KSwiss BigShot White/Black Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I have K-Swiss tennis shoes with no arch bend at all -- I can not blame the shoe totally. Our courts have just been resurfaced and the texture has a medium grit with more then before. This and the shoe stopped my side motion so much I sprained my ankle. The pros, when playing on TV, just slide across the court. I think they just let the shoe do the job they are made for, grip and the courts to be smooth. I am a 3.5 -40 level.
From: Jim, 11/14

Comments: Just a side note regarding what "Anon 6/13" said about his Doctor's recommendation -- you do not want to get shoes that "bend in the middle!" Trust me, I had Plantar Fasciitis problems for a couple of years and all of the Doctors I talked to, and all of the research I did, said that a "good shoe" should not bend in the middle! When you do the test where you have one hand at the front of the shoe and your other hand at the back of the shoe and press the two ends together, the shoe should not bend under pressure! A "good shoe" should duplicate the human foot; our feet do not bend in the middle, they bend at the balls of the feet where the toes meet the main feet area. You will not get any arch support with a shoe that bends in the middle.
From: Joe, 6/14

Comments: I have sprained my ankle 6 times, both feet, due to some shockingly designed K-swiss tennis shoes. They are too high off the ground at the heel (4 centimeters) and then the sole bulbs out at the heel a centimeter at each side. This aspect of it catches edges because the shoes are not aligned with themselves, so you want to slide into something but because of the protruding bit it digs in and causes your foot to roll, and then added to the height of the clumsy made sole, you roll your ankle a great distance. I'd recommend to people out there to get shoes closer to the ground as there is less distance to roll your ankle and cause damage. They can still be angled from the heel to toe to support achilles and have a bit of padding. But avoid massive soled shoes, they're like high heels, you're likely to roll ankle.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: After 1 month of playing, the plastic mesh on the top of the shoe started to break in 2 places. I took the shoes back to the shop, they sent them to KSwiss to investigate. KSWiss said it was not covered by warranty, only the sole was. I will not be buying this brand ever again.
From: Alex, 12/13

Comments: I purchased my first pair of K-Swiss shoes in 1977, the Classic. I've tried both Nike and Asics and keep coming back. I've been wearing the Big Shot now for about 1 year and am very happy with the results. I'm about ready for another pair. I'm a 3.5 level doubles player who likes to play up.
From: Sherman, 8/13

Comments: Not sure I will ever get to play in these shoes because just walking around and trying to break them in, I've found them to be extremely uncomfortable. Years ago I developed Plantar Fasciatis from bad shoes, and just walking around in the Big Shots for several days I have slight plantar pain. They did feel somewhat comfortable initially, so they are deceiving, until I wore them for a prolonged period of time.
From: Kurt, 7/13

Comments: This is at least, for me, a better shoe than the BigShot 2. The BigShot 2 gave me a meta-atarsal problem. The BigShot original does not bend in the middle of the shoe which the doctor I saw said was important for being a good shoe. And they are wide enough as well. Back to the original BigShot! I also worry they may be discontinued as well. I would hate to move onto another brand.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: It has now been two years since my first review of the Big Shot. Just purchased my third pair, love these shoes. My only worry is that they will be discontinued. Bottom line, best shoes I've ever worn.
From: Kurt, 6/13

Comments: These are the best shoes I've ever worn.
From: Ben, 1/13

Comments: Our whole family loves these shoes! My son, a ranked junior, swears by these. Traction and stability are amazing. He has never turned an ankle, and averages 8 hours a week on the courts. Durability, however, is a concern. He goes through a pair every two months, wearing a hole beneath the big toe. That's a trade-off he's willing to make for the comfort, traction and stability these provide.
From: Robert, 1/13

Comments: I bought this shoes and Lotto shoes in August, but the right shoe of my BigShots are broken now. I wear the BigShots to play tennis about three hours a week, and I also wear the Lotto in the same situations, but for the lower price the Lotto's durability is better than the BigShot.
From: K.S., 12/12

