Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 726' Reel Green Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been using Ace 18 for around 10 years. I've tried other strings, but always come back to Ace. I am a 4.0, but was a 4.5 for a few years when I played more frequently. I'm mostly a baseliner and hit with a lot of top spin and power. I love the control and spin of this string, which is a big benefit of the 18 gauge size. Being 18 gauge it is also soft on my arm, but despite that it lasts me quite a while. I should also add, it's awesome that the strings don't move with the topspin I generate, it's a really nice benefit. Durability is the reason I'm writing this review. I've played with my most recently strung racquet 5 times, which I strung myself in August. I probably played an average of 1.5 hours each time, a mix of social singles and doubles. I was reading a few of the reviews below about this string, and some people complaining about how quickly the string broke. So, I wanted to share an observation I've have regarding the way I string. I have a constant pull drop weight LaserFibre machine. I can string a racquet in 15 minutes if needed. In fact, one time I did with this string. It broke in an hour of play. When I string my "normal" way that takes an hour, I get many hours more use out of this string. I was taught to keep the tension on the string for each pull until the weight stop moving. This keeps the string from stretching later when you use it, making a more consistent sting bed tension, and helps prevent deep groves. The groves are why I think my 15 minute string job broke so quickly. Going slow is like pre-stretching, I think there is another term for this, but I can't remember it. So, I would invite anyone that thought this string broke quickly, to try a slow string job if you have a constant pull machine, and if you had done a fast one before. If you hire someone to string your racquets, you're probably out of luck, as they usually want to string as fast as possible. One last thing I like about this string, being 18 gauge, it's much easier to string, than a 15 or 16 gauge similar string.
From: Patrick, 11/16

Comments: I have used Ace 18 in my frames for the past three years. I have found good control and durability in a hybrid application: mains with Lux Ace, crosses with Tecnifibre NRG2 17g. The NRG gives the string bed a soft feel, but the combination exhibits good power and spin. For frames 95 to 100 square inches, go with 51 lbs. on the mains and 56 lbs. on the crosses.
From: Don, 2/16

Comments: I strung a Yonex Ai 100 with a full bed of Ace at 50 lbs. Very nice touch and feel. Great for volleys. Groundstrokes are solid too. Serves are very good -- flat, top spin, and slice. Even my slower slice serve now gets many points because opponent returns it wide or long. The only downside is that sometimes if you take a huge cut at the ball the string is a bit lively/bouncey and the ball will fly out more so than with Big Banger ALU Power. This reminded me of Weiss Cannon Scorpion. It's much softer than Lux BB ALU Power. I like it. I would give it a 9 out of 10. Will try it in a hybrid.
From: Art, 8/15

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and have used this string for years at 50 lbs. The Pros: very soft on the arm; very good ball pocketing (and angle for running forehand); nice feel on volley. The Cons: if you hit with heavy topspin, the string will break easily (I broke 4 in one session); if you hit hard, the tension will lose easily. The Conclusion: if you are a rec player, this will probably the softest and best playability poly string. If you are 5.0 and up and hit with heavy topspin or hard hitter, this string is not for you.
From: Minh, 6/15

Comments: An update on this string. Played with it for about 2 hours today in doubles and singles. I am a high school player and could be best described as a counter puncher and this string did everything and more. It was so soft that I was not sure I was playing with a poly. Amazing ball pocketing and feel for power shots and then nice playability for touch shots. I am a believer and will continue to buy.
From: Jordan, 4/14

Comments: Lux Ace was a dream to string and was as soft as a multi. Strung it low around 50 lbs and looking forward to trying it out! Will let everyone know how it plays in my Wilson Juice 100.
From: Jordan, 4/14

Comments: Soft feel for a poly with good spin and control. Durability is terrible on the mains, though. Snapped it right in the center after 2 hours of play. I strung it at 56 lbs and the string developed deep notches very quickly for a poly. If you like to take big cuts at the ball, this string isn't for you. I'm a 5.0 player who hits with heavy topspin and lots of pace. I found that Poly Star Strike 16 gauge plays similar to this string (a tiny bit stiffer because of the larger gauge), but Poly Star's durability is much better and its cost is a fraction of luxilon ace (especially if you buy reels). Give it a try if you can find some.
From: Vince, 8/13

