jay, 9/13

Comments: I am a beginner but have been able to improve my game pretty quickly so I decided to buy this racquet to help me generate power on my shots. I wasn't disappointed. This is an amazing racquet with great feel. I don't (yet) have problems with sore arms or elbows, but this racquet helped me improve my two-handed backhand a lot. The only issue was the Head synthetic gut strings it came pre-strung with snapped pretty quick. I'm told by a friend who is a pro that it is supposed to after 10 hours of play if I'm playing well. So the string snapping is a compliment I guess.
From: KM, 9/13

Comments: Great entry level racquet. I changed the string to natural gut. It's not obnoxious like the Ti models. It is light, arm friendly, and stable, I just didn't like that it comes pre-strung.
From: Chris, 6/13

Comments: I recently purchased my third LM8. The other two are over four years old, but holding up very well. I have been playing since the 1970s (Jack Kramer wood days) and I'm still playing at 4.5 level. I will admit I'm slower and only play doubles, but I can find no fault with this racquet. Volleys, slice, and top spin are exceptional with this racquet. It is not that stiff or head heavy, and therefor it is easy on the elbow. I sting it with 17g Head Rip Control. Maybe I will add some weight to it and life will be sweet.
From: Dennis, 2/13

Comments: I am older at 56 with delicate touch and good strength. I got two of these racquets, then two more expensive ones, still others used by highly ranked players and came back to this one as it just works for me because of the power, ease on the arm smoothness (like driving a Cadillac) and light weight which makes it supremely maneuverable. Serves are often unreturnable. Forehand power shots, the same. Bought a Klippermate stringing machine and after fine tuning, I like this racquet best with Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough 1.30. I string at low tension and it's easy on the arm, with great power and control and the strings last about 3 months of near daily play. I am a conservative 4.5 and sure I could hold my own against a 5.5. Not for everyone, but I'm not looking for something else anymore.
From: Chas, 1/13

Comments: I'm very pleased with this racquet!
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I'm a 30-year old tennis beginner who can do basic groundstrokes and volleys, but I lack consistency. So I was looking for something that will help me progress further, and I feel that LiquidMetal 8 is a good fit. I haven't tried many other racquets, so I don't have a good point of reference, but I can tell you that it feels much better than my cheap big box store Prince and Wilson racquets. The balance point is much better (not as much head-heavy as those cheapos), and feels a lot more solid on impact. One problem I had with it is that it produces a string buzz on impact with the ball. The vibration seems to be merely in the sound, and not so much in the hand. So, it's a little annoying, rather than actually defective. I had my tennis instructor inspect it and try it, and he says it's not a problem and *may* go away with new strings. Putting a vibration dampener (in addition to the built-in one) helps a good deal, but it's still there. Regardless, I'm keeping it and am very happy with it overall.
From: Anon. 7/11

Comments: My first racquet for my first time with League play. I wanted a good stick that would be forgiving and help me learn the game and techniques. I'm in my early 40's, active, and fairly quick. I believe that as a grow and improve my rating, this stick will stay with me. It is very light weight, enough snap to put the ball where I want with a good pace, and as I improve I'm enjoying the racquet more and more.
From: Leo. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I have tried so many racquets but this one is so perfect, topspin, overhead and control. You have to try this dude...
From: Going, Pob. Sagbayan, Bohol, Philippines, 03/11
String type and tension: Hybrid, Poly main 50lbs,Synthetic cross 54lbs
Headsize: 112
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I got this racquet four years ago, and I've recently bought another as a back up. This racquet is absolutely amazing. I used to swing hard and hit the ball to the fence behind the baseline, but the control offered by the LM8 keeps my ball solidly in the baseline. I can finally hit angles on my forehand, and it's a great defensive racquet. Best racquet, best price.
From: Gregory, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow

