Kirschbaum Touch It Ultra Thin Overgrip Customer feedback

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Comments: Very nice overgrip -- similar to Yonex Super Grap. The main difference is it is 2 grams heavier per overgrip. 8-9 grams instead of 6 grams with Yonex Super Grap.
From: Timur, 11/15

Comments: I love these! They are tacky yet it does not bulk up the grip. I'm very sad I do not see the 30 pack anymore.
From: Wayne, 5/15

Comments: Very good overgrip if you don't want to increase your grip size. Comparable to Wilson Pro Overgrip (which is great) with a little less absorption and much thinner. Would be my overgrip of choice if it wasn't so expensive. I usually have to change overgrips about every 1-2 hours of play due to sweaty hands, and these are just a little too pricey.
From: Jeffrey, 8/13

Comments: Great overgrip. It's extremely thin but with nice tack and feel. I like it because it doesn't seem to add anything to the grip size like other overgrips do. The cost is somewhat prohibitive, but I am trying to alternate this with the Babolat VS- another thin overgrip but a little less expensive.
From: Tim. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Ultra thin is right. This is the perfect grip for those who enjoy the feel of overgrips but don't want the grip build up that you get with most. Plays like Wilson or Yonex grip as far as dampening but is just ultra thin. I enjoyed playing with this grip, have only played one match with it and is holding up good, besides being a bit dirty of course. I am an all court player with a serve and volley tendency and liked the way the grip felt in my hand when at net, the handle never slipped and I always felt in control of the frame, not always so with other grips that are thicker and build up the handle too much. Give this grip a try, a bit fancy living with the price but it is worth it if you value quality gear.
From: M, Fresno, CA. 6/10

Comments: This may be one of the best overgrips I have ever used; too bad it is so expensive. If you have the money, they are great. It is super thin and has good tack. Provides good feel also.
From: Barrett, Ky, USA, 01/10

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