Comments: Great string that opens up a tight string pattern well. Soft feel for a Luxilon string, and quite durable for an 18 gauge. I've been stringing my Head Prestige Mid 93 with it at 49 lbs (full bed) and it has become my regular string. I'm an open tournament player at the 5.0 level.
From: Mark, 7/13

Comments: A very arm friendly string and is comparable to gut when it's strung at a low tension like 48lb or 50lb. I like to string the full bed with Ace but would try other hybrids using Ace as a soft string. Definitely the best soft poly if you like more pocketing and and spinning at the baseline. I am using Wilson BLX six one 95 stringing at 48lb full bed.
From: Alfred, 5/13

Comments: I have been using this string for over 2 years. It has great pocketing and incredible spin, but breaks fast (after about 6 sets of singles).
From: Alex, 12/12

Comments: If you are a gut player seeking more durability or crispness on the string bed, look no further than Ace. I've played with a ton of different hybrids, and no string complements gut as well as Big Banger Ace. The feel of the string is far superior to any polyester I've ever tried but you still get the benefit of the polyester's durability. I love to use it on my crosses with gut in the mains, but it is great the other way around too.
From: Ryan, 7/12

Comments: Ace is great! I hybrid with X-One Biphase and no other polyester I have tried gives me the same ball pocketing as Ace. I've played with Big Banger Rough and Fluoro and both don't pocket the ball like Ace does. Tension maintenance is great too!
From: Danny, 6/12

Comments: I had TW string these strings on my Prince EXO3 Warrior when I bought it at 56 lbs. It's been past 30 hours of play by now and these strings are still performing quite well. There's some tension drop but nothing that I can't adjust my swing speed to. Pretty durable string for a gauge 18! Add to that the incredible spin and comfort.
From: Joe. 3/12

Comments:I have spent a lot of time trying out every poly that came along. I do not believe i will ever use a poly other than Ace in my racquets. I enjoy Natural Gut as well, but as far as poly's go, there is no need to search any further. Luxilon Big Banger Ace has so much feel, great pocketing and incredible spin, more so than textured strings. Have gone through a reel and will buy another. Just one terrific string.
From: Rudy, 11/11

Comments: The very best of the Luxilon line in my book. Softer than most polys, but still provides good spin due to the small gauge. Surprising durability for an 18 gauge, easily good for ten or more hours for all but the most open string patterns or hardest hitters. I cut mine out after ten or so hours, because when it dies it does so quickly, losing massive tension. As soon as it starts moving around, it needs to be replaced. One of my favorite strings and the best poly out there for people with arm issues.
From: Darin, 9/11

Comments: It's a nice string - and like the Tennis Warehouse review, it is surprisingly durable, especially in a hybrid on the mains! The spin quality is very good, feel is ok (as with most polyesters), and tension maintenance is decent. It does take a little time to "break them in", but they soon as they do they come alive! However, my elbow is feeling some pain on a full bed, and a little on the hybrid set ups. I thought this was going to be my new string, but the elbow pain I have is a put off! To be this durable as an 18 gauge string, it has to be quite tough stuff. It will be great if you don't have a particularly sensitive elbow. Strung in a hybrid, Ace mains at 56 lbs, Isospeed Control at 57/58 (nice set up). Also, I tried a full bed at 56 lbs and it was nice to play with until elbow issues. PS- Durability is extended dramatically in hybrid set ups.
From: Jonathan, 9/11

Comments: I used to use this as a cross string with 16g or 17g gut in the mains of my old yonex rdx500 and my current k6.1 tour 90, but once I started using sin gut in the mains (mainly due to scottish weather ruining gut too quickly) it lost its appeal and I stopped using it, deciding to go back to pro hurricane 17g as a cross with x1 Biphase with outstanding results. However, I did have 6m left over of ace and so after a year hiatus I decided to use it, this time as a main with x1 biphase 17g as the cross. Well, what a revelation. After about 3 hours the control I was getting was, and I say this with no doubt, the best I've ever experienced. I have simply never known control like this in my life. The comfort was awesome, the feel on the string bed was simply sublime and like I said the control was just scandalously good. I've ordered another pack and will put gut in the crosses this time and lower the tension on the ace as the 3 hour break in period was bad, i hated it. Once it dropped, well, it was a knock out. Think I'll be stringing it at 56lbs this time so I have the feel from the get go. Maybe I should never have left ace to begin with. Remarried at last.
From: Steven. 07/11

