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Comments: I'm a 4.5 player, 5'11" with a size 9.5 shoe. I've been wearing the KSwiss Big Shots since August 2011 (I've already gone through two pairs, about to send the second back for a replacement). The toe box of my left foot wore down on my most recent pair, the bottom wore through on my last pair. The shoe has more cushioning than my previous shoe, (the KSWISS defier MiSouls) but I still find myself having to re-lace and tighten my shoes every 15-20 minutes of wear on the court (because they seem to stretch out). I like that they have a wider toe-box (not a long, narrow one that I tend to trip over). Still, it's frustrating that I spend so much money on shoes that need to constantly need to be readjusted during practice and matches. Also, they can feel like bricks on my feet. I wish there was a lighter shoe, with a wider toe box that I don't need to readjust. I've also tried the Adidas shoe, but they didn't provide enough stability for my frame.
From: Molly, 4/13

Comments: This is by far the best fitting shoe for my foot! I have 3 pairs, and am an all-court player who plays doubles and singles. This shoe supports my narrow ankles although they are a bit wide in the toe area, but still good. I am very active at the net and do a lot of running and jumping and this shoe gives great cushioning for this.
From: Dawn, 1/13

Comments: I got these shoes after wearing Babolat SFX shoes for three months. Those Babolats killed me so I went back to KSwiss. These shoes are amazing. They fit true to size and while at first my arch hurt, that went away after I started to play. They are very stable and gave my foot a lot of support. They are stiff, but I like that. I found them to be super comfortable and I will buy another pair after these wear out. Hopefully it will be a while, as they have a 6 month sole warranty. I am a 2.5 player and play twice a week.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I loved the Stabilor for support--switched to this shoe and my feet hurt after playing--they never did with Stabilor. I wish they still made Stabilor in my size (women's 11). I will have to quit wearing the Bigshot--not enough support and my legs and feet both hurt!
From: Katie, 8/12

Comments: I own three pairs of these. I used to wear New Balance 1004 but they broke down and ended up too sloppy for my foot in the toe box. I have a medium wide foot and narrow heel and I'm almost flat footed. The BigShot gives me enough room in the box and hugs the heel. They fit good right out of the box and my foot feels stable. I can play a three setter and my feet feel good. I'm a strong 3.5 player.
From: Leslie, 4/12

Comments: I liked these shoes initially but once I started playing with more intensity I ended up with badly bruised toes on each foot. The toe box could be wider. I also found myself stumbling on occasion with these shoes and wondered if it might be from the wide sole catching on the hard courts.
From: Ava. 08/11

Comments: I found this shoe to be too narrow for me. I typically wears K-Swiss with no issue. This one was too stiff and narrow. Too bad because it's a gorgeous shoe.
From: Shelly, 7/11

Comments: I have tried several K Swiss shoes that have been fine. I got the Big Shot and was really disappointed with the comfort. They feel super stiff and do not bend with the foot at all. Gael Monfils looked like he played great in that shoe, but the women's version was terrible.
From: Sara. 6/11

Comments: I have always liked K-Swiss shoes and these are their best ever. Mine were comfortable right out of the box. I found that they molded to my foot and fit like a glove. The stability and traction are great. The mesh on the top allows for excellent ventilation in hot Florida weather. The soles work on hard or clay courts. I didn't find them to be that light, but I would rather have the stability anyway. They are on the expensive side, but I feel they are worth the price with the 6-month sole guarantee. I would definitely purchase these again. Great job K-Swiss.
From: Karen. 5/11

Comments: I have a wide foot with a high arch and had been wearing the KSwiss Defier. I was interested in trying something more lightweight. These felt comfy out of the box and after getting used to the wide shoe base I felt more mobile. The trade off is there is very little cushioning, and after a few months I developed pain in my right heel. I've popped the insoles out and replaced them with a good pair of cushioned athletic insoles. Much better now.
From: Cindy. 5/11

Comments: These are the stiffest, most uncomfortable K-Swiss I've owned. Feel like Frankenstein when trying to move on the courts in them! Every time I think to give them one more try, I end up miserable by the end of three sets. Not a winner for me.
From: Sandi, McKinney, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: When I tried these on they were very comfortable. However, when I wore them for more than an hour, they hurt my feet. They don't provide much support at all. I am extremely disappointed because they were so expensive. I am going to try to purchase an insole for them to see if it adds the necessary support. I have average width feet, with a normal arch and I've never had a pair of tennis shoes before that make my feet hurt.
From: Cindy, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 01/11

Comments: After 35 years of K-Swiss, I was ready to jump ship to another brand. I had tried virtually every new style without luck. I was worried that K-Swiss was giving up quality in their new models. Many were stiff both in the soles and uppers and were not at all comfortable. FINALLY K-Swiss has come through with a lightweight, comfortable shoe that provides good support. Phew!
From: Linda, Marin County, USA, 11/10

Comments: These are the best tennis sneakers I've ever worn. They are comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and durable. I was wearing the clunky Defier before I bought the BigShot and I'm so glad I switched. My only complaint about them is the price...Despite that; I will probably buy another pair when these wear out (hopefully on sale)!
From: Kacey, Columbus, OH, USA, 11/10

Comments: These are truly outstanding tennis shoes. I have a thinner foot (in the thickness part of it in the depth, not the width). I am also on the lean side in body weight but my foot width is medium and my heel is a bit on the narrower side. The shoe was a tiny bit roomy but not too wide once I tightened up the laces a bit. I wore a cushioned sock with them and added one of the standard Dr. Scholl's foot pads (the $2 white ones that are foam and very thin which are sold at drug stores). This made the shoe fit perfectly snug plus when the inside pads that I inserted wear out, I can always put a new set in, and to top it off I get even more cushioning (but the shoes are cushioned very well on their own). I was able to play an entire match with these shoes right out of the box, with no break in time and they felt super supportive and stable, but not too stiff at all. They are light, low profile, and very comfortable. Plus, my heel did not slip out of them. I love these shoes and will purchase another pair when these wear out.
From: Deb, Tampa, Florida 10/10

Comments: I switched from the MI Soul to try the BigShot. The BigShot is a big disappointment. The insoles have no support. I will need to purchase inserts for this shoe. I wish these had the same support as the MI Soul. This is my last pair of K- Swiss.
From: Mary, Florida, 10/10

Comments: I truly an sorry to report that I did not like this shoe at all. I had switched to KSwiss Glaciator from Adidas Barricade and was thrilled with the light weight and comfort of fit of the K Swiss product. When I needed a new pair this season, I stepped it up for this big shot. First if all, I have a wider medium width foot. This shoe was very wide. I kept trying to tie it tighter for the fit. While it was lightweight, the fit was truly poor and my feet hurt after playing in them, or the next day. I couldn't wait to take them off. Also my size 7 1/2 foot looked huge in them. Don't pay big money for the big shot. Go with one of the lesser-pricedKswiss shoes. I think you will be happier.
From: Tobi, Wellesley, MA, USA, 09/10

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