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Comments: I strung M2 Pro as a full bed in my Pure Aero and it was an interesting experience. It really does as advertised -- control and low power on big shots, touch and feel on the more delicate shots. The two big weak points for me (like many others) were spin and tension maintenance. The spin wasn't really that great, I feel like the ball pocketing isn't very good on the bigger shots. The tension maintenance is definitely its weakest point as midway through my second hitting session, it just lost all playability. Overall, interesting string, maybe a hybrid with a non-poly or pre-stretch would help, but I don't think I will be relying on this string.
From: SN, 11/16

Comments: Very good string. I've used M2 Pro as a full bed and as the mains of a hybrid with multifilament, and both times I was highly impressed with the overall performance. The weakest areas are spin potential and playability duration. The lack of spin potential, in contrast to strings like RPM Blast, is evident but not problematic if your technique is sound. So the biggest issue comes with the tension drop that happens a few hours in (I'm a 4.0/4.5 player, mind you). Otherwise, it has great feel for a polyester-esque string, and excellent control and pop. My go-to hybrid alternative to natural gut/poly (which is just too expensive) is M2 Pro mains with Prince Premier Touch crosses. It isn't the most spin- oriented set-up, but it's fairly durable and offers excellent softness and playability. I definitely recommend this string.
From: Jeff, 12/15

Comments: Probably the worst string ever! I strung my racquet yesterday then hit for one hour and today my string is dead. Don't waste your money.
From: Rohit, 8/15

Comments: After switching to a hybrid version, using Luxilon M2 Pro (mains) and Kirschbaum Multi-fiber (crosses) I have noticed more power, as well as control and touch in my game. The Luxilon M2 Pro has been a pleasant surprise for my game. I always lacked the power when striving for control in my string selection. I can hit out with full strokes and feel like the bal. flies -- it goes right where it was intended with this string. The soft multifilament string gives a nice accent to the M2 Pro. Try it, you'll love it!
From: Bob, 5/15

Comments: I'm a 4.5 that plays 16 hours a week. I use the Prestige Youtek Innegra MP, so I know that the 18x20 patterns aren't best with a 16 gauge string. This string turned out to be one of the better strings I've used on my stick. It's got so much feel, the proper amount of power for a low powered stick and even produces ample spin from behind the baseline. I used the RPM Blast, many Luxilon strings and Solinco Tour Bite and this string suits my all around game. The only downside is that it is a polyester at the end of the day, so who knows when the tension will drop and balls will fly into the fence. So far, because of the 18x20 pattern, after 20+ hours it's been treating me well. Try it out, it's worth the time.
From: John, 2/14

Comments: The first few hours, it was fairly crisp and solid. It had above average spin and I was able to place my serves (flat, slice and kick) very well. When the tension loss came into affect, the ball flew everywhere, but my serves were still placed very well. I'd like Luxilon to implement their 4G tension maintenance technology to all their strings, these strings died in the course of 3 hours.
From: Ray, 2/14

Comments: I have been playing with a gut/ALU power hybrid and tried a full bed of M2 recently. The string is very soft and has great feel, close to gut, but doesn't have the excessive trampoline effect that gut can have at times. I've also tried a full bed of ALU power, but the M2 has much better feel. Very impressed with this string and am making the switch.
From: John, 10/13

Comments: I've been using a full bed of M2 in my Steam 99 for the last two months. I had been jumping around between setups and landed here because the demo Steam 99 was using this string and I really like the control and comfort. I hit with a semi-western forehand and 2HBH with lots of spin. I started at mid tension, 55 lbs, because I was worried about arm issues running high tension on a poly with a stiff racquet. But, now I am up to 59 lbs. I'm able to swing faster with than any other string I've used. I will continue to raise the tension until I find the right balance of control and comfort. But, all in all, I think this is a really nice control string with enough spin potential for the modern ground stroke and enough comfort for those with minor arm issues.
From: Eric, 9/13