Comments: Interesting range of comments. This is soft string compared to all but the TIMO line of Luxilon strings. Good at the baseline, better at the net for touch shots. Spins like Alu-Rough without the elbow pain. Like the directions say, do string it 10% lower than non-Luxilon string.
From: Mike. 5/11

Comments: A lot of people go for NXT because it's soft. If you are looking for a string that hurts your arms less, I think Ace 18 is a much more practical option (see my review on NXT). I recommend using Ace 18 on main with Flouro 17 on cross. This sweet hybrid produces more power and control than Ace 18 full bed. You will notice the difference. Start with mid tension for your racquet. If your arms hurt, drop the tension to mid-1, or -2. The lower the tension, the less stress on your arms. This is true for any type of string. The conventional wisdom is that the lower the tension, the harder it is to control. Control is not a factor as big as most people think, especially within 3-5 lbs range. Lower tensions hurts less, gives your more feel and spin. Try it. Hard hitters probably won't like Ace 18, especially full bed. It gives too much and becomes less predictable when hit hard. If you hit harder and still want good feel, try Flouro 17 on main and Power 16L on cross (see my review on Power 16L).
From: PH, Houston, TX, USA. 09/10

Comments: I have found the most perfect combination for a female recreational player. Alu Ace with Wilson Sensation 17 gauge. Playable from the start with great feel. And surprisingly keeps tension very well & durable even with hard hitting. Most comfortable tension for me is 52lbs on a Technifibre T-feel 295 racquet.
From: Marie, Singapore. 06/10

Comments: Due to many, many people commenting on how stiff all big banger strings were, I kinda chickened out on buying BB rough 16. Instead, I bought this BB Ace 18 because the gauge is thin and is supposed to be more comfy. I got it strung at 10% lower tension...and I absolutely love it!! This string feels just fine at a lower tension coupled with a fairly light racquet, such as my Aero Pro Drive. From what I can tell, it's pretty easy to rip groundstrokes and hit harder serves. Surprisingly, this string also doesn't hurt my arm any more than Prince duraflex synthetic gut. Plus, it offers pretty decent feel. AND it is pretty durable.Overall, I am really satisfied with this string because it allows me to hit with more power and spin knowing that it won't sail long as much. Now, of course, it's important to hit with good technique to make it work out. Otherwise, these strings won't help much. This is my new favorite string!
From: AJ, OR, USA 03/10

Comments: I was experimenting with strings to help with some shoulder pain and I absolutely fell in love with the Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18. I strung my Head Speed MP 16 * 19 at 55 lbs and to me you can not beat the feeling this string gives especially when new. My forehand seems to have more pop and generates more topspin with minimal effort. Serves are consistent and volley's are crisp. I have experienced no pain in my shoulder. The only downside is the cost and durability. I am not a big hitter and I get about 12 sets of play before the string breaks. Towards the end of the strings life you may also notice some tension drop. Still, for the big matches nothing beats a fresh set of Big Banger Ace in my opinion.
From: Joe, Richmond, VA., USA. 12/09

Comments: I love the string. I have been trying so many strings, but somehow always come back to this string. At 18g without hybrid is still very good for control and power without hurting my arm. Tension lose is noticeable after a week of hitting.
From: KC, Oakland, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments:This is the best string made after gut. It combines great feel, substantial spin potential, and durability into one nice looking product. This string is not for people with serious elbow, wrist or shoulder problems, though strung low and hybrided with gut it might be tolerable. I put this string in my mains at 56 lbs, with gut in the crosses at 60 lbs. Works great and lasts about 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on a host of factors. I'm an ex-college player, and currently in the 4.0-4.5 range. I'm old as dirt, so if I can use this string so can almost anyone else with healthy joints.
From: Robert, Palm Harbor, Florida 06/09

Comments: I string my racket at 53 on mains and 52 on the crosses and it's just great and didn't have any arm trouble. When you are using Luxilion always go at a low tension.
From: danny, mountain view, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: I personally prefer this hybrid set-up: Lux Ace 18g mains at 55lbs, cheapo Babolat Super Fine Play 17g crosses at 60lbs. It's a balancing act I can live with; decent cost and duration coupled with plenty of power and spin.
From: Bill, Everett, WA, USA. 2/09

