KSwiss BigShot Light White/Silver Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I love these shoes. Feels like I have a pair of running shoes on. I can move much faster in a match. I have read the rest of the reviews but do not experience anything but pleasure from these shoe.
From: Kathy, 6/15

Comments: Unfortunately, I have to agree with the reviewers that these shoes just don't have the right cushioning or support. Loved them at first, but they have broken down very quickly. By the end of a first set, I needed to change to a different pair of shoes or I would have pain in the balls of my feet. Also, I pronate a bit and these shoes don't hold my foot in place at all. Bad buy -- steer clear.
From: Andy, 10/14

Comments: I loved these shoes when I bought them because they were cushiony (obviously as my comment below shows), and thought I would stick with this brand, but after a couple of weeks I started having terrible pain in the sole of my feet after playing. These shoes apparently do not have enough arch support. This had never happened with any other brand. I bought the shoes from a local store and cannot send them back. Complete waste of money plus lots of pain! Now looking at Nike shoes again.
From: TPlayer, 9/14

Comments: I love the look of these shoes and initially thought they were very comfortable. I began to develop a lot of foot pain post match and it didn't occur to me right away that it was the shoe. I have these in two colors and I switched around depending on the rest of my attire. I have now determined that it is the shoe and for whatever reason, they do not offer the support I need and my feet hurt badly when I wear them. Going back to the Prince T22.
From: Katrina, 7/14

Comments: I bought a pair yesterday morning and played in them in the evening. They fit my feet very well. Relatively light and very comfortable. I am going to wear them a bit more and might buy another pair. I have used Nike and New Balance shoes before. These seem to fit better and have more cushion. I wear a size 7, have a high arch and narrow feet.
From: Tplayer, 7/14

Comments: I am usually a Prince tennis shoe girl. I love the T22 but just can't stomach paying so much for a pair of shoes when I play 3-5 times a week on hard courts, singles and dubs at 4.0 level, so I go through shoes pretty quickly. I tried the T14 and liked them and loved the price but now Prince isn't making them, so the hunt for a new shoe started. I wear a 8.5 shoe in real life and in my Prince shoes and I have a wide foot. I tried The KSwiss Big Shot Light in an 8.5 and it was way to short and narrow, I tried a 9 and it was a little better but still pretty snug and narrow and not comfortable at all, so I tried a 9.5 and finally the shoe was wide enough but way to long! My heel slipped out of it just walking around my living room, no way I would even attempt to play in them. So all three pairs got returned and the hunt for a replacement for the T14 returns.
From: Liz, 5/14

Comments: I have had many kinds of tennis shoes in the past and these are my all-time favorites! They are extremely comfortable. I only bought one pair at first, but I love them so much that I am going to buy another pair. They are true to size and they are light but plenty supportive. I could not be happier.
From: Abby, 11/13

Comments: I'e had these shoes for 2 weeks now. So far, they get a big thumbs-up after about 8 hours on the court. These shoes are very comfortable and the break-in time is minimal. They are light but still supportive (unlike the adidas Barricade 7.0). I don't feel like I will have to worry about turning my ankle in these. Cushioning is very good. I did replace the insoles, which I do in all of my tennis shoes. I've had several bouts of plantar fasciitis, but these shoes have not caused a flare up. I'm not sure of durability yet, but I will report back on that later.
From: Patty, 9/13

Comments: I currently own four pairs of KSwiss BigShots in all three colors, and I reallly like the fit, durability and the way they move. I thought I'd try these because they were supposedly lighter and breathed well. Big mistake. The toe box was too short and tight and felt really uncomfortable. I got as far as walking around the house and had to take them off because they cramped my feet. If you like the regular BigShots, stick with them because these new ones are not the same fit.
From: Leslie, 1/13

Comments: Absolutely great shoes! They are supportive, light, and fast. I have sworn by the "BigShot" model since it first was released and this lighter version is just as good as the original, but lighter and very stylish. I still really like both the original and lighter versions. I find that all of the BigShot models are a tiny bit roomy for my thinner foot, but the $2 Dr. Scholls white foot pads take care of making the shoe a little more snug on my foot plus give extra added cushioning. I swap out the Dr. Scholls pad when it gets worn and have a brand new shoe inside for quite a long time.
From: Anon, 1/13

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