Comments: The best shoes I have ever worn, bar none. I was a Nike Vapor wearer until I tried on the Big Shots and straight away I fell in love with the comfort and ride of these. I play on clay and on grass a minimum of twice a week, and the durability of these have been fabulous. They are the only shoes I can wear now.
From: Chaddles, 12/12

Comments: I don't like this shoe. I am a high level 5.0 and top player in the Middle States who slides from time to time, and I put two holes in these shoes the very first day I bought them! Also, they do not support the ankle too well, as I almost twisted my ankle a couple of times.
From: Jared, 12/12

Comments: Best shoe I've ever worn. I've owned Nikes, Babolats, Adidas, Reeboks, Asics, Filas, and Lottos. By far the best have been the Big Shots. They're light, but without sacrificing durability. Creative color concepts add to the flair, but you can also keep it simple with the all-whites. As long as K-Swiss makes these, I'll be buying.
From: Seth, 9/12

Comments: I've had good past experience with K Swiss shoes so I decided to try them again. I took the time to test play the Big Shots. Initially I found the shoes fairly comfortable out of the box and had no issue with cushioning or durability. However, after playing some more time in them I determined that these aren't going to work for me. The two issues I have with them is the tabs in the back of shoes are high and, given your foot sits low in the shoe, the tabs started to dig into my ankle causing discomfort. While I chose the correct size shoe for my foot, today while running around the court starting and stopping quickly I found my right foot sliding and slamming my toes into the tip of shoes. In contrast I've had no issue like this with Asics or Adidas shoes. It is not that I wouldn't recommend these shoes, but they don't work for me.
From: Mike, 9/12

Comments: Best shoe ever, period! Fits my foot perfectly and I don't get blisters. I was a previous Nike owner, will never look back, as long as KSwiss keeps making them, I'll keep buying them.
From: Nick, 8/12

Comments: My favorite shoe. Great cushioning, fantastic traction on clay. Quite wide, slightly more narrow than K- Swiss Stabilors but almost perfect for my feet. I've been a long time New Balance user (wide feet) but for quite some time NBs quality really went down. I liked their 2E and 4E options but the shoes they offered were lousy to say the least. Now I've finally found a super comfy shoe, with good traction on clay (although not full herringbone tread pattern), with nice ventilation. At last my search is over. I can simply stick to the Big Shots and play tennis.
From: Peter, 7/12

Comments: These shoes rock!! I've always used K-Swiss tennis shoes (this company & Diadora are the most comfortable for me). These are the best pair of tennis shoes I've ever had! I understand why 5+ pros use them. Awesome.
From: Robert, 5/12

Comments: These shoes are really nice. They accommodate a wide foot well. I think I will be sticking with these puppies.
From: Zev, 4/12

Comments: Simply the best shoe that I have ever wore. Superb comfort, support and traction especially on clay courts. I'm a big guy (6 foot and 106 kg/234 lbs) and these are the only shoes that I can wear for 3+ hours on court and my feet feel awesome. When I wear my adidas Barricade 7's, I get an ache in the middle of the foot and can't wait to get them off. Fantastic shoes and highly recommend to players after pure comfort.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I had the K Swiss big shot for over six months an overall I am pleased with the shoe. It is comfortable and offers good support. The K Swiss sole still wears off much faster than the Adidas. I alternate the shoe with two other Adidas Barricade V. Despite the lighter use of the K Swiss the sole is already bold in certain spots and I may relegate the K Swiss to walking only. The Adidas soles are still offering great traction on the court. I have played with Adidas Barricade V, which I like, However, I could not transition to the Barricade VI. It was too stiff and narrow. That is why I bought the K Swiss Big Shot. I still preferred the support and the grip offered by Barricade V. Unfortunately Adidas blew it with the very uncomfortable, stiff Barricade VI. The VII appears to be the same. The K Swiss is a great shoe, but it is not durable. Therefore if you change shoes every six months or rotate two or three pairs then it can be a good fit.
From: Jorge, 4/12

Comments: The longer I wear these, the more I fall in love with them. After trying out the new Barricade 7's (which are much better than 60.'s), I had a new found appreciation of the quality and performance of these shoes. The pure comfort and performance of these shoes is unmatched by any other shoe, and the lighter weight is heaven in longer matches.
From: Chaddles, 3/12

