KLIP Legend Uncoated Natural Gut 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Very nice string with a super feel!
From: Gary, 10/16

Comments: I have 10 hours on a set of this that is in a 300 gram Babalot Pure Drive. I strung it very loose to protect a bad wrist, also to get more pop on my serve. It has held up decently. I expect it will last me 30 hours or more. It is very difficult to string. Unravelling it as you do the crosses could be a huge problem. I use a Stringway MK2 cross- stringer tool that solves this problem. Even with this tool, it is slow and difficult to install. The playability is good. Not as soft as some gut strings, but the feel is clean and nice.
From: Kendra, 8/11

Comments: I have used both the coated and uncoated version of this string. I view this string as a good find given its price point and my dealing with some recent arm issues. Good power and very comfortable string from either version of this string. The uncoated string has noticeably more ball bite and one can produce more spin over the coated version. However, durability remains questionable. No issue regarding durability with the coated version of the string. As for breaking the string during racquet stringing, I am one of the stringer for the local club. The other stringer gives me all the racquets that use gut because he claims gut always breaks on him and he hates doing gut. I have never had any issue stringing gut. We use different stringing machines and attribute this breakage to variations in the machine's tensioner.
From: Mike, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 7/10

Comments: Great string but only lasted 2 hours. Horrible durability.
From: Drak, FL, USA, 02/10

Comments: I just tried gut for the first time & this uncoated version by Klip is great! I've tried numerous hybrids with a gut mix (multifilament, poly, etc) which were OK but did not compare to the all gut feel. I use the Yonex RDS 001 MP strung at 55 lbs. The string has a crisp feel & great control. It has definitely helped my game & it's relatively economical compared to other gut string. A must try for gut users!
From: James, Tuscaloosa, AL USA 12/09

Comments: Bought it but didn't get to even try it because it broke when my stringer was stringing it up. To me that is a BAD sign. These guys are pro stringers. They said they had bad experience with Klip gut... they called it "Rope". As for the feel, who knows... might have been great but I don't know if I'd be willing to try it out again. I have to wait to see if Klip will replace them, which I imagine they will. I guess I'll report back if I ever get to try them out.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 11/08

Comments: This string has "true feel". Nothing's ever been made that's more true, crisp, and more game improving string. And I used to love Babolat vs. Natural more than any other string.
From: Duncan, London, England 06/06

Comments: I tried all the "coated gut strings". I used the Babolat Team, and a buddy told me about uncoated gut. The Klip uncoated gut is got to be the most crisp feeling string ever. I wish they supplied this to me in college. Would have done better for sure.
From: Vladimir, Rome, GA, USA 05/06

Comments: Wow - I can honestly say I've been to heaven. What a great great feel - and the bite this string puts on the ball is incedible. A must if feel is a part of your game!
From:Bill, Bedford, Alberta, Canada. 8/05

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