Tecnifibre SyntheticGut 15L 660' String Reel Gold Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the best string for the money, holds tension better than the 16 Gage. It is softer than Prince or Gamma synthetic gut at the same price. It's easy on the arm. I agree that it breaks faster at higher tensions, so try to sting below 60 pounds, probably between 53-57 and see how it feels. Also, this is the test string for all tecnifibre new frames.
From: Frank, 3/13

Comments: This stuff is junk - I wouldn't let my kid practice in the driveway with it. The saying "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here. So far twice has the string broke shortly after stringing while the racquet was just sitting; did not even hit a ball with it. Different racquets too. The ones that did make it out to the court, my buddy broke them on a couple mishits on the first day. Any decent string should be able to handle a couple mishits without breaking. It's not the racquet because he's never done this before with any other string. Too bad good economy reels are getting harder and harder to find. No more Super Fine Play... Conquest is on the way out... unfortunately it seems like the string manufacturers (BABOLAT) are getting more and more greedy, succumbing to the fact they can't make a ton of money off the cheap reels, and are doing away with them altogether.
From: B, NC. 6/10

Comments: Tried this for the first time in the crosses with hybrid set of Pro Hurricane Tour 16 in mains. Main @ 57 lbs, crosses @ 62 lbs. This a very soft, arm friendly string with nice feel. I would recommend as a soft string for hybrid set. Good ball pocketing, feel and control. Doesn't provide much spin and lowers spin potential on a hybrid set. But if you want a comfortable ride, this string is not a bad choice because it will allow you to string your poly tighter in the main without causing pain or losing power.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA. 6/09

Comments: Great string but breaks very quickly for big hitters. If you don't mind stringing your racket often great synthetic that offers lots of playability. If you mind stringing often I would try hybrid with poly on mains and TF synthetic gut on crosses.
From: Kevin, Anaheim, CA, USA, 06/07

Comments: This is a pretty good string but donít put it as full! Try hybrid with the tecnifibre on the crosses and your pick for the mains. This way they donít break as quickly and feels a lot better.
From: Michael, New Zealand. 10/06

Comments: Itís a great string for the price but I break them about once every 5-7 days. I am going to try a blend of Babolat Pro hurricane on the mains and the Tecnifiber 15 on the crosses.
From: Josh, Collins, Colorado, USA. 11/05

Comments: This string breaks way too fast. The string breaks faster than I can string my racquet and I am a pretty good stringer. I have now tried to string hybrid with this string on the cross and the Tecnifibre Spinfire 1.25 on the main at 60lbs. This is a perfect combination for me and it doesnít break so fast.
From: TENNISKING, Norway. 8/05

Comments: I concur; very good string value. Provides nice durability and playability by itself or with a more durable main string. My only complaint is that it is very hard to generate spin with this string due to the thick gauge.
From: Tom, Clinton, Iowa, USA 06/05

Comments: Great value mostly, but it does have very good durability even for its gauge, and because it doesnít have any of the wear layers like Prince Duraflex and Gamma Wearguard, it does feel a bit softer.
From: Doug, South Australia, Australia. 08/04

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