Comments: Amazing! Big Shot shoes are the best shoes my feet have ever been in 20 years of active tennis playing! All my life I was mostly between Adidas and Nike. I tried Wilson, Head, and Prince before. But Barricades or some Nike models always were better for me. Over the last 5 years, I could not stand Barricades and Nikes. Mostly due to poor support and balance. I rolled my ankles several times, my knees and back started to hurt. I thought it was my turning 30. But no it was just shoes. I read a bunch of reviews. I was deciding to try either Asics Gels or Big Shot. I made a right choice. First impression was amazing. The balance was so superb that I could not believe that shoes matter so much. Big shots are still very light at the same time. I dropped my ankle braces as Big Shots keep my ankle so firmly in place! Wow! They are so comfortable that I don't have words to describe the feeling! I could say that one con could be how fast they wear out, but relatively to other shoes, they are similar. But they come with 6-month guarantee so that helps! Buy them and you won't be sorry.
From: Oleg, 2/12

Comments: Awesome shoe in all regards. Comfortable right out of the box, enough traction without being grippy to the point of "ankle planting", these shoes are fast and comfortable. Really, I can't say enough good things about them.
From: Mike, 2/12

Comments: This is a terrible shoe. I have a regular foot, I wore these twice and had to give them away. My feet hurt like crazy the two times I wore them, so bad I had to call my hitting session early, I was hardly able to walk. I even tried stretching the shoe before I put them on.
From: Joseph, 12/11

Comments: I'm a long time Barricade wearer. This shoe is by far the best I've ever worn. I have zero problems with traction. The shoes wear really well. To me, the best feature is the comfort they provide and support. After a long match on hard courts, my feet don't hurt. I'm on my second pair now. This is a great shoe.
From: Rabbit, 11/11

Comments: I was a little apprehensive about the potential lack of traction after reading the reviews, but am happy to report no slippage at all on my hard courts, even dirty ones. The ample toe box was a concern after first trying them on, but surprisingly there is neither foot slippage nor blisters. These have a good fit. People with flat arches may need insoles for some. I look faster, at least.
From: Dan, 10/11

Comments: Update to previous comments about slipping. From my experience, these shoes are fantastic on newer/resurfaced hard courts. They seem to be made for higher quality courts. I am very thankful for the ability to slide somewhat. On older, slicker (and generally faster) hard courts, there is going to be slipping with these shoes and I can see where someone might have issues. I also had an issue with the a portion of the sole, essentially coming unglued after extended hard court play for about 2 months. But, it's no problem at all because of the warranty. I received a new pair quickly. This is a very comfortable shoe overall.
From: Will, 10/11

Comments: The shoe feels great and it is very light. The traction is okay but the shoe is great.
From: Davis, 10/11

Comments: Love the Big Shots for comfort and being a light weight shoe however the traction is poor and the quality is just not there. After 6 times playing with them the upper mesh is separating from the side of the sole.To address the traction issue I noticed I was slipping a lot with short bursts then I finally slipped bad enough to make me fall, in all the years I've been playing I've never slipped so much to cause a fall.
From: RP. 9/11

Comments: No shoes is right for everybody, but if you need a wide toebox, without the shoe feeling loose, I have to recommend BigShots. These are simply the best shoes I've ever worn. My feet used to hurt after every match, regardless of the shoe- adidas Barricades I, II, III, New Balance, Prince T-22, and it didn't matter. My feet never hurt after playing in BigShots. If I hear they're discontinuing these, I'm buying 10 pairs.
From: Gerry, 9/11

Comments: I'm on my 2nd pair of these. They definitely require a break-in for me. I'll get some discomfort from my toes bumping the toe guard at first, but it's temporary. They are also slippery-soled when new but I have Frankenfeet and movement is not my strong suit. After about 3 sets, they are awesome. They make this old, slow, fatty feel light and fast. Plenty of cushioning for my flat, no-arch-what-so-ever feet. I was a little concerned about switching to such a low profile shoe because I'm a heel-striker, but the cushioning is outstanding for a 6 foot, 205 pounder. I was coming from the Barricade IIs, which were very, very comfy for me, but chunkier. Love these shoes, and with the warranty, the price for a pair is a steal for such a high quality shoe.
From: Kirkk, 9/11