Comments: I tried all the Big Bangers, Kirschbaum pl2 and many more and I must say the string has the best feel spin and control of any poly(or string) I've ever used. Power is average...just the way I like it this string is a must try.
From: Matt, Canada. 10/08

Comments: I was top ten norcal, 5.5, and top 3 4.5. I've been stringing since 1983 and been playing since 1967, the Laver years. I tried many hybrids, lux, gut, poly, polyolfelin, kevlar, syn gut, durablast, prince, tecnifibre, nxt, sensation, signum ppp, leoina nylon, etc. Even tried guitar string and brake cable, and metal tie wire. The best hybrid I've tried so far, is Ace 18 on the mains, and Topspin Cyber Flash 17g on the crosses. I string the perimeter strings, top, sides, and bottom, 15% higher, and the rest of the bed normally. This combats knot tension loss, and improves feel. So, just stringing for myself, it's been 600- 800 string jobs, as I cut out any job that does not feel good right away.
From: Geoff (the master), Oakland ca. 9/08

Comments: I absolutely love this string. I'm a 4.0-4.5 former Jr College player. I almost gave up on polys until I tried this. I tried Luxilon Alu Power, Signum Poly Plasma and many other thin gauge polys. I strung this 12 months ago! (took 4 months off btw) It still has great feel to this date. My setup is quite odd but works well with my counter-punch type game. I used a hybrid setup on my Pure Drive 107 12.7 ounce frame, 44lbs Lux Ace mains, and 46lbs Tecnifibre 16 gauge syn gut. With this low tension you can assume that it played quite lively and still does to this day. The bite is terrific. I've always used a closed patterned racket growing up, so the access to spin I now have with this string (and racket) is a breath of fresh air. I can unload and not be concerned about the ball flying long. I can also drop it knowing that the string gives me enough touch, feedback, and spin to let the ball die.
From: Joe, Fremont, CA, US. 9/08

Comments:Amazing string and excellent spin capability. Both my forehand and backhand kick up tremendously and my serve has also improved. I strung it at 57lbs on my prince with a synthetic gut on the cross and the feel is absolutely amazing. I had tried other polyesters, but nothing compares to this one.
From: Mike, Frederick, Maryland, USA, 07/08

Comments: The spin and control that this string has to offer is amazing, and it even adds a little power to my game. The best part of this string though is the feel. The feel of this string is great and is so comfortable. I played a match with it and was hitting winner on every other shot. The only problem that I noticed was that it took some power away from your serve. Ace- 60LBS and Gosen Syn Gut- 63LBS
From: Anon. CA, USA. 6/08

Comments: I had high hopes for this string. Strung at 55lbs on my Liquidmetal Radical MP, it totally killed my arm. I had to lead the stick up like crazy to minimize the shock, and loosen the tension further by performing a bunch of old school tricks from the 19th century, and it still felt stiff. I wanted this string to break so bad, but it just wouldn't. Despite its thin gauge, this string lasted me three months! And I play three hours a day, every day, hitting like a maniac the whole time. It does have decent control, though. Spin is nothing special, but I'm sure it would be much better if I had a racquet with an open string pattern. I've switched to gut now, but will try more polys. Kirschbaum Pro Line II or Luxilon Big Banger Fluoro, and maybe Pro Supex Big Ace, in a hybrid with either gut or good multi such as Tecnifibre NRG2.
From: Toronto, ON, Canada. 1/08

Comments: This is an awesome string. I strung it at 59 lbs on my HEAD Liquidmetal Radical mp, and it had a firm, boardy feel. After an initial break-in period where I was hitting weak, short balls while getting adjusted to the lack of power, I began to hit really well. It has a boardy, but crisp feel with some pop. Control and durability are excellent, and it held its tension very well for me. With this string, I felt like I could hit all out and never hit the ball long. Feel and touch at the net were not so great, but if you like to hit firm, crisp volleys, it works well for you. I wanted to keep using this string as it's great in all areas except for the fact that I started to get tennis elbow for the first time using this string after a 18 yrs of playing; I mainly felt it on hitting kick serves. I'm searching for a more forgiving string that has all the same properties of Big Banger but have yet to find it. I'm getting desperate and may come back to it but may have to drop the tension a bit. My favorite properties of this string are the control & the crisp feel.
From: Tom, TX, USA. 11/07

