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Comments: I am a recreational senior player that plays in USTA tournaments NTRP 3.0-3.5 or 60's singles. I have tried a variety of strings looking for best combination of touch (I like to serve and volley and play at the net during doubles), control and power. At best, to get power I string at a lower tension (also to prevent strain on elbows and shoulders) but since I have only been playing 3+ years, I couldn't control my groundstrokes but had good touch on volleys and drops. When I raised the tension, I lost some power on serves and touch on volleys but gained control and better form and accuracy on groundstrokes.
From: Charles, 8/14

Comments: Loved these strings. The reasons for the other reviews that don't like them are because of they didnt follow the instructions of reducing tension by 10%. Mine felt great my first session and still feel good month later. Possibly the best strings ive ever used.
From: Scotty, 1/14

Comments: One word, solid! From the first strike of the ball, I could tell that Luxilon Adrenaline was a firm playing co-poly. I had to put a little more juice behind each stroke I hit (especially when serving or hitting groundies from the baseline) to achieve average pace I normally can hit with other co-polys. The stiffness of this string also did start getting to my arm after a set of singles or two as well. However, when it comes to raw control, predictable feel, and even reliable amounts of spin generation, this string does impress. I felt that I could take long/fast strokes with total confidence at least 9 times out of 10. Overall, not enough positive attributes to makes this Lux my string of choice, but it is definitely worth at least a demo for those control freaks out there who love firm firm-feeling co-polys.
From: Shane, 11/13

Comments: Good string, nice feel, but it drops in tension fast, and after that it is un-hittable.
From: Max, USA, 02/11

Comments: Terrible strings they were only good for the first day of hitting after that the strings just went downhill. You might have to hybrid it or you'll notice the tension dropping. Lux alu rough is a lot better.
From: Andy, USA, 01/11

Comments: I tried a lot of strings the last couple of months! Started out with a Kirschbaum Spiky, changed to the Weiss Cannon and again switched to Babolat Hurricane. Then I came across the new Luxilon string and I have to say it felt great from the first moment on. It has pretty good spin (not like the Super Spiky from Kirschbaum, but that was a little much anyways) and great durability, the best of all strings I have used to far. I felt that the power level was decent as well. The touch and control you get off this string are outstanding though. I'll definitely stick to this string since it is quite cheap for a Luxilon and compared to other strings in that category.
From: Benjamin, Hamburg, Germany. 09/10

Comments: This string starts out being really stiff if you get strung at 60 or higher. I usually play with pro blend, a poly with a synthetic gut at 64. The first time playing with this string the strings were strung at 60 which had no playability but over weeks the strings loosened up. The strings have amazing control, you can make the ball go any where you want. You have to hit through with these strings. The strings do have very good spin but it is not spin you can drive through with. The strings are great for more of a follow through motion then a low to high loopy motion. The strings are so easy to use, the strings are great for slices, blocking back hard services and blocking the ball back in to the court. I was at tennis meet and I let everybody try my raquet out and they all hit better with Luxilon Adrenaline then their normal string. I am a 4.0-4.5 singles player that uses the old Prince Black Speedport with the Adrenaline string strung at 60. The string takes some time getting used to know how to use it but once you do, the string is amazing. This is the best string ever and it is not hard your elbow for everyone that is concerned about this that reads this. I have not tried the other Luxilon strings but I was told through the father of a top 20 player in Florida that Adrenaline was the answer and is the new modified version of Luxilon that has reduced the stiffness versus previous Luxilon strings. Very soft string, very playable, I will continue to play with this string as long as possible. Don't feel bad if you need lower your tension with this string, usually string it 10% to 15% lower than your normal tension. This string has so much control and power that I use this string for a lot of defense shots. I used to kill the ball, now I get everything back and block it and I think I am a better tennis player being able to not have to try so hard with a string that is so powerful. Bottom line Adrenaline takes up little energy use, which allows you to save your energy for running down balls and keeping the ball in play.
From: William YMCA, FL, USA 03/10

Comments: Good string, but you have to choose a lower tension (about 10% lower than usual). Durable, decent spin, not too much power, but a very good control and feel. Good price for a Luxilon!
From: Cipi, Sibiu Romania 02/10

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