Comments: This is my first KSwiss shoe. I was looking for a stable and durable shoe between 15 and 16 ounces. It's a very comfortable shoe overall. My feet feel well cushioned, and when I have time to plant my feet I feel more connected to the court without feeling like I have bricks on my feet. The downsides though are that it can be a little tight on the pinky toes. But that's getting better as the shoe stretches out. The real down side is that these are a little slick. I don't slid on hard courts or plan to. The ankle support isn't very good. I've taken care of that by wearing lace-up ankle wraps. The front end of the shoe is tapered narrow and stiff. This helps take weight off the shoe, but also makes you more prone to twisting your ankle when landing on your split step. Again the ankle wraps have helped with that. Overall the shoe is great for cushioning, getting better for comfort. But the ankle support and traction aren't great. The Tennis Warehouse review definitely got it right on this one.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I love this shoe. It is super fast and comfy. But in my opinion the soles are not too good. They peel off easily long before the 6 month warranty. However, since there is a warranty so that is cool at least.
From: Mckenzie, 8/11

Comments: I have had to replace the Bigshot three times due to the rear outer sole becoming separated from the mid sole. It was peeling off like the adhesive or something just wasn't holding. The last shoe only lasted for 5 sets.
From: Larry. 8/11

Comments: This is the best tennis shoe for men on the market! The Kiss Swiss Big Shot is light, comfortable, fast, and stable with no break in required. I would recommend getting them 1/2 size bigger. These are awesome! I plan to get 3 more pairs.
From: Andre, 8/11

Comments: I'm another guy who was left looking for something new after the Barricade V went away. Since the VI was almost universally detested, I tried several other brands and models. This is the best performing shoe i've ever owned. It somehow manages to be light yet stable and cushioned yet firm and responsive...and very comfortable. It's not a narrow shoe so if you have a very narrow foot it may not be for you. I've never had any unintentional slides with this. The price tag is obnoxiously high but it may just be that much better than the competitors.
From: Rob. 08/11

Comments: These are great shoes with a nice width, a light weight feel, good durability and look good. I previously only wore Nike shoes, but they stopped making the wide version of my shoe so I had no choice but to try something else out. I'm really glad that I did, I will be wearing the Big Shots for a long time.
From: Anthony, 7/11

Comments: I really like this shoe. It felt great right out of the box. As others have mentioned, it is very comfortable and has good ventilation. I really appreciate the fact that these shoes do not completely grip the (hard) court. You can slide somewhat. That's what I'm looking for. I don't like shoes that grab the court too much (turned ankles, knee issues, etc.). I frequently have to break in shoes for hard courts until they have less grip. These shoes were perfect from the get go.
From: Will, 7/11

Comments: I have 2 complaints about this shoe. The durability and the traction. This shoe has too much slippage especially on short bursts of speed on hard court. With this shoe, I can slide on the hard court which I like. The durability of this shoe is not good. This shoe only lasted me 2 weeks at most. Even with those two gripes, I still prefer these shoes over the Barricade. They are a very light shoe.
From: John. 7/11

Comments: These are simply the best shoes that I have ever put on! I've always been a Nike Vapor user which have been great shoes on the en tout cas/clay. Adidas have been good but are too narrow for me, and I have always loved the comfort and traction from the Defiers but just looked like old guys shoes & were heavy. As soon as I put the Big Shots on, the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were for such a light weight shoe. I mainly play clay and artificial clay/grass and the traction of these is fantastic, and durability has been excellent too. Highly recommended.
From: William. 7/11

Comments: These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I loved these. They have good ventilation and comfort. My only problem is the durability. These shoes did not last very long at all for me.
From: Michael. 07/11

Comments: Like so many, looking for replacement for Barricade Vs. K-Swiss Big Shots fit about the same as far as arch and toebox width. Very comfortable in the store. Got on the court and soles slipped all over the place. Completely unplayable because of court slippage. Soles have no grip on the court. Old Barricade V' with holes in the bottom have better traction than new Big Shots. Thank you, Tennis Warehouse, for taking these back for store credit.
From: Anon. 7/11