Comments: Ace in the mains and natural gut in the crosses is simply phenomenal. All the spin you could dream of and an unparalleled feel. Tension maintenance and durability are fantastic. Still going strong after 14 hours. I'm interested to see what breaks first, Ace or Gut. I'm a 5.0 player with pretty heavy topspin. Ace 63 lbs/ Gut 66 lbs in Prince O3 Speedport Tour.
From: Latham, Austin, TX, USA. 11/07

Comments: I purchased the Luxilon Ace because I wanted more feel from a string. The string doesn't pack much power, but I am a big hitter of the ball, so it isn't a problem. I am a grade 3 pennant tennis player with a big forehand and serve. Durability wise this string is surprisingly good. I tried mixing it with Babolat Pro Hurricane for the mains and that was a good combination. All in all this string is amazing, your slice will improve as will touch on your volley, angle of shot will also be more achievable with this string. I don't recommend going down in tension like others have stated. I string it up at 64lbs and it's dropped slightly in tension but feels great. I also recommend stringing it up straight, not as a hybrid. I am using the Slazenger pro braided, qiute stiff and a little heavy.
From: Adrian, Tokyo, Japan. 11/07

Comments: Had my Kneissl Red Star strung at 59 lbs. Played with Signum Poly Plasma/natural gut hybrid before that. Ace is a vast improvement, what a pleasant surprise! I have also tried Alu Power smooth and rough versions, Timo, Pro Hurricane as far as poly strings go and some of the better rated multifilaments. Ace is somehow more controlled response than all the poly strings, but comfortable and with good pocketing and bite. I was unloading into the shots from both wings with confidence. Great string.
From: Yuri, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, 09/07

Comments: Very good string. Very firm feel on the racquet, opposite of a Gut or NXT feel. Due to the hard nature of the string, you must have the ability to generate your own power, but if you have a solid game and are a 4.0+ player, you have to try this string. As you will read on the Luxilon pages, this string, due to its hard nature, needs to be strung 10% looser than your typical string (ie. 60 lbs would be 54 lbs with Luxilon). Overall a 9.5 on playability and a 8 on durability.
From: Rob, Newport, RI, USA, 06/07

Comments: AMAZING feel and spin from string bed. Better than Pro Hurricane Tour. I was hitting wicked slice serves for aces from the deuce court. String really holds up to its name. 3 hours playing and still going strong!
From: Andy, Rochester, NY, USA. 2/07

Comments: I stung ACE18 with my Wilson N-Pro and found their perfect matching. At 58lbs. tension, the stiff and heavy frame doesn't heart my arm any more. For durability wise, as I play 2-3 hour a week, it takes me about 4 months to break a string. One best thing that I have never found any other strings is very stable properties over the period of first stung until broken.
From: Dan, Bangkok, Thailand. 1/07

Comments: I play with a Head Flexpoint Radical strung at 57lbs - this string is a vast improvement on the Big Banger ALU & Original. Excellent for volleying and the grounds strokes are a lot crisper than normal. Definitely recommend this string to others.
From: Colin, London, UK

Comments: ery durable for an 18G string. Lot of feel and control, I can hit those precise down the line backhands with ease. Would definitely recommend this string. I don't see the stiffness even though other Luxilon strings I tried are little stiff.
From:V Hari, Denver, CO, USA, 12/06

Comments: I strung this in the mains in my tour diablo MS at 70 lbs with prince softflex in the crosses and there�s no feeling like it. The bite I got on the ball was unmatched. I'm going to stick with this string for a while. The only downside is that they aren't extremely durable, but you can't expect much from a thin 18 gauge string.
From: Scott, USA. 10/06

Comments: Wow, this string offers frustration on the string job but it was well worth it. At first I couldn't stop cursing this string for giving me a hard time stringing it but I completely forgot about it after I started hitting with this thing. The serves and groundies have more pop and spins. This string is well worth the price.
From: Tenae, Cottonwood, AZ, USA. 10/06