Comments: I've had this racket for a few years, but originally stuck it in the closet after not finding it to my playing style; recently started using it for indoor doubles for a change in pace. Will say that I disagree with anyone that says it lacks power or control as I can hit my two-handed backhand with extreme power and control. Am finding now (esp. for doubles since there's less time to react than singles) that the racket itself is very nimble and maneuverable, and that I can get to shots that I can't with a 'player's racket' (heavy handle, head-light type and go from defense to offense. In fact, dumped using a Dunlop 4d 200 Aerogel Tour in favor of the Liquidmetal 8 during a close set). Only weak side to this racket I've found is the need to squeeze the racket tightly and consciously stick forehand volleys with extra force; otherwise volleys can be unpredictably weak (so if you're the serve & volley type, this racket probably isn't for you). Will practice with the Liquidmetal 8 more, but am considering purchasing a second for regular singles matches next season. Will update my impressions of this racket next year.
From: Joseph, Laurel, MD, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: hybrid (m: Prince Topspin; cross: Laserfibre synthetic gut): 58
Headsize: 112

Comments: Great racquet! Lots of power, good control, good spin, comfortable.
From: Jesse, United States. 7/10
String type and tension: Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 @ 57
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: It has been a year and my racquet has already taken out a dozen opponents and I've just recently transferred to the advanced class. The Liquidmetal 8 gives power. I'm just 12 and it gives me plenty of power when serving. I hope I can use head when I become PRO.
String type and tension:HEAD TITANIUM POWER STRINGS,60

Comments: I played with this racquet on my high school tennis team. It's a great power racquet. The only part I disliked was the one inch thickness around the head.
From: Jared, Ottumwa, Iowa. 5/10
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Very good stick, stable and comfortable. I also bought Prince Hybrid Shark OS with Yonex string, but like more L8.
From: Vitto, Canada. 9/09
String type and tension:59 fxp power
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Purchased this racquet after getting back into the game after 5 yrs. This racquet feels great. I play with lots of spin and the control was nice. I feel that this racquet is giving me a false sense of security as I hit lots of shots in after not playing for 5 yrs. Haven't really tested the added power yet but with all the reviews confirming it's power, I'm sure it won't disappoint. This racquet seems like one that I can grow with.
From: Jarrod, Raleigh, NC, USA. 8/09

Comments: I want another one!! I've had my Liquidmetal 8 for 3+ years and selected it after demoing half a dozen racquets. I have LOVED it. Plenty of power, easy for topspin, huge sweetspot and unlike every other racquet I've tried it absorbs all the shock. (I totally disagree with other reviewers that say this generated vibration. It's built-in dampener is really strong. Just demo it and you'll see.) At first I wasn't sure I liked that, coming off of a cheap Prince racquet where you could feel everything. But it's been great. Never once have had a problem with tennis elbow. I've played in 2-3 leagues all year round since I got it and it just now broke. Must've had a weakened place in the rim and cracked. But, now I am searching for another and tenniswarehouse has the best price! And, it's MUCH cheaper than it was when I bought it before at original retail of $250!
From: Sarah, Suwanee, GA USA 06/09
String type and tension: synthetic, medium
NTRP Rating: 3.0-3.5

Comments: I just got this racquet. I am 17 and played 1st doubles on jv. I had a Wilson hammer 4, and couldn't get the power that I wanted or the spin. I was hitting for 2 days with this and I have able to add tremendous power to my serve which is about 70 mph average, (speed tested at lockport tennis). Furthermore, I get more spin the way I want, back, side, or top easier. My volleys are also very deep and a lot faster. I love this racquet. I will be playing 2-3rd doubles on varsity soon. I love this racquet and anyone that wants to have more power and spin.
From: Justin, Illinois, USA. 05/09
String type and tension: 58 pounds what ever comes with the racquet
NTRP Rating: 2.5-5.0

Comments: Best 2.0 to 4.0 player racquet ever!! I have tried all these expensive player sticks Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Prince, and I even bought a APDC and bought one of these for my little brother. Guess which racquet I play with? The Liquidmetal has such great power that I don't have to swing as hard for groundstrokes, Serving is just insane and I don't get why people say they don't get any control. I get plenty of control with plenty of pop. Since the switch to this stick I am beating the same people I was losing every set to. My confidence in power and control is way better then with the apdc....Do yourself a favor and try this racquet!! BTW. Start tension at 58 and work your way up 60 was best for me..
From: Russell, Tennessee. 2/09
String type and tension:Prince Synthetic 60
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I am 29 and I've been playing for 2 years and have won four tournament of 3.5 and now I'm playing 4.0 and have three seconds. I've changed raquets like underwear, because I wanted to get the right one and sometimes when I saw a pro's racquet I wanted that one too. Bottom line is this Liquidmetal 8 racquet belongs to a friend who left it in my house. In those 2 years I played with many raquets and a couple of days ago, I saw it there in my garage and so I've tried it and let me tell you something; this is the best racquet I've ever used! My serve is great, top spin is better and great drop shots with good control! Yeah it is powerful, but like I said who am I kidding I am not a pro! so enjoy it!
From: Jonathan, Miami. 2/09
String type and tension:58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:I am a 3.5 and recently bought this racket which came pre-strung. Today, I ordered an identical second Liquid Metal 8 which should tell you what I think of it. I have about six rackets and this is the best of the bunch. It's got good power and control and plays better than more expensive rackets in my bag. Real good deal.
From: Bob, Round Rock, Texas. 12/08
Headsize:Mid +

