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Comments: I play collegiate tennis and these only lasted me from mid September until now, where my toe is almost touching the ground. And that is even taking all of December off. 3ish months? Comfy, but yikes!
From: Kirk, 2/13

Comments: This shoe is very durable. I've had mine for a few months now and I play a couple times a week, and the shoes still look brand new. They are comfortable and I feel stable wearing them. They have decent traction and they look classy to top it off. Combine that with the sale price and I consider them a winner.
From: Nick, 11/12

Comments: I, too, love K Swiss shoes, but I am very unhappy that the shoes are cracking across the top. I wore them 3 times. I do not play tennis in them. I wore them 4 hours only 3 different times.
From: Rodney, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are great for me. They are very comfortable without much break-in at all. This is probably the best part about the shoe, the comfort. They have plenty of great support and cushioning on the forefoot and heel for feet that hurt in most shoes. I play on clay and they work great for that and have played a little on hard courts. If I played more hard courts, I believe durability would be an issue. They look pretty good on as well. So for me, no complaints! The biggest test for me whether or not I would buy them again? I can answer absolutely yes! I hope they don't sell out before I get another pair!
From: C.F., 9/12

Comments: This shoe lasted quite awhile for me, around a year, but only playing about 3 months on, 3 months off. The only con of this shoe is the synthetic leather above the toes began to start to crack where the shoe bends when I walk. Overall, a great shoe for the price!
From: Alex, 6/12

Comments: Very stylish, very nice feel, very good support, the only problem.... THEY DO NOT LAST, I used them for 10 days and the sole is gone, and a big hole came up.
From: David, 2/12

Comments: Decent shoe, I love KSwiss shoes but wasn't in love with this shoe like the others. I blew the front seam out of the shoe after about 2 months. In the shoes defense, I play about 4 times a week but the other KSwiss shoes seem to offer better wear. Positives: very comfortable, good on clay and hard courts and the bottom of the shoe still looked new after 2 months of play.
From: Dex, 12/11

Comments: I tried this shoe after several pairs of KSwiss various models, including Ultrascender. I agree that the general feel is of a shoe with slightly lower quality materials, but it has been a great shoe for my doubles game, very comfortable right out of the box. I'm buying my second pair in 6 months, which is about the normal life of my shoes.
From: Curt, 10/11

Comments: I just ordered these, having read the great reviews in Tennis Magazine. Unfortunately, they're a bit too snug in the toe box for my feet, so I had to return them and exchange them for the Ultrascendor, which has been my shoe of choice for several years now and has a roomier toe box. Also, although I never got a chance to wear them on the court, I did notice that the materials and construction didn't appear to be of the same high quality as the Ultrascendor.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: Great shoe but very poor wear life. 14 light sets of doubles and they were done. Go for better KSwiss model with the wear guarantee.
From: RT, 9/11

Comments: Ive worn the very popular 7.0 shoe for years. I've always had bruised toes in the 7.0 shoes. I tried the new Approach II shoe. This shoe is great!! It's light, stable and has a great fit. The first step to the ball is much improved. This is my new shoe for this summer! Cost effective, and great design and looks!
From: Sean, Seattle, WA, USA. 5/11

Comments: This shoe is awesome. I've always liked KSwiss shoes but they are often clunky and a bit heavy. Not this one! They have a great look, fit my slightly wider feet just fine and I love them right out of the box. Very stable feeling too.
From: Tom, St. Louis, MO, USA. 4/11

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