Comments: I have this in my BLX Pro Staff 90 as my crosses with Ashaway Kevlar 17g on the mains at 40lbs. It plays great with lots of feel and control. I've had it for 3 weeks now playing twice a week with 2 doubles and a singles match each day and it gets better as the Luxilon loses a bit of tension..
From: Raphael, 9/12

Comments: I have this in my Wilson BLX Six.One Lite at 50 lbs and I have been hitting the ball better than usual with it. It is a great string. I recommend it!
From: Matt, 1/12

Comments: Luxilon has claimed that their M2 series is among their "softer" strings category. Well, personally I don't think any Luxilon strings are that soft. I think RPM Blast is soft, because it is and 99% of everyone will agree with me on that. This string, however, is not designed for merely topspin, whippy forehand players. Milos Raonic, the rising Canadian star with the huge serve and forehand uses this string for a reason. These strings are absolutely incredible for powerful hitters who like hitting booming flat ground strokes and serves. The spin potential is there, of course, for those who can actually generate their own spin with the proper technique; I for one took immediate note of the awesome combination of control and power these strings gave me with my Wilson K-Blade Tour stick.
From: Brian, 1/12

Comments: Lets face it, the right string for you is a personal choice. It all depends on what type of tennis you play. For me, this is the best string I have used because its not as hard as a polyester and not too soft like a multifilament. The strings don't move, so don't believe these guys saying that it does. It has got the right amount of power and control. No sore arm. I'm so glad I have finally found the right string for me.
From: Anon, 12/11

Comments: This is really a very nice string. Performs nothing like a poly but nothing like a multi either. Great tension maintenance and durability. The strings really slide against one another wonderfully, producing great spin potential. I have replaced X-one Biphase with Luxilon M2 Pro as my staple string and will compare every other poly/multi against it.
From: Klementine79, 8/11

Comments: This is still the best string that I have ever played with, and it's a shame I'm down to my last reel. It has unbelievable feel and just seems to last forever. Once it settles after the initial 24 hours it doesn't move and maintains playability right until it snaps.
From: Chad, 8/11

Comments: Got this strung on my Pure Drive + at 58lbs of tension. It does feel stiff but once I played through it, it settled quite nicely and I started getting a good feel on my shots. Comments on string movement aren't true as I hit with heavy topspin on my forehand and the strings pretty much stay put. I still have to see about the durability and how it plays in the long run as I've only had these strings for a couple of weeks.
From: R-Bonez. 7/11

Comments: I've tried many strings such as ALU, Lux Original, Lux Timo, Lux Rough, Natural Guts, Pacific X- force and similars, Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Head Rip Control, Topspin Cyber Flash, Klip Kboom, Wilson Sensation, Tecnifibre Black code, MSV Focus, etc. By far, this is the best string. I used this for the mains in the hybrid setup and Gamma Professional 17 for the crosses in many rackets. In any racquet, this hybrid setup showed the best result of the specific racquet. It has the real pocketing feel and was very solid too.
From: Tony. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Always hated Luxilons for their plank-o'-wood feel. However, I decided to drop this down to a ridiculously low tension - 45 lbs - and this string plays really, really well. It handles hard shots extremely well with great pocketing and spin, and doesn't feel as hard as usual polyesters on the serve. I haven't noticed them as being better on touch shots as the marketing hype claims, although it isn't any worse in that department than the usual multifilaments (Tecnifibre X-One Biphase) that I play with. Definitely recommend trying this string and other polyesters in general at lower tensions to sidestep tennis elbow issues.
From: Michael, Fairfax, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is really the best string I have played with. It is relative stiff but less than other Luxilon strings. For me it is a perfect combination of comfort and control. It is comfort on softer shots, but provides typical Luxilon control on hard shots. From the baseline you can swing hard and generate lots of spin but it also provides nice touch on volleys. I have never experienced any arm pain since I started using it (I am a long time Luxilon fan). I don't recommend dropping tension even when changing from multifilament strings - the best tension for me is 60 lbs on my Wilson Kobra Tour. Drop in tension of 5lbs makes surprisingly big difference. I have used it on one of my racquets almost for a year and it holds tension really well. I am now changing all my racquets to this string. Highly recommended.
From: Peter, Prague, Czech Republic, 03/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Busted it in 9 days with head FXP 17 in the crosses. Good string just doesn't last very long.
From: William, St. Louis, MO, USA, 03/11