Comments: This racket significantly improved the power of my serve. I love it for that but I find it lacking in control as an aggressive baseliner. I also find that volleys and overheads with it are really nice but only if you don't swing like I tend to. It hasn't been a great all-around racket for me and I'm afraid I'm already outgrowing it after 4 months of play. Now I'm looking for a 'tweener as a replacement. Also, it is too light. I didn't suffer from elbow problems until I started playing with this racket. Now I realize my mistake when I researched rackets which is lighter, head-heavy is NOT good for keeping your elbow injury free. Summary: If you suffer from tennis elbow, stay away. If you love knocking people's socks off with your serve, this is the one!
From: Elizabeth, Denver, CO. 9/08
Headsize: 112
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I've demoed this racquet with/for my wife before buying as a game improvement/beginner racquet. However, I'm spending more time on the court with it, than my wife. It is much easier on my wrist and elbow than my Head Radical LM and I can focus more on improving my groundstroke technique instead of trying to generate the sufficient power for a fast swing racquet which ultimately results in forgetting all about control and technique since I'm still on the beginning side of the skill spectrum. Don't know what I'll be thinking about it if I ever improve my game but for the time being, a great choice for me (and for my wife, I almost forgot).
From: Brian, Stony Brook, NY, USA. 9/08
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Great racquet! Overall. Only thing is that 1. It might have little too much power for aggressive baseliner like myself. 2. Don't really like the feeling of vibration from default dampening. Still, a great racquet to play with. My father is 5.0 player and he loves this racquet because it provides that extra pop he needed. Bottom line: Great racquet for any player that needs extra pop.
From: John, Northern, NJ, USA, 09/08
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have had many racquets and this is by far the most powerful one. I am 40 y.o and last week hit one forehand about 140 mph. I think if the ball hit someone it would have put them in a coma. The topspin I can generate with the new forehand style is unbelievable. I do go through strings very quickly, but it doesn't matter what racquet I use. All in all I do love the racquet. With a little less control than I like, but the power makes up for it.
From: Scotty, Kaneohe, HI, USA, 08/08
String type and tension: Syn. gut
Headsize: 112
NTRP Rating: about 3.5-4.0

Comments: This racquet by no doubt is a great racquet for beginners, it has A LOT of power with very little control, it is easy to generate spin and to learn how to generate spin, and it is very light so all in all it is a great racquet for beginners. In fact I learned with this racquet myself. However, if you have been playing for a little while and are at the upper part of the intermediate level I would suggest that you forget about this stick and just go with the Liquidmetal Radical. So that you don't waste your money because once you do improve you will want a better racquet and will probably regret buying this racquet.
From: Nick, boston, MA, USA. 7/08
String type and tension: hybrid @ 62lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I got the racquet for Christmas in 2006. It's July 2008 and I'm still using this racquet. I have tried out other sticks but every time I use this one it feels really really comfortable. I'm able to control my shots, and rip some pretty spinny forehands. I noticed this racquet does lack the power in serve but I think that just might be my own game, haha. Yeah if you're a big guy who doesn't need a lot of power then get this racquet.
From: Brandon, Monterey, CA, USA, 07/08

Comments: Great racket love the feel and power. I can kill the ball through and over the fence, also hit the most soft drop volleys and drop shots that don't even get half way to the service line.
From: Steven, Nyc. 6/08
String type and tension: 55lbs
Headsize: 107
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet is amazing. My friends all envy it and try to use it. I love it because of its power. I can pretty much get any shot in with it!
From: Justin, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 3/08
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour @ 25 kg

