Luxilon Big Banger 16 Orig 660' Reel Amber Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string for first couple weeks, however, it will cause forearm pain after 3 weeks of use. Never had TE so no history of injury. Had it as a full bed at 49 lbs and ball flew great from both wings. Ditched the string after having to stick my arm in bucket of ice 2 times a day when using (not kidding!). Be careful.
From: BAS, 1/17

Comments: This string is so incredibly good. First, I don't think it's as low powered as stated. Granted, I hit with a customized Head Graphene Radical MP, which is sitting at around 335 grams strung (leather grip + some lead in the head). This is a powerful stick in the first place. I had been hitting with Solinco Hyper-G 16L, which was providing me with good control, good power, but not great feel. BBO is the king of feel, as long as you like that crisp, solid, explosive feel. Like the one you hear when watching videos of the pro's training. It doesn't feel dead to me, at all. It hits an incredibly "heavy" ball. My flat shots are so much better compared to the shaped Hyper-G. Spin is not incredible, but more than appropriate to me. Now I just want to try the BBO Rough and see if I like it even better, but as of right now, this is very close to perfection. Have used it for 10 hours. Tension maintenance is good. Strung at 54 lbs on an electronic pull.
From: YNB, 6/16

Comments: I love this string this string, but for some reason it is cheaper to buy individual sets than to get a reel.
From: Stephen, 5/16

Comments: I am a 5.0-5.5 player with an eastern forehand grip and a one handed backhand. I hit pretty flat with some spin. These strings are great. They lasted me over 3 weeks before breaking in my RF97. I strung it at 57 lbs. If your technique is sound, then you should be able to play with any string. I know different strings have different feel, but it's mainly technique. Technique keeps the ball in play. Doing the same motion will help you consistently hit the same shot. This string's tension maintenance helped with that. Although it moved around a lot at the end, it still felt great. Highly recommended.
From: Bob, 4/16

Comments: Have these strung at 54 lbs on the Prince Tour 100 16x18 for 2 seasons. If you don't like to change your strings that often, try them.
From: David, 4/16
Note from TW: While we are glad these strings are working out well for you David, we do not recommend keeping them in your racquet for longer than a month or two at that as they do become dead and can cause arm issues. Be sure to check out our article on strings and how often to restring on our Improve page -->

Comments: I loved this string when I first put it in my racquet. I use the Head Youtek Graphine Speed MP and strung it at 55 lbs. It was a bit too firm at first, but after three hours of playing, it felt better. I had the spin and control that I was looking for. However, after a week of playing, the tension dropped considerably and I had to cut it out. Strings are great for the first 5 hours of play.
From: Josiah, 5/13

Comments: The feel of this string is great. The durability is ok and the string lacks some power, but overall, this is a great string.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I'm a 4.0/4.5 player with long, fast strokes and lots of spin. I love these strings. They feel crisp and lively on my 2012 Babolat APD. I strung them (full bed) at 55 pounds, undoubtably they have lost a little tension and still feel great. I was most surprised by how much control I felt like I had at the net. So far I haven't had any arm problems.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: This string is great for playability and tension maintenance, but the durability isn't great at all. They broke after 15 hours of play.
From: Andrew. 7/11

Comments: Great string. I've tried it as a hybrid in both the main, and also the cross, with Klip Legend 16 being the other string in the hybrid. This Lux BB Original performed very well and is excellent for a hybrid with natural gut, if you are looking for power, feel, control, tension stability and durability (untextured meaning less fraying of gut). Definitely recommend this for a hybrid!
From: Simon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 03/11

Comments: Great strings! I was using a basic Head synthetic gut strung at 60 and was having serious issues with my strings moving as I began to hit with more top spin. After making the switch to BB original rough my strings hardly ever move. With the rough I feel like the strings grab the ball a lot better and can generate a great deal of top spin! I also started to string at a lower tension 54-55, which I found a lot easier on my elbow. I absolutely love this string!
From: Chad, Brandon, MB, CANADA, 11/10

Comments: I'm using for a year already Babolat Aero Pro Drive (Cortex version) and in this period of time I changed a lot of times the string bed setup (thickness and tension) but permanently I was playing just with Babolat products (Hurricane Tour with Xcel Premium). Right now I have 1 racquet with my usual setup Babolat Hurricane Tour Pro 17 with Xcel 16 61/59 tension and another racquet just Luxilon Original 16 with 61/60. Luxilon gives more spin and for sure more power than my usual hybrid. Right now I have some problems on controlling long shots with Luxilon but I enjoy a lot the spin and power offered. Sometimes I change the racquets between games (serving/defense) because I like a lot Luxilon in offense (I have a faster serve right now) but much more Hurricane/Xcell in defense (my current setup give me plenty of control)... I should play a little bit with the tension maybe to reduce the power and get more control from this Luxilon. Anyway, overall I was impressed by power/feel/spin offered by this string (and I'm a clear Babolat addicted :) ) so I will give them a second try with a higher tension.
From: Cristian, Romania. 6/10

Comments: Good string but not for everyone. Key is finding the right tension for you. Has excellent ball pocketing, thus the ball spins. Durability & holding tension are A plus. Wrong tension may result into arm, elbow & even shoulder pain. In my case from 54-56 lbs, went down to 50 lbs for the Luxilon BB Orig. Just right.
From: Rob, Manila, Philippines. 7/09

