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Comments: I have tried Babalot natural gut, and Wilson Natural gut. Both are not close to quality of KLIP because those other strings have far more coating on them. KLIP will not last as long, but far better for spin and lively response. The other strings do not even feel like natural gut. The whole BT7 technology seems to have ruined the other guts from Babalot and Wilson. Curious to know if pro players use natural gut pre BT7 technology.
From: Neil, 12/14

Comments: I would almost quit tennis without this KLIP Legend 15. Great ball pocketing with a lively response. I can just block those monsterous serves back so easliy (other strings send shocking, jarring waves). The backhand slice feels awesome. All my arm problems are gone. 15 gauge lasts 2-3 months easily. I just stock piled more strings.
From: Aravind, 9/12

Comments: My first time playing with Natural Gut. When strung at a high tension, the feel is very firm, yet elastic and with loads of power. It provided more power than I imagined possible from a string, actually it was so powerful I had trouble controlling it. I played much better with a full bed of the 15g version than the 17g, felt like I had more control and spin. The 17g set felt noticeably more powerful. It seemed like the friction caused by the rough/fraying surface of the cross string hindered spin production. With syn gut or slippery poly in the cross strings I think it would have provided excellent power and spin. Gut is rather expensive though so I have not tried it again after my first two set of it.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I just love it. Soft & lively. If you want durability and feel for a reasonable price, this is the one. Tension stays the same and lasts long. Worth every penny!
From: Aravind, Sussex, WI, USA, 02/11

Comments: Feels kind of stiff for a gut string. Didn't play terribly, but didn't overwhelm either. I'd say the main disadvantage is the stiffness. I'm sticking with Babolat for gut.
From: BB, Miami, FL, USA 09/09

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