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Comments: This is my favorite multi by far because it is so comfortable and it lets me hit my serve with no effort, yet still hit constant 105-110 mph serves. However, this string is not affordable and, honestly, it loses tension very quickly. Great feel and it was easy on my arm, but I will be switching back to my Kirschbaum p2 strings which are my favorite. Very recommended if you have arm problems but it is a bit to pricey compared to the durability
From: Far, 5/12

Comments: I switched to the 16 gauge after easily going through a couple sets of 17. Same awesome control, feel and pop! Honestly the durability was much better compared to the 17 gauge and I probably got an extra two weeks out of the thicker string. I use this as the main and technifibre Pro Red 17 as crosses. I've used dozens of combinations and this is the best for feel and pop with my Technifibre T-Fight 295. It helps that I think my racket is the best ever for an aggressive 3.5 to 4.0 player. The proof is in the availability(I think), as these strings seem to be out of stock on a regular basis! Great string Klip!
From: Joplin, Longview, WA U.S.A 04/09

Comments: A decent string with a lot of feel. Nice groundstrokes. Durability was terrible, though. I broke these strings in 2 days.
From: Ryan, Cupertino, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: It is a very comfortable multi with less power; the feel is between soft and crisp. I have to swing harder to hit deep. It does not last long for me even if I do not break string often. I'd say the regular NXT is better considering playability and durability.
From: Roger, Houston, Texas. 11/07

Comments: A very good, almost natural gut feel. It forces you to hit harder from the baseline and is very crisp on volleys. But true to its description, it lasts only for a couple of matches at sectional or district adult tournaments.
From: Emeka, Detroit, MI, USA. 5/07

Comments: A super soft string. Great all around, especially when it came to power and durability. I used other multi filament strings before (ex. NXT, More Feel) but am happiest with this string. If you are looking for a great value (cause it lasts) and awesome play, this is the one.
From: George, Westville, AL 05/06

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