KLIP Screamer Gut/Synthetic Hybrid 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I agree with Phil (Tempe) and Jim (San Diego). This particular combination of strings was great when I first strung it a few years ago. In the past two years the quality has become noticeably substandard and because of that, the durability is nil. I maybe get 4 hours out of a set of Screamer. I'm done with trying to get the retailer to refund my money. Instead, I'll use my feet and walk to another string brand. Until this string's quality improves (the gut) you're just throwing your money away.
From: Dick, Pensacola, FL 10/09

Comments: I agree with Jim's comments (San Diego). This, for a while, was a superior hybrid set, but the gut has become, in the past year, totally substandard! It is rough to the feel, improperly coated and begins to fray (unwrap) while stringing, not to mention that the durability is incredibly poor, or non-existent! I would never again purchase a set of Screamer (voted best string by the USRSA a couple of years ago) until the problems with length and quality are addressed. Trust me, you'll only get a matter of a few hours out of it before the gut breaks. How disappointing...oh one more thing, it has been back ordered for over three months now! Do yourself a favor, keep looking and don't be fooled by this set of string! A waste of money for sure.
From: Phil, Tempe, AZ, USA, 05/09

Comments: I have enjoyed this string for years but recently the quality control at KLIP has gone asleep. It used to be difficult to tell which half of the string was gut and which string was synthetic because the gut was well lacquered and clear. But within the last 6 months the gut string has become marbled and begins to separate when stringing. I have been stringing for over 30 years and when gut appears marbled and exhibits the tendency to unravel out of the package that indicates poor wear-ability. Sure enough the past 20 sets of string I have purchased have been marbled and have only lasted half the life. I keep sending the sets back and hoping the replacement sets will be good again. NO LUCK. They must have a huge batch of poor quality gut they need to get rid off. Hear my screams. Stay away from KLIP SCREAMER until they get their act together again.
From: Jim, San Diego, California, USA. 3/09

Comments: I'm a 5.0 aggressive baseliner who is a big hitter, and this string is the best I've ever used overall. The synthetic gut main gives the string very good durability, and natural gut cross gives the hybrid fantastic playability. They last me a little over a month, which is an eternity for me. Comfort wise it is one of the best I've ever used, great pop, excellent spin! I would recommend this over the Lightning Gut hybrid because it is much more durable, and you will not lose much from a playability standpoint.
From: Bryen, Austin, TX, USA. 3/08

Comments: A very nice string set, very comfortable and gives you plenty of spin when needed, and handles hard hits and heavy wear well. The durability is great, and it holds its tension well, and is a very awesome string, KLIP is awesome!
From: Anon 04/06

Comments: I'm 33years old and for years played with Gamma Live Wire 17, but after trying this string I will not go back sorry Gamma. It feels good on my arm and wow what a feel on my serve. I serve about 120 and it feels great with this string!
From: Antonio, LA, CA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I am 15 years old and this string has increased my game from sub-mediocre to incredible. Thanks klip.
From: Bruce, Jaynesvillle, MN, USA. 4/03

Comments: I had been using a lot of the multifilament strings for a couple of years and decided to try something that would maybe give me some more pop on the ball. The Screamer did just that plus a lot more. I was amazed at the comfort of the string as well as the playability. It gave me a taste of what it feels like to use a whole set of natural gut.
From: Todd, Boston, MA, USA. 3/03

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