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Comments: After using this string, I am getting severe tennis elbow, regardless of who I am playing with. Especially against stronger players, it is almost painful to swing. I would not recommend this string, I much prefer Luxilon Big Banger.
From: Richard, 2/13

Comments: These strings are the most comfortable strings I have tried in my whole tennis career. The way it gives power, but not too much. It has great tension maintenance, and the durability is great so far. I've played for 8 hours and haven't seen any signs of breaking yet.
From: Nam, 11/12

Comments: It is a very good string. I get maximum power and spin from this string. I string it at 50 lbs. I would really recommend this string for anyone who is a harder hitter who needs more spin to there game. I used to use the Babolat Pro Hurricane but this is way better just ordered in 4 more packages of this!
From: Gary, 5/12

Comments: I got this string after a favorable review by a Professional Tennis Stringer.Full bed, tension 50 lbs(strings stay in place), one piece, neat blend of power and control, it's a hard string with softer feel(M2), helps keep the ball deep, ball hits are crisp, Luxilon M2 Plus is for sure a string to try.
From: Randy, 1/12

Comments: My son is 12 years old and I'm leery about getting started on polys too early while his arm is still developing. We reluctantly tried M2 because of the all in one hybrid style of sting that Luxilon markets it as. Not to mention our friend is a stringer and he got a few free demo packs before they started packaging it as "Plus". To keep a long story short: I have tried like crazy to find a string since that my son is happier with. Stringing full bed, hybrids,....the whole shebang trying to find his secret formula. We haven't come close to finding a string he likes as much as M2. He plays with a Wilson BLX Pro Open,....we string a full bed of M2 for him at 46 or 47 pounds. He plays amazing with it at and is very competitive in his USTA juniors sectional level. He plays five days a week. We restring about every 4 to 6 weeks, unless he breaks one or begins to lose control before. I would imagine we'll eventually start to tighten the strings as he gets stronger.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I play tennis for my college. I recently changed my stick to the Wilson K Factor 6.1 95. It played well with the Wilson Stamina but I felt I was not getting the control I needed. The M2 Plus was suggested as a durable string with a lot of feel. This string is great has the best feel of all the Luxilon strings I have tried. It handles the power from the big hitting that I play against and use in my strokes. The durability is great! Great feel, great power, great string!
From: Nate, 10/11

Comments: These play a lot like Babolat Xcel when new. Great feel and resiliency. However I was playing 3 times a week (12 hours) and after a month these strings have lost their elasticity and it feels like you are playing with a fishnet. Cutting them up prior to restring I found that they stay bent as opposed to springy.
From: Garry, Australia, 10/10
Wilson, 60lbs

Comments: I received this string as a free demo. I may have strung it too low, but at the price I will never know. Too many strings out there that I like at a lower prices.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 04/10

Comments: Level 4 player, baseline hitter. Been playing with this string for about a week and the biggest difference I have noticed is how hard you can swing while still maintaining control. At the baseline there is plenty of power, but touch isn't sacrificed at all at the net. The strings have a very dead feel, but this is the nature of the materials in this line of string. Topspin is very easy to produce, was grinning like an idiot after the first set. Expensive, but appears to be very durable. Highly recommended for anyone to try a set and decide for themselves.
From: Scott, Victoria BC Canada 03/10
Strung at 58 lbs in a Wilson K6.1 Tour.

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and play 5 to 6 times a week. I wanted to try a different string and purchased to M2. I thought the M2 too stiff and rigid even though it was marketed to be softer than the Pro Hurricane. This stiffness is noticeable in my upper arm and I will go back to the Tecnifibre Line.
From: Skylar, Kilauea, HI, USA, 02/10

Comments: Great string, I had it strung at 56lb on a Rebel and it was very powerful and had great access to spin - will try 2lb tighter but overall a fabulous string. Have been looking for a more arm friendly alternative to Alu Power and here it is!! Price is a tad high but it is definitely worth the extra cash.
From: Nathan, Australia 09/09

Comments: Got this as a free promotion recently and I strung the mains at 64 and crosses at 62 in my Head Microgel Radical MP. For the first several hours of play this string plays wild with too much power and very little feel, but now I've had it in my racket for two weeks and its been great. It's a fairly stiff string, and it allows you to swing hard and generate lots of spin and keep the ball where you want it. Very good "bite" on kick serves. Volleys are comfortable and well controlled. Only problem I see is the price...
From: Alex, Tennessee, USA. 2/09

Comments: I love using blends for my Volkl, and used the M2 for my mains and Fischer comfort for the cross. And I will have to admit I was very impressed with the M2, strung at 58lbs. I swore by the Luxilon rough play, but found these strings to provide a great feel and control. I hit the ball with topspin and pace and felt great with every swing. Found my new favorite blends. Though be wary of the tension, I had my other Volkl strung at a lower tension by 5, and it flew on my.
From: Pedro, USTA 3.0, Clifton, NJ, USA. 2/09

Comments: I actually got a free set of this string months before it came out anywhere. I string racquets for my tennis club, and the Wilson rep gave me a few free things. The M2 has a pretty nice, solid feel. It feels like a Big Banger string from the baseline, and has a lot more feel at the net. Unlike ALU Power or something, you can actually make some touch shots. Good string, good string. A little pricey though. I'm sticking with my Iso-Speed Baseline Speed.
From: Jesse, E. Wenatchee, WA, USA. 1/09

Comments: M2 was surprisingly a very good performance string -- control is excellent at the baseline and one can take a full swing and the ball will stay in. I found the M2 to be very arm friendly, which was an initial concern. I typically hybrid BG, BA or SPPP in the mains but went full M2 at 60 lbs.
From: David, USTA 4.0, Torrance, CA, USA. 1/09

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