Comments: I am from Argentina and for the last 15 years I have been playing with polyester strings. Reason: they lasted longer than nylons. But in the quest for a cheap and durable string I found more spin and the touch was not damaged. Polyester is Argentina's preferred strings. All our juniors and pros play with polyester. Personally, I don't find any difference between an Ashaway polyester string (cheap) and a Luxilon (expensive) one. I consider that I have some experience in this sport, having played and coached for many years all over the world. I had players playing with hybrids for the last 10 years. The best suggestion is to pre-stretched the poly string and you will forget about losing tension, or string your racquet with a constant pulling stringer. Also, if you want more spin, sand the string bed with a very light sand paper. The extra roughness will add an incredible amount of extra spin.
From: Ricardo, Reading, PA, USA. 05/09

Comments: For those of you having elbow problems or arm problems, you're stringing it too tight! Don't worry about the numbers drop 15%(full poly) or 10%(hybrid) from your normal tension if you were using multifilament or equivalent. Example on 95sq 16x18, if you were string it at 60lbs with NXT(soft syn) string the BBO @ 51lbs(full poly), 54lbs(BBO main/NXT cross). Experience the power and spin from these strings! There's a reason why all the pros use it.
From: DavidL7, Chicago, IL USA. 3/09

Comments: Great string! Control, power, and spin are the main attributes of it, simply the best.
From: Diego, Barcelona, Spain. 3/09

Comments: I tried this string two years ago and got it strung @ 57lbs. and that was stiff. My arm hurt after playing 2 sets or an hour an half of playing. I'll always string Luxilon at low tension from now on.
From: Danny, Mountain View, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: As a left-handed player, I us a lot of spin and topspin and tried out many kinds of strings and most kinds didn't last more than 23 sets. During the indoors season of 2007/08 a fellow tennis player gave me a few strings to choose from and I decided to try out the Big Banger Original 16 - most durable string I ever played with, lasted more than 90 sets indoors. My racket is a HEAD TiS8. If you are looking for a good durable string, this is the one - try it out at least once. Generally speaking, I much more liked the Big Banger ALU Power 16L that I tried out when I started the 2008/09 indoors season. Although it didn't last as long (about 59 sets that is still good) as the Big Banger Orig. 16, I got a lot more spin and power out of the ALU Power.
From: Deon, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN. 2/09

Comments: I ordered these for my Prince Ozone Tour Mp. One word is wow. These are the best polys I have ever played with. The control and power is unmatchable and the tension maintenance is the best I have seen in a poly by far. I strung these at 60.
From: Anonymous, San Ramon, California. 1/09

Comments: On the recommendation of another Big Banger Original strings user/reviewer, I ordered them for my older--but favorite--racquet. Wow! I knew about the reputation they had for not moving around like other strings. What I didn't know was how much more control they give me. I'm a 3.5-ish player that usually is happy with the strings that come on a store- bought racquet. (I currently play with mid-priced Prince Triple-Threat series racquets.) A few days after getting my Big Bangers, I was subbing in a doubles group against a fellow with a monster serve that had a wicked kick. He also hit a low & powerful forehand. All I could do with my regular strings-- which do have more power than the Big Bangers--was get my racquet into position for a defensive return; my offensive returns just flew out of control. I started switching to my Big Bangers racquet for the games that this opponent' served and was able to put some good returns in with almost as much power as the server was delivering. The control of the BBs was probably allowing me to redirect the power from the strong serves into a strong return. I would recommend these strings for anyone who frequently plays against people with more powerful serves & baseline strokes. It will help you combat & control that power.
From: Rob, Wadsworth, Ohio, USA. 11/08

Comments: I play a Yonex RDS 001 MP and string my racquet at 24 kgs. I play with a lot of spin and also like hitting hard. The string lasts very long (the string lasts around 2 weeks if I play intensely). I've played natural gut strings and multifilaments before. With the BB Original I got a lot more power and control at all kinds of strokes. I've read that the string causes tennis elbow. My elbow has never hurt. When you string up your racquet with Luxilon BB strings you should take off 10- 15% the tension. Originally I had the raquet strung at 27 kgs, now with the BB it's at 24 kgs.
From: Jonas, Biel, Berne, Switzerland. 10/08

Comments: I use a full BB Original job (60 lbs.) on my Wilson n6.1 95. I hit flat groundstrokes and have an aggressive style of play. The control and power from the BB will enhance the playability of control-oriented racquets. These strings are sometimes cited as a reason for diminished performance after switching from a previous brand. Moreover, these strings are blamed for arm problems. I experienced both situations somewhat, but I adjusted my technique (such as driving further through the ball on groundstrokes) to achieve better results with less pain. For me, it's technique, not effort. I would avoid stringing the BB (as a full job) at low tensions or use them on light and stiff racquets. That will kill your arm. Make sure to get fresh strings once the stringbed feels dead.
From: Bobby. 9/08

Comments: This string is durable by far. Even if you hit a western forehand like me, it should at least last you 2 weeks. But I recommend people to get this only on the main and put a softer string on the cross because these string can cause tennis elbow.
From: tep. 8/08

Comments: It's very durable and I would recommend it for everyone. But I wish it was more durable for aggressive big hitters.
From: Moose, NJ. 6/08

Comments: This string retains tension very well. It plays good, too. I love it. I used to use Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and switched to this because 1)cheaper 2)plays better in my mind 3)holds tension better 4)lasts longer.
From: Jake, Lansing, MI, USA. 6/08

Comments: Coming from Wilson Sensation 16, I wanted more reliability, but after playing with the Big Banger once, my arm kills, and was having a terrible time getting the shots to go in, too much power, I don't like it. Pass.
From: Kevin, Saratoga, CA, USA. 5/08

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