KLIP Legend Uncoated Natural Gut 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Great String! I've never used Natural Gut before. Didn't know what to expect. At first, these strings felt like poly to me -- stiff. And of course I was not to excited. I used it as a hybrid. KLIP 17 Natural Gut mains at 55 lbs and Prince Lighting XX 17 crosses at 60 lbs. It took one complete match before string adjusted. These strings gave me the extra punch on my servers that I needed. Once the string adjusted my slices and dices were noticeable and will less afford. I hit the ball hard and after 3 weeks string felt they need replacing. I'm staying with KLIP strings. Great on my elbow. Feel is great and pops are heard loud and clear. I play USTA at the 4.0 level.
From: Abel, 7/14

Comments: Unbelievable. This string is lasting forever! What is going on :) I may buy another set and string it tighter this time. Seems to play good and feels good too.
From: Josh, Sandusky, OH, USA 03/10

Comments: I have only used one set of this string in both mains and crosses of my current racquet but something very strange is happening. I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Rep.- played on gritty clay in some of the most humid conditions i have played in in my life and the strings are not breaking. I am 4.5 with an all court game and take healthy cuts but not heavy spin. So my durability experience is good. I strung it myself with a prestretch and a patient string job. It is definitely and obviously more powerful than my $2 OG Micro. I have a little trouble keeping the ball in the court but ill get used to it and string it probably a little tighter. I did it 60 and on a mfil 200. 18X20 pattern so that definitely explains some of the durability. If it lasts much longer, i want to find a better string concerning playability but right now i cannot think of another string on the planet that technically should play any better.
From: Josh, Sandusky, OH, US 02/10

Comments: I recently started having arm problems due to having a stiff racquet (k-six-one tour) and stiff strings (Luxilon) so I decided to give natural gut a try. I've played with Babolat vs before and liked it but the price restrained me from using it more often. With this string there is a VERY slight feel difference compared to Babolat vs, but not enough to spend the extra money for it. This uncoated version definitely produces more bite than coated versions of natural gut. I would recommend stringing it a few pounds higher than synthetic gut strings, I currently have it at 63 lbs. but am going to raise it to 66 because I have less control after the tension loss starts.
From: Robert, DeKalb, IL, USA, 05/09

Comments: BEST STRING EVER! Some of the younger players out there may not know what I'm talking about, but when you string natural gut tight you get everything: power, control, spin, feel, great tension maintenance, and it's easier on the arm than polyesters. This particular uncoated gut string frays from the get go, it moves around unlike polyesters, it's awful to string, it won't look new for long, and it won't last a whole lot longer, but it's sweet perfection to my eyes. Better than Babolat VS! If only Wilson would start making the old Pro Staff 6.0 again, I would be in heaven.
From: John, Delray Beach, FL. 8/08

Comments: Great feel and more true than other guts Iíve tried. Lots of spin and great touch. It strings up nicely, if you take your time.
From: Daniel, Honolulu, HI, USA. 10/06

Comments: I needed a little wax to string these because there was no coating, but once it was on the racquet it held up great. A very clean feel, lots of power, creates lots of spin, and more feel than any other string Iíve tried before.
From: Sven, Boca Raton, FL 08/06

Comments: I used Legend 17 (the regular one), before a buddy of mine told me to try the uncoated. What a difference in bite. The stiffness is the same, the power the same, but more spin. I don't think they are going to last as long, but probably more so, because I can keep the ball in play more and therefore rally longer.
From: Jennica, Waxahachi, Texas 06/06

Comments: A clean crisp feel. I did find it to be firmer than VS Team, which I was using before, but the difference in spin was huge. I went with TW's recommendation and strung my racquet (FP Radical MP) 3lbs less than I did with the VS. No arm pain, awesome spin, great touch, and a great value. I was recommended to let a professional install the strings, since there was no coating, but it was worth it. I think this will be my new string of choice.
From: Loretta, Culver City, CA, USA 05/06

Comments: I think these strings are over rated. I didn't get any more bite out of the ball. I lost power and the control wasn't that great. I'm a little disillusioned with these gut strings.
From: Tchocky, Irvine, CA, USA 09/05

Comments: I just got my nCode nSix-One 95 strung with this string. I was using Babolat's Pro Hurricane but the strings started feeling stiffer every time I played with them. I was anxious to try out natural gut for the first time. I was rather disappointed with these strings. It seems like I'm hitting with less power and spin than previously.
From: Anon 09/05

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