KLIP Legend Natural Gut 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I've played with Babolat VS Touch and I've played with Klip Legend 17. In my opinion this Klip Legend 17 is just as good as Babolat VS Touch. For control (not having the balls sail long) I have to say Klip Legend is better than VS. For touch like dropshots, I'd give VS the advantage over Legend. My setup is a Wilson Prostaff 6.0 85 with tension at 66 pounds and a full bed of natural gut. I use string savers as well and I have been playing with the same full bed of Klip Legend 17g for over 3 weeks now. There's some fraying happening now, but the tension is holding nicely. I imagine my tension has now dropped to about 62 pounds which is still really good for tension maintenance! If you are a topspin heavy player, you could still likely use this string but in a hybrid setup with poly. If you are an old school hitter like me who loves to hit flat and play majority of the time on hard courts, go with a full bed of natural gut! There's nothing out there that comapres to the feel of a full bed of natural gut. Not even the best multifilaments like NXT which I have also played with. I also use baby oil to keep my gut strings from drying out. I dab the strings with baby oil before everytime I play.
From: Ivan, 8/16

Comments: Best natural gut I've found. It looks translucent and very consistent like a synthetic string due to coating for extra longevity and easy stringing, but plays awesome right off the stringer (unlike Volkl V-Icon for example). I used 16g in my 16x19 racquets and 17g in 18x20 (as mains, with poly cross) and it plays spectacular -- comfort, control, spin, tension maintenance and longevity, all at acceptable price (unlike Wilson and Babolat offerings). I've tried strings like ZX, Origin and a few others and while they can match the comfort, their spin, touch and control just don't come close to good natural gut. My long search for perfect mains string is over.
From: Anton, 3/16

Comments: These are a bit thicker than your normal non-gut 17g, but are good still. I use it as a main and use a 17g cheap syn gut for a cross. To my guess, it works similar to a hybrid with a harder cross like the co-poly, but softer. Very good pocketing, power, spin, touch, arm friendly. If you don't mind the mushy feel of full gut bed, go for it, but do a hybrid otherwise, it is even cheaper, $16 for me playing with gut hybrid, can't beat that. One trick for string is, go higher, about 2 lbs, mains and crosses. Tension tends to drop fast for the gut, though it is still playable. Gut plays well at high tension, so go a bit higher, then it will last longer too. I don't have a USTA rating but I hit a lot of balls with lots of equipment for over 30 years.
From: St Leung, 8/15

Comments: Heard much about Natural Gut. So, I tried this for the first time. Great feel, easy on the elbows, and better performance. A whole lot of top and slice spin. More power on the servers. I went from a great forehand to a monster forehand. Servers have more speed with some slice. People think I'm using some magical racquet. Going on 5 months with the string. Lost topspin and slice performance after 3 weeks. This string has held longer than any other string. In fact, the mains have one line that is practically cut in half and has not snapped, incredible. USTA 4.0
From: Abel, 1/15

Comments: Put 17 in my Pro Staff 6.0 and what a great string modern game spin and pace with old school feel. Volley is the best with this string and serve is a huge weapon. A must try it at this price best value. Better than NXT and any multi out there hands down. I play at a 5.5- 6.0 level.
From: Mark, 6/13

Comments: My first time playing with Natural Gut. When strung at a high tension, the feel is very firm, crisp, yet elastic and with loads of power. It provided more power than I imagined possible from a string, actually it was so powerful I had trouble controlling it. I played much better with a full bed of the 15g version than the 17g, felt like I had more control and spin. It seemed like the friction caused by the rough/fraying surface of the cross string hindered spin production. Actually the 17g provided noticeably more power than the 15g, so powerful and lacking in spin that I couldn't keep the ball in. I am not a flat hitter and a full bed of 17g gut just didn't provide enough spin to help me control all that power - I kept hitting the ball long. After I broke the 15g set, I kept the 17g gut in my frame for almost a year though not playing much with it, because it was expensive, but I just couldn't play with it at all and ended up cutting it out! I can imagine that with a poly in the cross strings to add spin and control all that power, a powerful 17g or 16g gut string could add some serious speed to shots. The only thing keeping me from experimenting more with Gut is the cost. The Klip Lengend Natural Gut seemed like a very good quality string and I will probably try it again.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I have been using this particular string for the last 4 years and it is the best string so far and I can say that I do not have any plan of changing anytime soon. Great for spin and I believe that I have perfected my drop shots and slice and my teammates and opponents alike dislikes playing against me and I think I found a perfect partner in this natural gut.
From: Vina, 11/11