Comments: I definitely think this string has its ups and downs, especially as time passes by. I currently have a full string bed of these set up on my Pure Drive Cortex (not that GT crap) at 58lbs. This is my second "session" of having these strings on my racquet (each session about 3-4 months long). In my opinion, I think it's about time to change up my choice in strings, it's not at all that the strings are bad, in fact I remember the second time I got on the court with these on, she was a thing of beauty, (first time was sorta stiff). But, with time, these strings lose their playability by a lot. You may say, that's the same with all strings on the market, but this one's got a sharp drop in playability after a slow increase in it. Think of it this way:first time-decent, nothing impressive rest of the first month-great spin, power (especially on pure drive), control (even on the pure drive) and it's only getting better. 2nd month-it's already reached its peak in the first month and you don't see anything special from it anymore 3rd,4th month-decent decrease in performance Also, I don't know who these people are that say it keeps moving around. They definitely strung it at a terrible tension then, mine is definitely not at the same tension as it originally was, but I maybe have to re-adjust it.. once a match, and I'm a fairly hard hitter with spin.
From: John, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(4.5 NTRP, Babolat PureDrive Cortex)

Comments: I really like this string. It has nice feel and really great control. The only bad thing is that I broke it in 4 days.
From: Kyle, Siesta Key, FL, USA. 07/10

Comments: The best string I have ever played with. The product description is absolutely true. It is soft on lighter shots and provides excellent control on harder ones. This string provides great control when hitting serves and groundies from the baseline and the best touch and feel on volleys that I have ever experienced. I have in strung at 58 lbs on my Head Pure Competition (102 Sq in head size).
From: Joe, Waterbury, CT. 6/10

Comments: Possibly the greatest string ever - has all the power and awesome spin production of Alu Power except in a softer and more versatile package. It is amazing on full blooded shots and has superior touch on volleys. It does take a day for the strings to settle in after stringing and when they do, they simply don't move and always return to place. Due to the softness they can be strung a tad tighter than most regular polys and have great durability. Highly recommended.
From: Nathan, Greensborough, VIC, Australia. 6/10

Comments: Strung this racquet at 55 lbs on my Aeropro Drive Gt and it didn't live up to my expectations. These strings produce a fair amount of power but lacks a little on the topspin side. The strings are too soft but probably recommended for flat hitters.
From: Peter Nguyen, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: A great product if you like to rearrange your strings between every point. They move like CRAZY on my Head MicroGel Prestige, so much so that I've decided to just cut them out and write this one off as trial and error. Luxilon missed the boat on this one. This is definitely no Big Banger. Decent response and power, but not worth all the repositioning you'll have to do between shots! Strung at 62 lbs.
From: Derek, Carmichael, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: The best string that I have used - have my Rebel 95's strung with this at 58lb and it is godly!! Love hitting out with the ball, which produces an excellent amount of spin and I have not got any arm pain from this at all. I have used the same set for a month now and I haven't experienced the noticeable tension loss that others have mentioned. I found it best when strung at mid to high tension, then you get the real benefit of this Lux masterpiece. All Alu Power uses owe it to themselves to give this string a go -this is my replacement for Alu Power.
From: anon. 11/09

Comments: I strung it on my Ficher M Pro 98 as a part of hybrid together with Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase (on crosses), and considering that I usually string with it Luxilon BB Rough, I think I could compare it quite well. The tension was 57lbx57lb, and when I started warming up from the half-court I felt like it was a few lb less ... however when I started hitting the ball harder it was coming back to the usual feeling of 57lb. I know its exactly what has been advertised, but changes in tension creeped me out, so as I was about to play a match I took another racquet simply to keep myself focused. I should give it another chance, but it was an interesting first experience.
From: Dusan, Moscow, Russia. 9/09