Comments: These shoes are good for comfort and fit, but traction is bad. I agree with a previous comment. I hope the new Lottos are as good as the Rapture series. I can't believe no one has commented on the lack of traction these shoes have out of the box. I was on Barricade VIs before this and they had so much better traction. Other than that I don't have any gripes about the shoe.
From: Neal. 6/11

Comments: I just bought a pair of these and ended up giving them away. I thought their performance on the court was very poor. The first time I played in them, they slid twice costing me the points. My foot also kept sliding inside the shoe causing blisters. If you have a very wide foot, a VERY wide foot, you may like them. Not the shoe for me.
From: Brett. 6/11

Comments: Has anyone else had an issue with the shoelace eyelet slightly tearing? I had mine for 2 weeks when it happened. If they fix that issue, then these are the best shoes ever in my opinion. Cannot beat a light shoe with a warranty like this one has.
From: Marc. 6/11

Comments: I have used this shoe for about 4 months now and am pleased with the performance and fit. I have very wide feet and have tried Barricade V, NB 1004, Prince T22s. Can't seem to find the perfect shoe, but these are the best I've found so far. Similar to the T22 for stability and support, but more cushioning, ventilation and lighter feeling. It took a couple of hitting sessions to break in to my wide forefoot, but are very comfortable now. The do seem to wear quickly- this pair is ready for replacement. Based on my impression of the shoe, I bought a pair for my son, who is a very aggressive high school player. He has had similar comments, except he has worn his first pair out in about 2 months. Luckily they have a replacement policy. I will buy another pair while these are replaced.
From: Gary. 5/11
Senior 4.0 mostly doubles player

Comments: Bought these a few months ago and I wear them every day, work at a country club, play a good amount of tennis, and they are still holding up great. It took me about 2 hours of playing to break them in fully, which is not long at all. Very lightweight and I'm young (21) and do rely on my speed and I have noticed a difference since owning these shoes. Very lightweight and very supportive. Great shoe, little pricey though.
From: Andrew. 5/11

Comments: I tried a pair of Babolat Propulse 3. I played once and returned them due to pinching on the sides of shoe. Then I tried a Head Insane and found Heel slippage and they were a bit to roomy and bulky for me. I then purchased the Bigshot. I liked the feeling right out of box. I played for 2 hours with them they felt light with good grip and was super comfy and cool looking.I'm a first time owner K Swiss shoes and they're great.
From: Bernard, Toronto, Canada. 5/11

Comments: After about 15 hours of court time in this shoe, I give it a 9 out of 10 rating. My only complaints are the flat unsupportive insole (which I replaced with a good quality aftermarket insole) and the black 'DuraWrap' feature that goes across the outer area of the shoes over your toes - it's delaminating from the shoe on both shoes. I don't think it's affecting performance, but it's a little disappointing considering these shoes are amongst the most expensive shoes on the market. K-Swiss is not hyping these shoes at all. They ARE fast, light, stable. I have narrow-medium volume feet, and these shoes fit perfect with a normal sock. I doubt these shoes would be a good fit for those with fat feet. Probably not enough volume in the front part of the shoe to accommodate fat feet. I saw a comment below about lack of traction. I didn't notice that at all. Traction is just right. (Maybe you were playing on a dirty court.)
From: Anon, St. Pete, FL, USA, 03/11

Comments: I've worn barricades and other various adidas shoes as well as occasionally some other brands throughout my career; however, the BigShot is absolutely the best shoe I've ever had. It is the comfiest, most solid shoe that I've ever put on my foot. I have had them for a few weeks, and so far the wear on them has been good, but this is my first time getting them and I am not sure how durable they are yet. If you like the barricade but feel like they are just too heavy and you don't want something clunky, this is the shoe that will solve your problems. You should definitely consider this shoe as your next, it really is amazing, plus it looks pretty damn awesome, which will get you the ladies. You're welcome.
From: Alex, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 03/11