Comments: Amazing racquet for somebody who wants consistency and control. There is some power, but not as much as I had expected. There was way more spin that I had not expected, though, so that makes up for it.
From: Abhinav, San Diego, CA, USA. 10/07
String type and tension: Luxilon @ 61
Headsize: 112
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I really like this racquet, I've been using it this whole summer and I haven't played a whole year of tennis yet, already I get like 10+ aces a game, not pro-level. It's good for spin and really good for slice forehand and backhand. My two handed backhand is great with this a lot of spin. Lots of power takes a while to control. But very good racquet.
From: Anon, 07/07
Headsize: Oversize
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: If you're serious about taking your game to the next level, get a different racquet. LM 8 is head heavy, and under 11 oz. If you want to improve, get a head light racquet that's at least 11 oz. This racquet provides too much power. If you want to be able to take full swings, produce your own power and control, then get a more advanced racquet.
From: Anon, 06/07

Comments: This racquet rocks! I haven't played tennis since years, I played a lot while a child, and after 10 years I bought a new racquet again (September 2006). This was one my first, and I can say I was lucky enough. I've been improving so fast, like from week to week. I feel like I have a lot of power and still lots of control, I can try slices, drop shots, topspin, sidespin, etc. The only thing I feel weak is my single-handed back hand, if I'm not aware, the ball goes far away, or to the net. I've been practicing hard on my backhand, but still, if I'm not in a comfortable position, or I'm not watching how and where I'm hitting the ball, I'll end up losing it. I got a lot of aces to, and my net play is really strong and accurate. If you want to have fun and win games not at a pro-level, buy it! It's cheap! So many years in the market, and they still make it.
From: Fernando, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 05/07
String type and tension: Head
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: This racquet can get some good power, but it is not very controlled. It feels very bulky whenever I hit with it and I do not like the feel. I guess this racquet would be okay for people who like lots of power or people who can control their shots really well. Overall, I was not impressed with this racquet.
From: Sam, USA. 5/07
String type and tension: Wilson Stamina @ 61lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Like everyone said, it is great. Lots of Spin, Power and yet control... I got this racquet Friday and the strings popped Saturday. Old bad prestrung string's, recommend restringing when getting it.
From: Vinh, Morgan City, LA, USA. 4/07
String type and tension: Wilson Extreme Synthetic Guy @ 62 Lbs
Headsize: 112in

Comments: An amazing racquet! I have so much power now but yet so much control. It allows easy spin, power, and depth. After I got used to it, I was amazed in how great this racquet is. Go try it for yourself!
From: Tyler, Perth, Ontario, Canada. 3/07
String type and tension: Head Synthetic Gut @ 60 Lbs.
Headsize: 112 inches
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I recently purchased this racquet after my Wilson nVision's frame was bent, in a way I'm happy it did because the Head Liquidmetal is by far the best racquet I have ever used, it has added so much to my game, for the first time I aced a guy I've never won against 3 times straight, and beat him 6-1! I could not recommend this racquet more, it's a beauty!
From: Tom, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 02/07
String type and tension: Head synthetic gut, 61 lbs.
Headsize: 112 inches

Comments: I got this racquet for Christmas and used it the next time I got the chance. It has so much more power than my old Babolat racquet. It also has so much control for a power racquet. It took me a while to get used to it but when I did I started hitting shots that I wished I could hit before. When my coach saw he was also amazed, which is impressing. I'm now hitting winners from anywhere on the court. This racquet has really improved my game.
From: Matt, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 01/07

Comments: I started out with the Wilson H Cyclone and I had this racquet as just an extra racquet. When I first started playing, this racquet had way too much power for me and so I just used it when I wanted to have some fun. Then during my tennis season I switched to this racquet completely and it made such a huge difference - even my coach noticed! My shots were so much more powerful and so much pace was added to my serve. Every shot is so solid. I absolutely love this racquet.
From: Anon, Hartland, WI, USA, 12/06
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut @ 60 lbs.
Headsize: 112 in