Comments: Great string. Got 2 Kpro Tour rackets from TW strung with this string. I really like this string. It has good power, spin, and is easy on the arm.
From: Bhagi, Hannibal, MO, USA 09/09

Comments: Great string if you are looking for a slightly softer version of big banger ALU. It has the typical Luxilon stiff feel and great spin potential. I have played with it twice and have not noticed the dead feeling that occurs after playing with Big Banger ALU 3-4 times. Its been a good string so far. However, don't think this is a true arm friendly string as it is being marketed. Its arm friendly compared to other Luxilon and poly based strings, but its still Luxilon. I strung it as a hybrid with natural gut on the cross strings and is still much stiffer than using a string such as prince synthetic gut.
From: anon. 07/09

Comments: I usually like Luxilon strings, but with this, the 1st hitting session is very very stiff, you tend to lose a lot of power and ball bite. Hurts the arm. Then comes the 2nd session, the tension drops well over 2-3 lbs, making the shots uncontrollable, spins are difficult to get and ball will fly out. String is softer alright, but if you string it 2 lbs less for the first session, you will be way under in the second session. I will let you know how the 3rd session goes if I do not cut it first. Quite un- usable....
From: ST Leung, San Jose, CA, USA. 07/09

Comments: I'm a NCAA college player with lots tennis experience in all sorts of strings and racquets. I decided to try the M2, it's so much better then the Luxilon ALU Power. This string is perfect, much softer on the arm and great for control shots, power shots and spin are excellent too. If your good player then tension loss isn't even noticeable. Good job Luxilon keep up the good work.
From: Anthony, MI, USA 07/09

Comments: These are the good strings for spin. I mix them with pro hurricane tour 16 on the mains and cross with M2 crosses. I string them at 56 and the mains I string them at 57. It is a good deal to buy!
From: Matt, Lakemont, WA, America. 06/09

Comments: These are good strings for spin. I mix them with Pro Hurricane Tour 16 on the mains and cross with M2. I string them at 56 on the crosses and 57 on the mains. This string is a good deal.
From: Matt, Lakemont WA, USA 06/09

Comments: Great control string, allows you to hit without holding back. Great spin and feel. Excellent baseline shots and control for net play. Plays very well when fresh but doesn't hold tension for long. Also not very durable for a poly. Lasts about 2 days of solid playing for me, 1st day is excellent, 2nd day is okay. If I don't play on it for a day, it loses too much tension, becomes less lively and harder to control. Not as stiff as most polys, but not extremely soft either. Kind of expensive for me as its about $60 in string a week, but worth it sometimes. I won't play on this string every day, but I will be sure to keep a couple sets at home. It's not the easiest to string, but take your time and don't kink it and you'll be fine. Head Prestige Mid, 24.5 M/23.5 C kg. All around player.
From: NCAA College level player. 4/09

Comments: This string is one of the best strings I've ever tried! If you are a hard hitter, this string is the one to use. Don't do a hybrid with this string.
From: Daniel, Chesterfield, MO

Comments: Great string for the first 2 sets. After that tension drops like crazy. I even let it sit for 48 hours after stringing, which usually stops rapid tension loss after a couple sets for poly. Most spin I have ever hit with. Comfortable and a lot of ability to hit out. I strung at 54 in a Volkl DNX 10 Mid and it was wonderful for the first two sets. I got it as a free sample and I would not pay 20 dollars for it due to the huge drop in tension. Otherwise, a great string.
From: Anon, USA. 3/09

Comments: This was a very unique string to try out. It feels like a poly/syn gut hybrid all in one string. Great spin and power is great on high racquet speed shots and very forgiving on low racquet head speed shots. The tension maintenance is just not there with this string. I had it strung at 57# but should've went up to low 60s. Tension dropped significantly after the first hitting session. Power went from being controllable to a semi rocket launcher. I'd recommend this string to double players because it has very good pop and control at the net.
From: Serge T., Elgin, IL, USA. 3/09