Comments: I was wearing Prince T-9's, probably for about the lat four years. My son got his pair of BigShots when he went back to school. I tried them out, and he is not getting them back. I'm an old guy with bad knees and I was worried about the cushioning, but have worn them for a month and they are great. A bit more snug that the T-9, which I like. I can't say anything bad about these shoes. We will see how long they last, but I'm optimistic, as they show no signs of wear. I play everyday, and my last T-9's were gone after four months. The BigShot's are now my shoe of choice.
From: Kurt, San Fernando Valley, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: These are the most comfortable out of the box shoes I've worn. Being a former Nike, Adidas customer I was weary of trying anything else, as I believe shoes are very important in tennis. But I'm completely impressed with the comfort and weight management on these shoes. Love it!!
From: Agg, San Jose, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I can't believe no one has commented on the lack of traction these shoes have out of the box. I was on Barricade VIs before this and they had so much better traction. Other than that I don't have any gripes about the shoe.
From: Patrick, Federal Way, WA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Former teaching pro and currently a 4.5 player (getting old). I have been a loyal Nike shoe guy since the late 70s. My last pair was the Court Ballistic 2.3, which felt like I was playing on wooden blocks. I bought this pair of shoes last week and immediately fell in love with them. Lightweight and fast feeling. I couldn't be more pleased. Thinking about buying a second pair to put in the closet for fear of them discontinuing before I need a new pair.
From: Greg, Newport Beach, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This shoe is great; I play junior tennis, not silly tennis, serious junior tennis and love these shoes. They are great to move in and are so light; it's like walking on air.
From: Ian, 01/11

Comments: I have just bought a pair of these Bigshots. I have yet played it on the court but I have tried it on and moved around. The first thing that came into my mind is comfort. It is absolutely very comfortable. It might be the fact that I have never worn these kinds of hi-tech tennis shoes before and this is my first pair. It's light and I also find the fit quite perfect to me. The traction isn't that bad so far, but I will have to test it later for confirmation. Overall, I am finding this pair of shoes quite impressive.
From: Henry, 12/10

Comments: I have worn K-Swiss Ultrascendors, Defier RS (my favorite that is now apparently discontinued), Glaciators, and just got the new Defier DS shoes. I tried the Big Shot shoes on but the toe box is way too narrow! It's not a normal K-Swiss 7.0 fit!
From: Darryl, Tampa, FL, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is a great tennis shoe. I play tennis at least 4 times a week. So far it has had good grip, ankle support, and balance. The only problem I had was that since I have a narrow foot I have to wear two pairs of socks for the shoe to have the right fit. Great shoe.
From: William, Covington, LA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I switched from the K-Swiss Sole line and true this shoe offers more sleek fit and feel and is a faster shoe. I play tennis 2X a week and besides doing some gym work no other wear activity occurs outside of tennis. However, I got my shoes less than a month ago and the duragrip sole has worn down smooth on sides. I can't imagine them lasting more than another month so wear is not great. Further after playing 4 hours of doubles play my pinky toes were killing me, which never happened before. I think the mesh front tends to stretch thus allowing your foot to move more after wear in occurs. As a result you front part of foot isn't as stable. Overall I like the design but if they don't last more than 2 months I cant recommend them.
From: Lenny, Short Hills, NJ, USA, 10/10

Comments: This shoe is an excellent performance tennis shoe. I had previously eschewed K Swiss shoes in the past due to their heavy, clunky feel. The BigShot is a new design for K Swiss that is lighter with ample support and cushioning. To me it is a flagship shoe in the K Swiss line that shifted from an SUV type shoe to a sleek performance shoe that matches up well with Nike, Adidas, and Babolat tennis shoes. Bravo, K Swiss!
From: Robert, Denver, CO, USA, 09/10

Comments: I've been wearing the men's Stabilor (I'm a woman) for a while, because I have problems with Morton's neuroma (pinched nerve) in my foot. Although this was listed as having a similar fit, unfortunately it is a bit narrower across the balls of the toes, so I'm moving back to the Stabilor which I love. Otherwise seems like a good shoe.
From: Louise, Washington, USA. 09/10

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