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Comments: Love these shoes! With new insoles, they have been the most comfortable shoes I've had. My message to KSwiss: A lot of have to work in tennis shoes and we need a more of a selection of darker or black shoes so the dirt won't show up. So more dark colors please.
From: Tomas, 2/15

Comments: Love these shoes! I'm a woman but I bought the men's version because I liked the color better. With everybody saying they run small and narrow, I figured they'd work out fine. And they did. Incredibly light yet supportive. I'm recovering from an ankle injury and the shoes always feel stable during quick direction-changes and sprints. This longtime Asics customer has just switched teams.
From: Brooke, 2/15

Comments: Was searching for a lightweight, roomy shoe with as small a heel to toe drop as possible. I run in 0 drop shoes, and have been looking for a shoe that would work on the tennis court. Must have tried on a zillion shoes at the outlet malls and our local mega tennis store. Settled on these for the above reasons: The toe box is a bit roomier then most, allowing my toes to spread and work for me. They are light. I can remove the insole and get an even lower feeling and less drop. However I am using the insoles for now to see if use flattens them out a bit. I should note I have unusual feet in that my right foot is shorter and wider then my left. Although, I feel higher off the ground and more on my toes then I would prefer, this shoe will work well for it's intended purpose: a lightweight, roomier then most dedicated tennis shoe. Wish it came in a blue/black combo.
From: Scott, 1/15

Comments: Need to amend my comments from 9/14. Still love the shoes, but I find that the eyelets break too easily. The eyelets are just cheap plastic, not metal reinforced. Once the eyelet pops, the strings start tearing into the fabric and you lose support. Very disappointed, and I consider this a bit of a defect.
From: Arli, 11/14

Comments: Update: A 1/2 size up is much roomier. Did drills in these yesterday on a hard court. Unbelievably comfortable. Like the TW playtesters said, very stable given the weight and materials. Did I mention comfortable? A pleasant surprise was the depth which allowed me to put in a deep orthotic and still kept my heel deeply wrapped in the shoe. Good grip. One concern. What do I do if the bad witch asks for the ruby slippers? I don't want to give them up now. Way to go K-Swiss.
From: Jay, 10/14

Comments: Just got these. They look super awesome and are light. But, they definitely feel a at least a half size too small to me. I wouldn't say these fit true to size. I am a 9 in New Balance and adidas and Lotto. A 9 in these feels like an 8 in those. I will have to send them back for a switchout. As a result haven't played in them but look forward to it.
From: Jay, 10/14

Comments: What I can say is that these are very supportive and quick. Compared to some other shoes, I feel I can move around the court much more quickly than with other shoes. The sole feels like it will be better than Vapors, but it's too early to tell. Right now, it's my shoe of choice.
From: Arli, 9/14

Comments: I have been looking for an "out of the box" soft sole shoe for a long time and I do not need to look anymore. KSwiss nailed this shoe for young to old players looking for a "running style" tennis shoe. Traction is good front to back and side to side movements. Wear and tear is good considering this is a light weight shoe. If you have ankle, knee, or back issues, give this running style shoe a try. Price is fair for what you get. Good luck to all for finding the right shoe, I have found mine.
From: John, 9/14

Comments: This shoe was at least a half size smaller for me.
From: Daniel, 8/14

Comments: Really like this shoe so far -- it is very comfortable with no break-in and very fast feeling. In my size, 12, I found these a bit two roomy and I do have a wider foot, works great with another pair of thinner socks. Others have found them narrow, maybe they are not consistent between sizes. I also love the traction and so far they are = more durable than my last couple pairs of Feather IIs, this is a superior shoe to those for my foot for sure.
From: Jeremy, 7/14

Comments: Good looking, but as Brian mentioned, it is too narrow and fits smaller, I gave them to a friend. The original Big Shots are the best pair of tennis shoes I have ever tried. I am glad they still have the original Big Shot.
From: Rafael, 6/14

Comments: I loved the Big Shot Lights, but these are narrower in the toe box and and seem slightly smaller.
From: Brian, 5/14

Comments: I have a bunion and started wearing the KSwiss Big Shot shoes because of the wide forefoot and relatively narrow heel. Those shoes were heavy, and I was disappointed with the weight and stiffness of the Big Shot II. I went through 4 pairs of the Big Shot Light, a good, inexpensive shoe. I tried the new Ultra Express and am delighted. They have the same overall fit with a softer upper and slightly more stable base. This should be the new flagship of the K-Swiss line.
From: Nelson, 5/14

Comments: I just tried my new KSwiss Ultra Express shoes and honestly these are nothing like the Big Shot 1. These are narrow and you have less traction in my opinion. I did not like them at all, as I live in Mexico and play on clay courts. I felt really uncomfortable. They look great but not a good option for a wider feet or for clay courts at least. I will keep using my Big Shot 1 which, for me, are the best ever tennis shoes for wider feet on any surface
From: Rafael, 4/14

Comments: I like this shoe. Got them, pulled them out of the box, put my own insole in it and went and played 3 hours of tennis. My legs and knees felt good when I got home. Got up the next day, played in the morning and evening and felt great. I felt quicker too with the light weight. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the looks too! I'm hard to please with shoes due to feet and knee issues. Love the seamless technology! I have a pair of Nike Air Cages and they're my number 2 shoe now.
From: Valerie, 3/14

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