Comments: Put this in at 59 lbs after a few years of Big Banger Original in my Flexpoint Prestige Mid and current Microgel Prestige Mid. A little too tight the 1st session - will go with 58 or 57 the next time - but on the 2nd hit really started feel the added spin with no loss of the usual Big Banger power. Another winner from Luxilon for the advanced player...
From: Mark, 4.5 NTRP, all courter, Redondo Beach, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: Those of you who said it felt like a plank of wood, you are correct, however, all polyester based strings will feel this way. Also all polyesters will lose significant tension after a week of hitting. In terms of polyesters, however, I felt this string had incredible spin potential. That is to say for the first week :-) then it died out as polyester is destined to :-( I wouldn't recommend polyester unless you are a frequent string breaker. Also $19????? that's ridiculously overpriced.
From: clayton (racket technician), honolulu, hi, usa. 2/09

Comments: Normally use a hybrid of Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16l mains, Signum Pro or Tecnifibre multifilament cross. This is the worst Luxilon string made in my experience. Stringing was far more difficult, dead feel, no pop/power & surprisingly for a Luxilon string, noticeable tension loss! Tested string out of interest, staying with SPPP for sure.
From: AaronG, Miami, FL. 2/09

Comments: I was one who received the free sample of this string and gave it a try in my Microgel Prestige Pro at 59, 61 tension, I'm a 4.0 mostly baseline player who hits spin off both sides and rarely comes to net. Initially it was just ok but after about a half hour of hitting it settled in and hit quite nicely. I think there is some difference in hard and touch shots as the manufacturer suggests. It most things in what I would consider the average area. Spin, power, touch are just ok compared to other polys. Lasted me about 8 hours or just over of hitting and really lost a lot of tension and became unplayable. Overall this is a pretty good string with some benefits over stiffer polys but just not for me, especially at the high price they are charging. It is really only worth about half the price when comparing its performance to other stings and much lower prices.
From: Brian, Denver, CO, USA. 2/09

Comments: My experience was the same as Jon's from Cerritos. It felt like I was hitting with a plank of wood. And that's with hybriding it with gut! It's possible I strung it too tight, 58lbs. But even still my arm really hurt during and after play. And it had very low power at this tension. It did seem to have good directional control but that's about it. I don't even want to try having a third session with this string. I'm cutting them out now.
From: John, Riverside, Ca, USA. 2/09

Comments: Jon, I have the same racquet and its tension max is 57lbs when you use luxilon you should always drop about 5lbs in tension than you normally string at. I never used this M2 Pro but if I were you I'd try it again at a lower tension, maybe 51lbs and see how it feels. Did you try 16 or 16L? I love that racquet though. Good luck!
From: Gino, Long Beach, CA. 2/09

Comments: I've been using a hybrid setup (Pro Hurricane mains, Dunlop Max Comfort crosses, both 17 ga.). I decided to try the Luxilon M2 as a full poly string job. The M2 has some stretch when being pulled unlike most polys so you may want to string it a bit tighter than you'd normally do with other polys (I strung mine 2 lbs over mid-tension). Weaving the last few crosses were a pain as M2 kinks easily and I had to keep trimming it back. I installed in it a Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine mid, which is 93 sq. in/18x20. If you're working with a larger head/more open pattern, your results may vary. I was pleased with the way M2 16L played. Decent access to spin on groundies, although I didn't get as much movement on my spin serves as with my usual setup. Control was excellent off the ground and on volleys. Luxilon M2 was a surprisingly comfortable hit; there seems to be something to their 'variable-flex.' There was no string movement and response across the stringbed was consistent. I like the way M2 plays and feels but stringing it is not fun.
From: JimW, San Diego, CA USA Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine mid. 1/09
Luxilon M2 16L, 55lbs CP

Comments: I was one of the many lucky people to get a free package of this string. I strung it up at 58 on my Microgel Extreme Pro as a full bed. I gotta say that this is quite possibly one of the worst strings I have ever tried. The feel of this string is like playing tennis with a plank of wood, extremely stiff. This string loses so much tension after just the first hitting session. TERRIBLE.
From: Jon, Cerritos, CA. 1/09

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