KSwiss BigShot II Black/Yellow Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I went from the NB 650s series to the Ultrascendor 2s, which are good, but the BigShot 2 is the best. Great performance with a low to the ground feel. KSwiss is one of the few companies that make good looking shoes.
From: Jordan, 12/13

Comments: First match wearing these, they felt snug and felt good. After the second match, they fit perfect and loosened up a bit. After the third match, I was sliding around inside them as if I was playing on banana peels. Im not sure why they broke down so fast but I was afraid to play in them again after only three matches, couldn't imagine what they would have felt like in 8-9 months of playing as that how long my court shoes usually last.
From: E, 7/13

Comments: Best shoes I've had so far. I like them more than the original Big Shots, although those are great too.
From: Tom, 7/13

Comments: Overall disappointing. Took many sessions to break them in and = the left shoe cut into my ankle. The toe guard wore through to the stitching a week after the warranty period ended. And finally, the shoes leave marks on hard courts. On the plus side, they are light and look cool. I was happier with the Ultrascenders.
From: Tim, 7/13

Comments: These feel so much different than the original BigShot. They definitely are more stiff and feel more like barricades rather than the speed oriented BigShots. Also, my feet hurt after every time I play, especially on the achilles. Also, I've had these shoes for about a month, and already the toe has worn out and part of the outsole has lost its traction. If you like KSwiss shoes, stick to the BigShot.
From: Nick, 6/13

Comments: After 2 months in these shoes my feedback has changed a bit. After every time I played my achilles on both sides would be killing me. I replaced the stock insoles (thinnest I've ever seen) with a pair of Cadence. Huge improvement! I've played the equivalent of about 15 hard matches in the them and they've held up a very well. I'm a toe dragger, serve and volley player. I finally blew out the toe on the side of the ball of my foot. Pros - good durability, lightweight. Cons - run large, really thin insoles
From: Mason, 6/13

Comments: Fairly lightweight for how durable they are. I've played 6 times and see little to no wear. They do mark the court a bit. I actually think the toe box is a bit large. Overall, I'd say they run about 1/4 of a size large. I'm a 10.5 in every pair of shoes I own and I have to wear thick socks with these. Standard width not too narrow. I'm extremely hard on shoes. Overall, I feel like these are pretty solid. 8 out of 10.
From: Mason, 4/13

Comments: I've been a Big Shot wearer from the first day they came out and loved the feel and comfort. The BSII has that traditional K Swiss fit that I love. Not sure if they are better than the original, but they are still play a lot better than my Barricades.
From: Nath, 4/13

Comments: These have a totally different feel and are super tight in the toe box compared to the original Big Shots. If you like adidas you might like these.
From: Jono, 3/13

Comments: Seems to run a bit smaller than the original BigShot. The toe box seems lower and slightly shorter length. I have 4 pairs of the original BigShot, all in a size 9.5. I think I am going to have to move to a 10 in the BigShot II.
From: Cliff, 3/13

Comments: Why does yet another shoe company have a very good introductory shoe and then completely ruin it in the second version?! This shoe is not good. It feels like a ski boot and does not fit properly at all. Don't waste your money on this one, and get the original.
From: Andrew, 1/13

Comments: I was down to my last pair of Barricade 5s and was getting worried. The Barricade 6s were too narrow in the toe (as were Nikes) and the Barricade 7s killed my instep. The K-Swiss Big Shot IIs are great! Soft breathable uppers, wide toe box, lightweight, very stable, and no problems with traction.
From: Joe, 1/13

Comments: This is my third pair of KSwiss shoes and these are hands down the best pair I've ever owned. I was a die- hard Adidas shoe buyer, but the break-in period was a killer on my feet, and they were too narrow. Not this shoe, as they fit new out of the box like I've had them for months. Just a heads up, KSwiss run small so you may want to order a half size larger.
From: Edward, 12/12

Comments: These shoes are super comfortable and very lightweight for a durability-guaranteed show. Historically, KSwiss shoes have not fit me very well since I tend to have wider feet. However, I have had no problems with these. I would totally recommend these. I tend to prefer speed shoes and am very impressed/surprised that these come with a durability guarantee!
From: Terry, 12/12

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