Comments: I could not tell the difference compared to VS TEAM 17g by Babolat Gut. Very impressive natural gut string at a decent price. Highly recommend! I use Federer's Wilson K-90 at 49 lbs. I also really liked Volkl Cyclone 17g lots of feel and spin! Try both!
From: Kirk, 10/11

Comments: Wow this is great. I use this with TNT2 17 as mains and K lip as my cross. It works great together! The feel and power are exactly how I want it to be. I am using YT Prestige strung at 58/ 60 lbs.
From: Jason, Hong Kong. 06/10

Comments: I did not like these strings very much. They were much stiffer and gave less power and feel than Babolat Tonic Plus. They felt inferior to Wilson Tour NXT 18g. I am a 4.0 player with Dunlop AeroGel 300 (16x19), strung at 57 lbs.
From: David, Weston, CT, USA. 05/10

Comments: This was my first experience with natural gut and 17 gauge. I had no problems stringing this in my Head Crossbow 6 and hoped that the reviews were correct that is would be easier on my arm. While it did not really help my arm troubles (maybe from my racquet choice) I did really like the string. I was able to generate more topspin with relative ease. As only a 3.5 level player, I thought the string had a great feel. I did feel as if my serve lost a little pop, but the added kick I thought I was getting made it a good trade-off. I will definitely use more of this string and gauge in the future.
From: Wayne, Washington, DC, USA. 3/09
NTRP rating: 3.5

Comments: Very easy on the arm--I've played over 7 hours and did not need to use my usual elbow band. However, I've never played with gut before and I'm spraying balls all over the place long and wide, and feel that I lack control. I usually play with Gamma Professional 17 strings and these are a lot different. I did win an important tournament today but kept switching back and forth with my old Head racquet--so the jury (and my confidence) is still out on this string.
From: Tara, plays 5x a week, 3.0 player, Maryland. 10/08

From:The best feeling gut I tried to this date. I use this on my everyday racquet, as well as my tournament sticks. Way better priced than competitors, and just as good, if not better. Jackie, Escondido, CA, USA, 12/06

Comments: I am truly grateful for dishing out a bit more cash for this string. I used polyester (Lux) before this, and got the same durability, but more spin, power, touch, and on and on. Thanks TW.
From: Lorne, San Diego, CA, USA. 9/06

Comments: I played my first three hours with this string and liked the responsiveness, and how comfortable it was on my tennis elbow problem. I'm used to playing with VS 16, which I liked better. The Klip 17 is easier on my arm then the VS 16. I think if I compared the VS to KLIP Legend, I would say Klip has more endurance, but is a bit less powerful. I use a heavy racquet, an old Head Prestige 280. I feel the 17 gauge that I tried this time, was not as good for me as 16 gauge. I will try 16 gauge Klip Legend next. It felt too much like a squash racquet to me, with the 17 gauge. The string took a bit longer to break in than the VS gut, but when broken in, it does pocket the ball nicely. I have tried BDE gut strings, and think the Klip is a bit better, with more feel. I think I will continue with Klip Legend , but will switch to 16 gauge. Itís 10 dollars less then VS, and easier on my arm. I know the thinner gauge VS may be easier on my arm, but I do think the Klip is a bit softer feeling string. I am a 4.5 rated player, and my Head Prestige 280 was strung at 61 lbs.
From: Ged, Baltimore MD, 10/05

Comments: Got a set of the 17g put in my racquet about 2 weeks ago and love it, love it, love it. The feel and comfort that I have gotten has been great. I have not tried all the guts on the market but for the price I think it's a great value. I highly recommend the Legend.
From: Matt, Boise, ID, USA. 11/03

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