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Comments: This was my introduction to natural gut. Generally, I had been playing with a full set of poly but I had developed arm problems and was in search of a good hybrid. I used this in the mains with Solinco Revolution 16 in the crosses at 56 lbs and 54 lbs respectively and it felt pretty good for the first four weeks, good power, decent spin, nice ball pocketing. However, it wasn't spectacular. I had a hybrid of Pro Hurricane Tour in the mains and Xcel in the crosses and that felt better in all aspects. Afterwards I gave Klip another shot, this time it was in the crosses at 58 lbs and Wilson Revolve 17 in the mains at 52 lbs and it feels amazing. It is the best set up I have tried to date. Excellent feel, great ball pocketing, surprisingly great spin, and good power. I am a 3.5 baseliner with a customized original Aeropro Drive at 12.4 ounces with a 6 pts head light balance. My normal tension: 52 lbs with any dead, spin-friendly poly.
From: Shintaro, 6/16

Comments: I use closed (18x19) pattern, high tension and 15L thick string. This combination started taking a toll on my wrist and shoulder. I decided to try this before going to the doctor and I'm glad I did. It feels soft (not the springy feel you get from low tension) and stays on your racquet bed for a few more milliseconds. I've played with it for 5 hours and haven't noticed any notches and should last for a while. I love it.
From: Aravind, Sussex, WI, USA, 07/10

Comments: I tried to get a replacement for the Babolat Tonic and found this one..... playability is similar, but durability is not quite as good as the Babolat, probably in the amount of coating. String can't stand big hitting for very long, but price is not bad. Overall a decent value.
From: Don, Yardley PA. 8/09

Comments: I've been playing with these strings for two weeks. They are really nice. Everything you hear about gut seems to be true. It gives a real nice feel, these strings are definitely worth the price. I don't think I'll ever use anything else. I have a Head MicroGEL Extreme Pro strung at 60 lb.
From: Kurt, L.A., California, USA. 06/09

Comments: This is an excellent natural gut in the 15L gauge and possibly the best I have tried so far. On par with or possibly better than Babolat Tonic+ 15L and Babolat VS 16g in my view. I have also tried Klip Legend 17g and found that to be a very good string even in the thinner 17g. Durability was still pretty good for the 17g and was excellent with the Klip Legend 15L. Of the natural gut brands I have tried so far, I think Klip and Babolat are pretty much tied for being the best, followed by BDE and Pacific being basically a toss up between the two. I think I found BDE to be a little better than Pacific, but not by much. But the Klip Legend 15L is a choice you can't go wrong with.
From: Doulers, New York, NY. 2/09

Comments: I recently switched my Head Microgel Prestige MP to a Prince Ozone Tour MP. The Prince is a string breaker machine. It broke a set of Babolat Tonic + Ball Feel in 2 games! Then it broke an Ashaway Dynamite 17 (Zyex) in 2 sets. With this situation I needed something very thick but still with a lot of playability, so I tried the Klip Legend 15L. The string have been resisting my heavy hitting very very well. With a lot of playability and control (@60lb). I recommend it! And yet it is cheaper than the Babolat VS Touch 15L. Tennis Warehouse: Please introduce the Klip Legend 15 gauge. It is specially designed for heavy hitters with open string patterns.
From: Emmanuel, Mexico City, Mexico. 1/09

Comments: I tried this string combined with Luxilon Big Banger Ace as main. I have never played such a nice hybrid on a prestige mid plus, which is build up with lead in the throat and 6 O'clock position to match the midsize one. The thin Ace provides enough stability and stiffness to give you lots of control and spin, while the Klip Gut provides feel. I found that the thicker gut (1.35) gives you even more spin, and it lasts longer.
From: Bob, Bradenton, Fl, USA, 04/08

Comments: First time I have used gut in years. This is a beautiful string. I have been using Klip Excellarator and, found it the best synthetic string I've used. The Klip gut gave me an extra 7 or 8 shots over 2 sets that I would not have got with any other string. Try it. It's in a Kneissl Black Star 55lb. I am a 4.5 all court player. Serve volley player in doubles.
From: Joe, Tallai Qld. Australia. 5/07

Comments: If you need a high end natural gut with a some great durability. This is the string for you. I really enjoyed the playability and I got a lot of use out of it. Very reasonably priced too.
From: Jack, Charlotte, NC. USA 2/03

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