Comments: I've played with ACE for past 2 weeks, so maybe it is too early to evaluate it. But, so far I am satisfied with this. First, I had suffered tennis elbow last year and I wanted to find a mixture of comfort and power. And this is it. Second, it feels like I hit balls with 20% more power/pops/spins so that balls easily go over the net and land on near baseline (farther than I expect.) Third, the downside is that I cannot volley the balls as accurate as before because it pops too much. Maybe I need more time to get adjusted to ACE or I need to string it 4 or 5lbs tighter. (Currently at 55lbs.) In conclusion, I will stick with this string for a long while. Already purchased more at TW.
From: Kwangsoo Han, Grand Forks, ND, USA 04/06

Comments: Wow. I love this stuff! Superb feel, bite, and control. I'm pretty strong and hit with vicious top and pace and it still took me 3 weeks to pop! Not bad for 18g. I'm thinking of trying the Ace in the crosses with Hurricane in the mains (I just broke my first set of Ace) to increase durability. However, even alone these strings are like butta! These strings are like sex: No matter how you get it, it still rocks!
From: Andrew, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 9/05

Comments: Normally I don't care about durability. To me it is all about performance. But I have been playing two weeks with this string and still have not broke it. The feel and control is still good. It improves my serve and slice, along with killer ground strokes. I also try ALU Power and TI-MO, but I think Banger ACE is better. More feel and control.
From: Ken, Bayarea, CA, USA. 03/05

Comments: This string is AMAZING! I strung it about three weeks ago and I just broke it. I used to brake strings in about 1 week. Not this string though.
From: George, Glen Cove, NY, USA. 02/05

Comments: This is a very durable string for an 18g. I strung it @ 56lbs on one of my Dunlop 300G and @ 55lbs on the other. My racquet tension on Synthetic guts is 58-59lbs.)The BB ACE was like a board initially but after a couple of hours it settled in. The string doesn't move at all! Good control and spin potential. You have to generate your own power. Suited for topspin players with a fast and full swing. I guess, I could have strung it @ 53-54lbs. 10% tension reduction must be observed if you want to enjoy the feel of this string. I will be trying Yonex Super Tour 850 Pro Spin 16 next.
From: Art Santos, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 02/05

Comments: I have been using this string for about a year now and I love it. Sometimes I would try other string but ended up getting mad with myself for trying other strings. This string is world class, hands down bad to the bone. It gives me good spin and good pace that seems to always land on the court, despite my huge swinging forehand and single-handed backhand. I was even able to play open-stance one-handed backhand with incredible speed and spin. I think I could not have done it without this string. It kind of pockets the ball so good with my Dunlop 300G, strung at 56lbs to 58lbs. This string is one hell of a deal, gives you a level or two up!
From: Jeff, Ontario, CA, USA. 9/04

Comments: Wow, this string changed my game a lot. I could hits my shot with more confidence since the ball will land inside the court instead of flying all over the place. I could feel the bite of the ball when I hit it. I did lower it from (60lbs to 55lbs). I maybe lower it more. First string break after 2 weeks, but it was because it string it too high (58lbs). Will continue with it for little more. Let see how it goes. I may try the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough or the Gamma Live Wire XP String on Wilson ProStaff Tour 95 and ProStaff 95 Classic at 55lbs.
From: Phu, San Jose, CA, USA. 08/04

Comments:This was my first Luxilon Big Banger string and I followed the recommendation and strung it 10% lower (60lbs to 54lbs) in my Yonex RD-7 95. But it was still too tight initially and at first the string felt really stiff and wiry, and hurt my arm a little bit. After a few weeks they loosened up a little and the string played and felt much better. Ace has fantastic control and spin, but power is only moderate. You can really feel the thinness of the strings bite into the ball. I break thick nylon strings in a few weeks but Ace lasted me 3 months (playing 3 or 4 times a week) and it played well to the end. The strings only started to move after 2 months. I have a strong serve and big forehand and am astonished that such a thin string (1.12mm) can be so durable. If you can provide your own power, I highly recommend this string. I�m going to try ALU Power next, and I�ll probably string it at around 50lbs.
From: SG, Australia. 8/04

Comments: This string is too darn stiff. I can't slice high backhand because it's so stiff. Ball just flies off the racquet. Try the Luxilon AlU-Power.
From: Tony, Ga, USA. 07/04

