KSwiss Defier DS Black/Silver Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I have worn KSwiss off and on for a number of years and I must say that I really like these new Defiers. I took notice of the number of comments that said to order one half size larger and I did just that. The fit seems perfect at the larger size. The shoes are very stable because the weight is not too light, although they do not feel heavy either. In fact, I really don't notice that I have them on when I play. I think this is the highest compliment you can give a performance shoe.
From: Mark, 6/12

Comments: Like others have said, order a half-size larger than you normally do. I love these shoes. They are very durable. I normally have no trouble ripping through the toe in 6 months but after 3+ months I doubt I am going to get there to collect on the warranty. They are light and flexible and provide good support. If I had to say anything negative I would say maybe styling but the look is decent enough.
From: Paul, 11/11

Comments: These shoes are good and supportive. Although they wore out in about a month.
From: Tommy. 7/11

Comments: These shoes fit quite well and are very comfortable. Break in period is short and they are fairly durable lasting about 5 months of hard court play. K-swiss was quick to send my replacements. I got them back in less than 1 week!
From: John, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I love this shoe, it is very comfortable, and lasted much longer than most of other shoes that I have purchased in the past. I bought these in the beginning of November, and they lasted until the end of Feb. I live in California where the weather permits play all year long. I play 5-15 hours a week. The best thing is that I got my replacements in just over a week! Much faster than any other company that have turned in for warranties in the past.
From: Douglas, Mountain View, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I love the shoes, but I agree about the sizing. I take a size 10 men's medium in just about every type of shoe I ever bought. But, these feel MUCH MUCH better a half size bigger (10 1/2). My first ones at size 10 only feel tight and I rarely wear them. The 1/2 size larger makes them perfect. I prefer a slightly thicker sock (I emphasize only SLIGHTLY). To sum up, I needed the 1/2 size bigger no matter what type of sock I wanted to wear.
From: Bob, NY, USA, 01/11

Comments: This is my third pair of KSwiss black tennis shoes and I've owned many pairs of the white Defier RS. This shoe is unlike any of the others in terms of fit and materials. I wear 10.5 and all prior K-Swiss fit great. I read the comments about it fitting a half size too small and I got the 10.5 anyway. And they were too small! Or rather, K-Swiss has done something with the fit so that it's very tight, too tight, for your regular size. I sent them back and got an 11.0 and then they fit great! They are stiff and require break in! The Defier RS is still my favorite in terms of fit and comfort but I needed a black pair so these will do!
From: David, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 12/10

Comments: I loved these shoes...at first. Very comfortable right out of the box, with no break in. The shoes gave me a lot of confidence on the court, because I didn't have to think about the shoes. Plenty of cushioning, and my feet didn't hurt during or after playing. Then I stopped really quick during a match, and slid my big toe (now black) into the end/top of the right shoe. Only then did I realize the right shoe is a good 1/2 size smaller than the left. Not sure what to do with the shoes, or whether I should just buy the next larger size.
From: Robert, Atlanta, GA, 12/10

Comments: Lifetime K-Swiss customer but disappointed in these shoes. It feels as though K-Swiss decided to change up the feel of these. Felt that I was slipping around in them. I definitely need more support. These shoes feel like they are made for people with wide feet. Pretty disappointed in them. I can deal with the other issues of normal wear in the sole, etc. but lack of support with lateral movement is a big issue for me. Bought Nike 2.3 Ballistics and will see how they do in in comparison until K-Swiss comes out with a better shoe.
From: Michael, Denver, CO, 10/10

Comments: Bought these after playing in Barricades for several years. I found the shoe to be too soft and they did not provide enough support around the toe box. As a result, ended up injuring my foot. If you are a player who moves well on the court, look elsewhere.
From: Chris, Huntington Beach, CA, USA, 09/10

Comments: Very nice shoe. I agree that it runs a half-size small. I returned the first pair and got a pair one half size larger. Even then felt a little tight out of the box, but stretched out comfortably by the time I walked on court. Soft feel, with a sense of compactness. Less "floppy" then the New Balance 1004CT. I've worn many pairs of UltraAcendors and one pair of Stabilors - so far I like the Defier DS more. I've also switched to removing the standard insole on all my tennis shoes and adding a third party - Spenco total support or Superfeet Green. Definitely easier on my feet.
From: Vinny, Livingston, NJ, USA, 09/10

Comments: Great shoe. I played with KSwiss products many years ago but got away from them when Reebok was putting out a better shoe. These shoes have no break-in period, seem very durable and my feet don't feel beat up when I am done playing. Have only used them on hard courts so far, have not worn on clay, but highly recommend this shoe.
From: Tony, ID, USA, 08/10

Comments: Pretty comfortable shoe. Not sure why but even when brand new I was sliding around like I was on a clay court. After some break in time the problem fixed itself though.
From: Erik, Mooresville, NC, USA. 5/10

Comments: Just got a pair of the Defiers and liked them right away! Very soft and comfortable, light and virtually immediate break-in. I have been playing with Nike's for years, but my feet were getting beat up. For their weight, the Defiers have a lot of cushioning yet are light and quick. After playing a few games I realized I had not thought about the shoes at all! They fit beautifully and kept me focused on playing rather than giving me sore feet. Great shoes!
From: Terry, Los Angeles, CA. 5/10
USTA 4.0

Comments: I tried a pair of these Defiers on, right out of the BOX, and just walked around, in them. In length, especially, the right shoe, was one half size shorter, than stated, and the toe box was crimped. Either the right shoe was defective, or the shoe runs, 1/2 size short in length, so you must order a larger, than normal size, by 1/2 size
From: Walter, U.S. 5/10

Comments: Smaller fit (lengthwise) compared to the regular Defiers - very disappointed. I sent them back and will either have to remain with the wear-out-too-fast Defiers, or try a new shoe.
From: Jim, Altoona, IA, USA. 5/10

Comments: This is a nice shoe. It's not as bulky as the old Defier. The tongue is thinner and breathes better. The old Defier had way too thick of a tongue, but this one is perfect. It's a great shoe for someone who likes a comfortable ride.
From: Bill, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: I had a pair of K-Swiss shoes once (Glaciators) and liked them a lot. My feet have been taking a pounding the last few years or so on the court. The NB 1003s have been pretty good, with some help from 3rd party athletic insoles, but thought I would try K-Swiss again. I need a shoe with exceptional shock absorption. These were the most cushioned shoes I've worn in a long time. Felt great! So far so good.
From: Howard, Abq, New Mexico, USA 03/10

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