Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 16L (1.25) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is so far my favorite poly string. I was looking for the tradition advantages of poly in a comfortable lively feeling string. I've used this as well as non-rough version strung at 52 lbs in the main using a softer synthetic gut in the cross. This with Weiss-Canon Explosiv 16G at 57 lbs in the cross played lovely in my Babolat Aero Storm, giving a boost in power, spin, control and feel. I didn't notice much difference between the normal and the rough version, perhaps a bit more spin with the rough. I found the tension maintenance and durability to be very good and would highly recommend this string for anyone looking for a comfortable softer poly.
From: Lance, 2/16

Comments: After trying several strings on my Head Youtek IG Speed 18x20 (Djokovic), I found this one. Great feeling, control and that rough texture is helping me to put tons of powerful top spin on my shots. The only con is durability, I'm breaking every 2 matches (4 - 5 hrs).
From: Mauricio, 3/12

Comments: Yes, this has the exact same texture as ALU Power Rough. As a cross string I did find this string to move more and not snap back to the original position as easily as ALU Power Rough. It also felt slightly softer than ALU Power Rough. As far as power compared to ALU Power Rough it has less. It does maintain tension better.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This is a nice string. Luxilon recommends dropping string tension by 10% but I just go with 5%. I used to play with Luxilon Adrenaline 17 in the cross and in the main I used to have Tecnifibre BiPhase One (excellent alternative for natural guy) but the Luxilon would just bite into my main string often. So went with Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 16 for the entire frame at 53 lbs. It is a stiff string so you may not like it to being with but it gets better as you get used to it. The positives include excellent control and spin potential, above average power, and some what muted feel but it could be my Wilson Six One 95.
From: Bharath, 11/11

Comments: Great string! I love it! It gives me great control, power and spin - much more than the Babolat RPM Blast. I switched to the Babolat AeroPro Drive racquet to get more topspin and power. Strung with Luxilon Adrenaline 16L (1.25) strings, I am getting even more power, control and spin. My shots are consistently deep and inside the court - service, drives and volleys. These strings compensate for my lack of muscle power. It feels the best at low tension - 48lbs. Do not wait for the strings to break before restringing; it is a very resilient string and starts to feel a bit "dead" before it breaks. I restring regularly (depending on how much I play and how hard my opponents hit) to keep that wonderful lively feeling of these strings.
From: Eva, 9/11

Comments: I really like this stuff now. It's pretty stiff & gave me elbow issues when I strung it at my usual 58lbs (too scared to drop tensions because I didn't want to waste money on a string job I may hate). At 58lbs, it had no feel or touch at the net but was so awesome from the baseline - able to bang away & keep the ball in the court. Desperate to keep using it, I dropped my tension down to 48lbs in a last-ditch effort to play pain-free - now it's perfect. I've got touch & feel on volleys but can still bang away on serves & the baseline (just have to hit with more topspin now) but the control is still great. I don't recommend everyone dropping it this much for the comfort but with an 18X20 LM radical MP, I can get away with it. I think you can only drop the tension this much on stiff strings like the luxilons & still maintain the control. It's got good feel & bite but I love it for the control & now most importantly, no arm pain.
From: Tom. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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