Comments: I tried this string based on the feedback and it works as good as others say. Once I got used to what this string can do, I was hooked. Power, control and durability to boot. I use a Prince Thunderstorm which is fairly stiff and would be breaking regular prince synthetics in just over a week. I've used a Kevlar blend which solve the durability problem and had pretty good control. I also tried Ti-Mo 17 which proved to be too springy. I found this string lasted as long as my Kevlar blend, almost 3 months. Being thin, there's also less wind resistance which helps in windy conditions. Everyone in my tennis group notice the difference when they played against me. They want to try it too. Use the recommended 10% less tension than what you regularly string.
From: Steve, Honolulu, HI, USA. 3/04

Comments: I played with 18g TI-MO in my Babolot stick for the first time last September. I just broke the string a week ago and thought I would try 18g Big Banger Ace. What a string! It is not as stiff as the TI-MO, but it is every bit as durable. I had to remove my dampener to take full advantage of all the feel. This is the best feeling I have had about a string since I started playing 18 years ago. I highly recommend it!
From: Mike, Adelphi, MD, USA. 1/04

Comments: Incredible playability - best string I ever used. Unfortunately, it is only lasting a set at most. Anyone else having durability issues?
From: Chris, Miami, FL, USA. 1/04

Comments: This is a terrific string all-around. It is unfair to call it a polyester, because the Big Banger series has a unique, vibrant feel that most other polyesters cannot muster. The thin width enhances ball feel, while the Luxilon compound ensures good durability for the twice-a-week-on-mostly-clay player (me). Strings don't move, so there's no issue of "sawing" the mains during play. I found excellent resiliency and bounce and good control on top and slice shots. By the way, for hard-hitters, I've found that you can trust Luxilon's advice to string this product at @ 10% less than normal. I do and get a nice, dense, stiff string-bed with great feel and no trampoline effect.
From: Colpo, New York, NY, USA. 11/03

Comments: I'm an intermediate player that likes to hit the ball hard with a lot of topspin. I just started using Big Banger Ace 18g and I'm very impressed. My stringer recommended 56 lbs. for this string in my Dunlop 300G, and it's just perfect. Great spin, control, touch, and power; all in one string! I find it's overall playability to be every bit as good as natural gut, and even better for spin and durability, not to mention price. I've used a number of other synthetics, but this is by far the best. No comparison! We'll see how long it lasts, but so far, so good.
From: Tom, USA. 9/03

Comments: I'm a 5.5 s/v finesse player and groundstroking string breaker. I also have a sensitive shoulder. Yes, it's a virtual nightmare in terms of finding a suitable string. Luxilon Ace 18 has solved my two-year long search for the "holy grail" string. This stuff has control, spin potential, impeccable feel and it lasts without major tension reduction. I string it 10% lower and use a soft mono cross. For the first time in 5 years, I've played four days straight without pain!!! You Belgian Luxillon people got the formula down on this one!
From: Michael, Arcadia, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: I just tried the Big Banger ace 18, I�m very satisfied as it gives me extreme spin and awesome control. I produce my own power. I strung it at 60 instead of 64lbs.
From: Marcel, Hull, QC, Canada. 5/03

Comments: Big Banger Ace 18g is an awesome string. I started breaking strings for the first time this year. Everything I tried lasted only about a month. My stringer recommended Banger Ace and this stuff lasted four months of hard hitting. The amazing thing is the string stays in place and doesn't fray either. It has a pretty good feel to it. It may not bite as much into the ball as some other string, but it generates enough spin for my 4.0 level game. I use this string with a Volkl Quantum 8 frame and really love the string and plan to stay with it for a long time.
From: Kevin, Cedar Rapids, IA. USA 12/02

Comments: I am a big fan of Luxilon strings. I have almost tried all of the products like: ALU-Power, Ti-Mo, X-P, Original and finally ACE 18. Absolutely without any doubt, Ace is the very best ! Even among other brands. It combines everything: power with control, good feel yet durable! Just too good!
From: Mark, Australia 11/02

Comments: I play with a Dunlop 300G, and I normally string my racquets at 62lbs, and I tried this string at 55lbs. At the first few hits, it felt unresponsive, but eventually it settled in. It feels fairly soft, but one thing I found for me is the low durability. I broke the strings after 4 hours of play. The string is also quite stiff. I recommend it to a player that doesn't break strings too often, and would like a softer feeling string.
From: Martin, Ontario, Canada 10/02

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