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Comments: The string came out dried from the package. It started to shred WHILE my dad was string it. It become loose and my dad was barely able to finish stringing with it all shredded up before I even got a chance to hit a single shot with it. Babolat VS is much much better than this.
From: Josh, Reno, NV, USA, 09/10

Comments: This is a great string if you are not a string breaker. It has the best spin of any gut I have tried. And it does play great as a hybrid.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA 12/09

Comments: This is my favorite natural gut for hybrids. I Put it in the crosses with Tecnifibre NRG in the mains, usually between 60-62#. Great feel, and holds tension very well. If you are looking to string up a hybrid, I highly recommend this string. And as for the durability comments, mine don't break nearly as much due to use in the crosses. Its natural gut, and it's not meant to last super long. That's all there is to it.
From: Michael, Downers Grove, IL, USA. 04/09

Comments: First of all this is not a 18g string. It measures 1.20mm so it is a 17g string (1.16-1.24mm). I used this string for squash, because Tennis Warehouse stopped selling the Bow Brand 18g gut (a real 18g which main use is squash). I found that this string plays good in all its aspects but the durability was awful. It broke the second day of play. Other thin guts last me for 1 or 2 weeks of heavy hitting and tons of underspin. A squash ball mass is 25 grams so I can't imagine the short durability when playing a tennis ball of 57 grams.
From: Emmanuel, Mexico City, DF, Mexico. 2/09

Comments: Most spin out of any string I have every used. I am talking more spin than even a poly. The trick is that these are not for string breakers, so if you break string make sure to use string savers. I used string savers anyways as they enhance this string and it ability to bite and spin. I'm a 4.0 player, string used in various frames around mid tension.
From: Jackson, Pocatello, ID, USA, 11/08

Comments: This is terrible string do not buy it. Get Babolat instead. I rarely break strings these strings break in less than a day. Had some strung up in my bag, all of them had popped overnight just sitting in there and I use racquet covers and all. These strings are so terrible DO NOT BUY!
From: Kyle, Dothan, AL, USA, 10/08

Comments: I have had this string for 6 months in my Head Microgel Radical 98". What I like about this string is it gives added power to this "soft" racquet. This string and racquet are a good mix, especially if you have arm problems. I'm ordering more and may need to cut it out if it doesn't break soon. I play on average two times a week at 4.0 level.
From: Scott, Raleigh, NC. 4/08

Comments: Judging by the other comments, I am definitely in the minority. However, I found KLIP to be a terrible gut string. After 4 to 6 sets, in my opinion, the string is hard, lacks life and sensitivity, has insufficient twist and looks as if has been incorrectly joined in a number of locations. Each set appeared to have a number of areas that ad been kinked or other trauma.
From: Marcus, Hong Kong. 11/07

Comments: I use this string for crosses @ 60 lbs in combination with Signum Pro Poly Plasma in mains @58 lbs in Prince Tour Diablo Mid, and I find it very durable for the thin gauge. Playability, spin and power are absolutely awesome. I haven't tried natural gut strings by other manufacturers, so I cannot make any comparisons with them, but I do find this string fantastic. It is also a lot cheaper than most others for some reason. Highly recommended.
From: Nijaz, The Hague, The Netherlands. 11/07

Comments: Lasted a lot longer than I expected it to last for a 18 gauge! More spin and power than others I have used like Wilson NXT, Babolat VS, and several others. Also has a better feel since it is Natural Gut. This is the best string I have used, I can actually now serve it out real wide with the more spin I'm getting. For the first time I actually make some aces in a match on my serve and in some serves my opponent just stares helplessly. And it has good power although not as much like say the Luxilon Big Banger strings. But I would suggest you hybrid both Luxilon and Klip, makes a great combo for the ultimate in accuracy and power!
From: Gianfranco, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: Great last, especially considering this is a 18g gauge string. Used 17g VS before, but this has a lot more spin and power.
From: Lester, Chicago, IL, USA. 12/06

Comments: No string has more spin and power. This natural gut is a lot more durable than I could ever imagine. 65 lbs on a pro staff Original 85.
From: Clarence, NY, USA. 10/06

Comments: The liveliest string I ever played with! Great for all needs. More spin, more power, more touch. I played with NXT tour 18 before this.
From: Jeremy, Lincoln, Nebraska 06/06

Comments: I first thought that an 18 gauge wouldn't last, but was told that natural gut is super durable. If I was going to give gut a try, might as well try the thinnest. End result, I don't think I'll ever play with anything else again. No synthetic had more spin, no synthetic had more power, and it last just as long as multifilament 17 gauges. This is strung on a Pro Staff Tour 90, at 62 lbs. for a 4.5 (maybe 4.0 now, after 3 years of non-competitive play) former D1 college player.
From: Dan, San Francisco, CA, USA 05/06

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