Comments: I like this racquet. I am a very aggressive player and always try to hit winners and enjoy hitting the ball hard. My experience with this racquet is as follows: 1. added more pace,spin, and consistency to my serve. 2. great for blocking shots if you are in trouble. It returns the shot with pace. 3. back hand is more consistent and has more spin, but be aware a miss hit will send your balls way out. 4. forehand has more power and spin- some on lookers said " that's the best forehand in the park". 5. adds a lot of punch at the net for volleys. To sum it up, this racquet will improve your game if you have good techniques and like to hit the ball hard. It will take anyone who plays around on a scale of 1 to 10 from a 5 to a 7-8 within a few days. This racquet will make your game look awesome but be aware when you miss hit ( bad technique) your shots will fly four feet behind the baseline.
From: Hungster, OK, USA. 9/06
String type and tension: 61 lbs
Headsize: 112

Comments: I play with a lot of spin and slice and I tried this racquet looking for some more power (which was lacking on my previous Yonex frame). With this racquet I'm able to take huge cracks at the ball and generate enough spin to keep my shots in. Solid control and maneuverability at the net. The area where I feel the most improvement is my first serve speed.
From: Alvin, Milwaukee, WI, USA 07/06
String type and tension: Prince Duraflex
Headsize: 112 in
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: It has great stability while at the same time unleashes a killer power shot, I found this very easy to get used to even me as a beginner by two months think it is easy to play with
From: Razza, England 05/06

Comments: This racket is a nice little thing, its great for spinning, as well as very forgiving with wrong hits. Other rackets normally give you quite a deal of shock or pain, when you have them strung in the 60 lb. range, and you hit them incorrectly, but this racket is just so forgiving with all hits, from off center, to off form, etc. etc. Very comfortable to play with, it took me about 5 minutes to get used to the racket, and I suddenly forgot that it was the first time playing with it.
From: David, Springfield, VA, USA 05/06
String type and tension: Wilson Synthetic Gut, 62 Lbs.
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I demoed this racquet last week and my results were promising. This racquet has power, but it has spin and some control, too. Topspin is amazing, and slices were smooth and got done what you wanted to get done. When you were forced into running to get a drop shot or handling a tricky high ball, it performed great. More advanced players may prefer a more control-based racquet, but they should give this a look. The only concerns I have are that sometimes it has too much power and that can kick in at the most crucial moments, but beginners will cherish this racquet. Good looking, spin, powerful, but some control issues. Not a keeper, but definitely a racquet to pull out for a game with friends, but pick something different for serious players.
From: Samuel, New York, NY, USA. 10/05
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation @ 60lbs.

Comments: Wow, this racquet has more than enough power. My serve speed has increased a great deal, it may actually move me to the next level. This racquet is light with great maneuverability. This is exactly what I was looking for, easy swinging with explosive power.
From: Ted, Deforest, WI, USA. 9/05
String type and tension: 62lbs.

Comments: I am a 29 year old newcomer to the tennis world and I just picked up this racquet to replace the ancient Spalding I got when I was in my teens. I used to openly make fun of people who said different racquets make a big difference in your game, saying it was more about the player, but this racquet has changed my tone. I have little power or control yet on shots, but with this racquet I was immediately hitting harder shots with some control. After several hours of play I was consistently keeping shots in and starting to be comfortable putting a little pace on my serves. I was also consistently getting my racquet on volleys where before my old "club" just wouldn't move where I was trying to get it. If you are a beginner to this sport I HIGHLY suggest giving this racquet a try!
From: Jon, Nashville, TN, USA. 9/05
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut With Duraflex 16 @ 58lbs.

Comments: I got this racquet because of the low price and thought it might not be the best racquet for me. When I got it I couldn't stop using it. My serve has gotten a lot better and goes in at a nice pace. My topspin is a little rusty with this racquet but I have gotten used to it. Thank you for giving me this racquet!
From: Joseph, Hickory, NC, USA. 9/05

Comments: I recently switched from my security blanket Wilson Hammer to the Head Liquidmetal 8. I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed the amount of power combined with control; this racquet also helped me improve my serves. I also enjoyed the dampened feel! This racquet is powerful, comfortable, has control the best of all worlds!
From: Laura 06/05

