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Comments: Strung this up at 50 lbs on a Babolat Aero Storm. Hated it for the first day, but then the tension dropped several pounds, and have played some of the best tennis of my life. Tension lasted about a week and a half before needing to cut it out. Great string.
From: Justin, 8/16

Comments: Finally tried this poly strung at 55 lbs (10% less than normal). Yes, it's dead compared to previous strings but I still feel the ball on the strings only this time it feels like strings are grabbing the ball vice pocketing -- gives me better control on groundstrokes and I can take full swings, and though I can't put quite the back spin on drop shots, I have more control on direction on volleys and therefore can add more pop through better stroke mechanics. Serves lost some pace at first but now have better control and allows me to swing out thereby gaining some pace back. Plus strings seem to get better with use and they don't move around. And no arm issues. I had a little soreness in my shoulder but I think this was due to fact that strings allowed me to take bigger swings on ground strokes and serves. And the direction and pace of approach shots has improved. One downside is that I have to depend more on my stoke mechanics to generate same amount of top spin as strings don't pocket ball they grab it therefore fewer stings in contact with ball. Strung on my racquet Dunlop Max 200G 16X19. Strung Luxilon Adrenaline 16 at 55 lbs.
From: Charles, 10/14

Comments: I've had this string on my Wilson Pro Tour BLX for about a year now. I strung it at 58 lbs and it is finally losing tension. Like most Lux strings, it pockets the ball real well and with the right amount of top spin the ball always seems to drop at the baseline. Solid choice for players looking to save a couple bucks from normal Lux string.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I love this string. I have it in my Wilson Juice 100. I went through Wilson Sensation, Wilson Sensation Control, and Wilson Sensation with ALU Power. I broke them all in a couple hitting sessions. I went with this string at 60 pounds and my control is amazing, which you need with the Juice's power if you have big strokes. I have had it for a couple of weeks but it has lasted longer then everything else.
From: Kevin, 8/12

Comments: I hate the feel and touch of this string. It easily loses tension. There is no bite at all.
From: Roengent, 9/11

Comments: I strung my Babolat Pure Drive Plus racquets with this stuff at 58lbs and I'm a 4.0 heavy topspin hitter. Needless to say I broke these in 1 1/2 weeks. Still looking for a string that is durable and provides great feel. These were just not durable enough.
From: Mike, 8/11

Comments: Went from breaking 4 sets of synthetic gut in less than 10 hours of play to cutting these out after six months. Have a nice firm feel and help produce spin, particularly on the serve, which I like since I'm shorter than average. Very worth the money
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: I am a national junior player, around 100 in the nation and I am a frequent string breaker so I've been trying a lot of different 16g string in the mains to try and last me a couple of days. Well, I think my search might be over, I strung Adrenaline at 58 in the mains and MSV Hex in the crosses at 60. It feels really good for topspin and you can flatten the ball out for winners. Serves and volleys are amazing. This is just an all around good string. I will post how the durability is in the next couple of days!
From: Zack, Indiana, USA, 10/10

Comments: I'm a 4.5/5.0 playing a Babolat Pure Drive at 58 lbs. This stuff really is great. I feel the ball bounce off the racket more crisply/more 'pop' than with ALU Big Banger. Plenty of control and grip on the ball for my heavy topspin forehand. Great with my big flat serve and with powerful groundstrokes. I can't speak to its durability yet, but so far a better string than ALU BB and cheaper!
From: Clayton, Everett, WA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I liked the spin attenuation and dead feel that I got from these strings. I have never had any arm problems before, but after a few matches I started having a little discomfort in my elbow. I did recently change racquets from the Prince o3 hybrid to Babolat Pure Drive GT, but that was about 6 months ago. I attribute my elbow discomfort to the Luxilon Adrenaline. On advise from the club pros, I then used Gamma gut strings in the crosses and this helped my elbow issues. I recommend these strings, but if one has arm/shoulder issues it might be better to use it as hybrid
From: Selvam, Wilmington, DE, USA. 5/10

Comments: This stuff is amazing. I have never played better. I usually use Alu Power at 59lbs, I strung this at 57lbs and it was amazing. I was hitting balls I thought would be 10ft. out and they fell in. The power is amazing. It is softer and more comfortable than Alu Power and also cheaper. Even my serve was bigger. I am more of a power player but I do hit heavy spin and its great. I'm one of top juniors in the state and this will take me to next level.
From: Max, 02/10

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