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Comments: Based on your comments, I purchased the Pro Kennex Q15. I needed to add more weight in my shots without a heavier, stiffer racquet. Given this is longer (27.5"), I also still needed a maneuverable racquet at the net. This racquet is the best blend of power and control for me without the pain of the stiffness of other brands offering the same length and power. I strung it with a full bed of Solinco Barb Wire 17 guage. A great all around racquet.
From: Ellis, 5/13

Comments: I just playtested the Pro Kennex Ki Q15, but in the heavier 300 gram version. The racquet delivers considerable amounts of power and spin from all areas of the court. No matter if I hit groundstrokes, serves or volleys, the Pro Kennex Q15 300 offered some very nice pop and heavy spin. It felt amazingly forgiving with a big sweet spot, and even felt solid on off-center hits. Despite the extended length, maneuverability was not an issue. I felt very connected to the stick, and I liked the crisp response. Stiffness wasn't a problem, as the racquet felt more flexible than the high 72 RA rating may suggest.
From: Stephan, 12/12

Comments: The Q15 is the sweetest feel I have ever experienced with a modern a long time. It lets you feel the ball well without the aftershock vibration of most rackets. I put a bunch of lead tape on the handle and the butt and brought the weight up to 11.5. I have full strokes but with age, my natural power is decreasing; this racket puts me back in the game with the youngsters. Good blend of power and control. As usual, the Kinetic system rocks--exceptionally well on this design. I string and test many rackets; this by far, is one of the most efficient sticks I have tested in the last 10 years.
From: Nando, 6/12

Comments: I have been using the Q15 now for 3 months. My last racquet was the Ki 20. That one was too light and caused me arm issues. Loved the feel though. This one (Q15), is arm friendly for me. It has plenty of power and good control too. Sweet spot is big which makes returning serve easy and it really helps get extra pop on the serve. It is light weight at 10.2 ounces but has a solid feel.
From: Marshall, 6/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT, 62 lbs

Comments: 10% lighter than my Ki15PSE which makes it a good quick doubles racquet, but not as powerful (may be the string difference). Will keep the 15PSE for singles and the Q15 for doubles.
From: Gary, 1/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM, 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: The toughest shot in tennis? Serve return! I played a lefty who serves pretty big. The Q15 plowed through his serve like nothing I've ever hit with. This is a 10 ounce and a fraction racquet that handles like a feather but meets the ball like a 12 ounce + stick. The accuracy on groundstrokes is significantly better than my current stick. Because of the higher percentage from the Q15 on serve returns and groundstrokes, I suggest that this may be the most effective "game improvement" racquet you can buy. For base liners the Q15 is just might be worth a half point increase in your NTRP rating.
From: Jim. 7/11
NTPR Rating: 4.0

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