Comments:I have two Liquidmetal 4 racquets that I string at 58lbs that I have used since they came out. I felt that I needed a little more power, so I purchased this racquet and I am glad I did. It definitely has more power, but good control as well. It is easy to maneuver at the net and baseline. I use a lot of topspin and slice and the sweet spot allows me to hit with ease. I still use my Liquidmetal 4 racquets depending on who my opponent is. I would definitely recommend this racquet for anyone who is afraid of a power racquet as it affords more control than you would think.
From: Leesa, Boca Raton, FL, USA 06/05
String type and tension: Gamma TNT 17 @ 60lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The more I played with it the more I like it. The Liquid Metal 8 is light yet slightly head heavy for added pop. I can put a lot of spin on the ball. I don't use the built in damper cause it interferes with the frame support while stringing the racquet. My groundstrokes have lots of pace and I can punch my volleys and the ball still stays in the court. It has great control with absolutely no trampoline effect as with other OS racquets. I'm glad I bought this racquet, and definitely looking to purchase another one as backup.
From: Cal Oshita, Mililani, Hawaii, USA. 05/05
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 50 lbs.
Headsize: OS

Comments: It took a little while to find the sweet spot (i.e., the best place to consistently hit the ball) because it is quite spacious, but after getting used to it, I love it. It generates a tremendous amount of spin, whether on groundstrokes or serve, and the power is quite adequate. Very light and maneuverable at the net as well. I haven't had any discomfort in the elbow; perhaps a little lead tape at the head might help those who do. I really like the Hydrosorb grip as well; my hands are normally dry, but I like the feel; it has a nice gripping feel; perhaps not as durable as leather, but worth the sacrifice.
From: Ray, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. 01/05
String type and tension: Prince Prism 17 @ 64 lbs.

Comments: I bought the Head Liquid Metal 8 racquet. I took out the dampener (ISD) and replaced it with a tied on rubber band (i.e. Agassi). I strung it with Gamma ESP 17 Natural at 35 lbs. No elbow problems! I took the New Mexico State Senior Olympics Gold Medal for the 85-89 age bracket. True there were not to many of us in that bracket. This is a short swing racquet and has a lot of zip at 35 lbs., but is controllable with a little practice. It has improved my overall game, especially my serve and net game. I love the racquet.
From: Ted, Las Cruces, NM, USA. 10/04

Comments: This is a great racquet. I purchased it and the first time I played with it, I beat a guy 3 times in row that I could never beat. It has the most excellent feel, great spin, and the HEAD Hydrosorb grip is the greatest grip made.
From: Will, Franklin,TN, USA. 08/04
String type: Wilson Synthetic Gut
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player. Liquid Metal 8 is the best racket among the Liquid Metal series. So stable and light. When I put the protective tape all around the entire racket head of Liquid Metal 8, the racket became a little heavier but plays significantly better than without the tape. More stable, easier to swing, more powerful and accurate. But most of all, far more confidence. This racket has really good spin and controlled power.
From: Jim, Annandale, VA , USA. 08/04
String type and tension: Prince topspin 15L @ 60 lbs.

Comments: This is an excellent racquet with power and control. The Total Sweetspot Construction is one of the first things I noticed, and the excellent spin. This is a light racquet with good vibration damping built into it making it very easy on the arm.
From: Hal, NC, USA. 1/04
String type and tension: Head Perfect Control @ 61lbs

Comments: This racquet adds quite a bit of pop to my serve and volley, but with good control. It's very comfortable to hit with and highly maneuverable at the net. Also, it's easy on the arm with good vibration damping, and an excellent sweet spot design. The racquet is very good from the baseline with high power. It's everything Head says it is!
From: Steve,GA, USA. 1/04
String type and tension: Head Intellistring 16

Comments: I purchased the Liquidmetal 8 racquet after playing a couple of sets with a demo. At first the racquet had great feel and felt very solid on the groundstrokes. However, after purchasing the racquet and playing with it for a week, my opinion as definitely changed. My elbow started bothering me after the first week due to a vibration at the top of the racquet. I attempted to place lead tape on various positions on the racquet but that did not help. The racquet has great power and can generate a tremendous amount of spin but the vibration in the racquet head prevents it from being a keeper. I am returning to my Head X3.
From: Rick, Irvine, CA, USA. 12/03
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 65lbs

Comments: Great racquet with outstanding control for a power racquet. I like the feel of the total sweetspot and get good spin.
From: Ruud, Holland. 11/03
String type and tension: Head Powerstring @ 27kg.

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