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Comments: I had my Yonex RDS 003 strung with this to try something knew and overall I'd say it was decent but not spectacular. On the positive side this string is soft and very playable. On an already arm-friendly racuqet like the RDS, hitting was extremely comfortable. I have a topspin heavy forehand and a flat one handed back hand and I was able to hit both with lots of good control and accuracy using this string.
From: Anon, 07/10

Comments: This string provides great control and holds tension well but it is not very comfortable, feels a bit stiff for a multi and is not as good as Babolat Power, Volkl Gripper, or Biphase X-one.
From: Anon, SF, CA, USA, 05/10

Comments: I switched from Babolat VS gut to this string because I have been experimenting with different multifilaments to see if the gut is really worth the money, especially with a hybrid set-up. This string was also very soft, even with the Tecnifibre mono 17s in the crosses but the Klip is about to break after only about 10 sets, and my other racket with gut and Hurricane has been going strong for over a month now. I hit with a lot of topspin and don't understand why people have so much trouble breaking gut, I think it is some of the most durable stuff out there, but I would still recommend the Klip venom as it is a solid string.
From: Joplin, Monterey, Ca, U.S.A. 8/08

Comments: I tried this string based on the description found online. I had it put in my K-factor Tours, and within 5 hours of play I broke a string. I've always been prone to breaking strings frequently, but that's ridiculous. It was strung at 58lbs., 17 gauge. Going back to Gamma Live Wire Professional.
From: Stu B., Robbinsdale, MN. USA 9/07
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: Great playing. Lasted as long as similar strings like bi-phase, x-cel premium and 2nd grade gut. Really good for the price.
From: Rojvik, London, UK. 12/06

Comments:It felt great for a couple of days. Then it frayed. It didn't snap but lost all feel, pop, and spin. However, if you don't hit very hard or with a lot of spin, I would definitely recommend it.
From: Anon, 10/06

Comments: Nice spin and control. I loaded this string in both my Babolat AeroPro Control and Volkl Catapult 8 and found them to both play extremely well. Lasted about two weeks in both racquets, but I love the string and will keep using it.
From: Sam, Colorado, USA 08/06

Comments: After playing with these strings just a few times, Venom is now my favorite string. Very soft & easy on the arm, yet provides lots of extra spin & bite when hitting groundies & kick serves. They also delivered as promised & held their tension until they snapped. As an added bonus, they lasted around 5 weeks: About 2 weeks longer than expected! (Playing 3-4 times a week). My previous favorite was another multi-filament, Laser Supreme 17, which also possesses similar characteristics to Venom, yet moves twice as much: Venom hardly moved!
From: Ryan, Mililani, Hawaii, U.S. 05/06

Comments: I used Wilson NXT before, but the tension wasn't always holding, so I experimented with new strings. After I found the Klip Venom, I was really surprised by the power and spin, but more so by the tension holding. Also it is easy on the arm when the mishits happen. It is now my top choice.
From: Dave
Hamburg, Germany, 10/05

Comments:I've tried using Babolat natural gut which lasted only for few days attributed maybe to the extreme heat in the Philippines. I've also tried Tecnifibre NRG18 and X-One17 but the feeling seemed not right. For the first time, I experimented with the new Klip Venom 17 to my surprise. The feel and control are excellent. Not like the NRG, it hardly moved. The bite is also very evident. Vibration is hardly felt. Very arm friendly. Strung at 55-58lbs., it's the perfect partner for my Babolat AeroPro Drive +. For spinners like me, this is your string.
From: Brian
Philippines 10/05

Comments: This string has great feel and control. If you need a string to provide some pop this is not the string for you, you should try the Excellerator. This string lasts long and keeps its tension. I play 3 times a week and the string feels great.
From: JF, Hon., HI, USA. 9/05

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